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Subject: 23 Turns, 18 Crisis's, 1 Super Crisis. rss

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J Chav
United States
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Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus Expansion » Forums » Sessions
23 Turns, 18 Crisis's, 1 Super Crisis.
We had a very interesting short game. We had 7 players.

Caprica Six (Dawn)
Dee (Michelle - 2nd game)
Cain (Jeremy)
Starbuck (Bethany)
Zarek (Rob)
Ellen (Me)
Boomer (Brenda)

Yes you read correctly 4 women and 3 men. Also 6 female characters... it gets better.

It starts out and nothing too eventful happends at first. Dee lauches more vipers out after a heavy is launched. Cain then has Dee take care of the heavy raider with an XO. Our engine room gets damaged.

On Starbucks crisis someone plays guys and intitive. No destiny deck. Just about everyone contributes cards and three negative cards show up. We had two greens and a red. We now know that we have a pilot cylon. The other green could have come from our Cylon Leader but she claims to have helped which makes me believe both out pilots could be cylons.

In Starbucks defense she tips me off by classic lieing, looking away brifly has she lies. We end up jumping and the Admiral plays Cylon Ambush.

Zarek draws a guilty verdict and ends up executed. Human. He thinks about drawing Baltar but then we wouldn't know his loyalties again. He decides to draw Roslin completed a full crew of females.

My turn comes up. Now my wife always picks Boomer. She's not a fan of having to XO people. So I played Ellen to give her XO's. However with the supicion on her I had to change my plan. I moved to the presidents office, feed her a card and XO Roslin. Roslin draws 3 Qourum cards.

My wife asked me how she could prove she was human. I told her since she is Boomer there isn't much she could do to prove she was human... well except if you were human that would mean Starbuck was a cylon. Therefore you might want to throw her in the brig or airlock her. If she is a cylon it almost means your human. If she ends up human then we know you are the cylon. Cain chimes in we can execute her if we go above 9. My wife moves to Admirals Quarters and targets starbuck. All we need is a 4 to get Starbuck in the brig.

I IC the check to prevent overshooting. I put in a strength two cards to hit 4. I then tell me wife if she wants to execute her she will have to do it. My wife says she can't get it to 10. Starbuck report to the brig. My wife puts a card on bottom saying there isn't a jump track on the crisis with her once per turn.

Turns out Roslin has Consult the Oracles. We convice Caprica Six to XO the president. She also makes Boomer draw a leadership card. Roslin checks the bottom of the deck and claims he trusts Boomer. He then plays Assign Mission Spec on myself.

On Dee's turn Starbuck makes us draw a new crisis that would have helped us and it gets to Starbucks turn and she reveals.

Six raiders move in on our 5 civilians ships and scar gets placed on the board. We send an XO to Dee and she starts to kite the civilians.On my turn I XO Dee again to jump the fleet at -1. We fail the roll but i Play Civilian Convoy and gain it back. The admiral chooses to gain a fuel back and lose a morale.

Sleeper phase. The revealed cylon gives me her extra card. Resources are as best I can remember pop 12 morale 7 food 7 fuel 5 and we are at distance 6. My wife reports to the brig ue to her disadvantage.

I then tell me wife if she wants to prove her humanship she can XO Cain. She claims that her green isn't an XO and instead scouts the destination deck. We tell her to bury 1's keep a 2 or 3 on top. She bury's a card.

Caprica six rejoins the cylons but gives our president a tatics card.

Michelle scouts destination and bury's a card.

Cain activates blind jump and we get deep space. -1 fuel -1 morale. We not need to get one more jump and the jump track has only progressed a total of 8. Cain gets a jump track on her crisis. We fail it since we didn't need to pass.

Starbuck plays her SC the one with farm in the title and if failed all humans lose their OPGs. We choose to fail it. Roslin plays a card and we choose to fail it as well and get another jump track.

On my turn I have 15 cards so we go to pass the check and get a partial pass for nothing too bad.

Boomer reveals. Caprica six draw a SC. Dee jumps us for the win. Caprica Six needed the humans to win but she didn't get to play her SC. This was the shortest games we have played and it was a human victory (only our second human win out of like 12 games). We had 13 jump track progressions, 23 turns, 18 crisis's,1 super crisis and 3 destination cards.

Odd facts about the game.

We never destoryed a raider or a basestar.
Roslin buried two attack cards.
Cain never moved from Pegasus.
We had two characters on Colonial One in the presidents office for almost the entire game.
Dee was the only human on Galatica for most of the game.
Everyone only had 3 turns except Six and Dee who had 4 turns.

Overall kind of a boring game... but my second human win!
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