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Subject: WIP: A&G [Game] - Pirate Duels [Age of Sail] rss

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I also purchased this and do not know what to do with it!
I purchased this and do not know what to do with it!
My entry makes use of the Age of Sail Art.

Below is the preliminary rulebook and components.

Design Goals
1. Fast Game
2. Fun Game (very important )
3. Easy to Understand
4. Strategic Elements and Relevant Decisions

I would be happy to 'hire' the skills of someone who has some familiarity with layout and design. As you will see when my components are posted, even when using awesome art I still manage to create ugly bits! Will pay with 75% of my contest winnings!

Without further delay:

A light game of mutiny and piracy which illustrates why you should never trust a pirate!

The Story
Captain Blackish-Beard's head bobbed up and down in the distance. He was a remarkable swimmer but all present knew in a matter of moments the sea would swallow him up and to Davey Jone's Locker his soul would be forever condemned. All still aboard the vessel agreed it was a well deserved fate and that he ought to have shared the turnips and passed the salt like he was asked.

When the late-captain finally vanished below the rolling sea a heavily bearded and equally chested man flexed his arm and declared, “Well lads, looks like it's time we be off!”

Another pirate placed his cutlass firmly into the mans gut, “Who died and made yer captain? Arrr!” He thrust his sword into the air, the moonlight glinting off the rusted blade. In response the mutineers cheered in unison, “Arrr!”

A third stepped forward, this one clean shaven and scrawny but every bit as piratey and frightening as the other two, “Sure as we tossed ol' Blackish off there plank, we'll send any underservin' wanna' be captain beneath the drink!” Which too was met with a chorus of 'Arr!!'

The large bearded pirate frowned, “Then how'll we settle who should be the captain?” As if his question was anticipated several others stepped forward and said in unison, “A Duel! Arrr!”

So it was decided, the matter would be settled by a formal Pirate duel. Each who laid claim to the ship choose a weapon or two and a pistol for each was scattered about the deck...

In this game you take on the role of a pirate who has laid claim to the title of Captain. Until only one of you is standing the matter cannot be settled. In order to fairly determine who should be the new captain a Pirate's Duel is to be held. In such a duel one pistol per combatant is placed far from easy reach on the deck, each fighter takes whatever they can carry in hand and then all fight to the death. The last pirate standing will be declared Captain.

1 Gameboard
1 Reference Card
1 Luck Deck per player (9 numbered cards: 3x1, 3x2, 2x3 and 1x4).
1 Numbered Pirate token per player
1 Pistol token per player
5 Health tokens per player
A variety of equipment tokens

1. Choose Equipment. Items come in 2 varieties, 1H (1 handed) and 2H (2 handed). Players may have either 1 2H item or 2 1H items. Pistols may not be selected as part of the starting load out (but a Rifle can be!)
2. Place Pirates. Starting with Player 1 (the player with the Pirate token numbered 1) and continuing in ascending order, each player places their Pirate token on the map.
3. Place Pistols. Starting with the last player and continuing in descending order, each player places a Pistol token on the map. Pistols may not be placed adjacent to your own Pirate token.
4. Each player takes 5 Health tokens.

Playing the Game
Starting with Pirate #1 (token numbered 1), each player in order takes a turn. During a turn a player may take 1 Action and 1 free Step. The Step may be taken before or after their Action. At any time during your turn you may alter your facing.

Below is a description of the Actions you may take. F indicates a Flip, you must then reveal the top card of your Fate deck. An opposed flip is indicated by 'vs' between Flip instructions. The left side of the 'vs' is what the Active player (the player whose turn it is) does and the right side is what all target players do. Ties are resolved in favour of the Active player.

Step: You may move up to F spaces.

Dash: You may move up to F+F spaces.

Shot: Shoot a Rifle or Pistol. Choose a target space directly in front of you (no diagonals) then F + Rng. If the result is greater than the Distance the target takes 2 Damage. The Pistol/Rifle is then used and cannot be used again (out of ammo).

Strike: Hit target with weapon (or fist). Choose target within range (determined by weapon). Then F + Pwr vs. F + Df (If you are using your fists your Pwr = 1 and Df = 0). If you win the target takes 2 Damage.

Cower: Recover 1 Health, reshuffle your Discard into your Fate deck and Move 1.

Taunt: Choose and Remove from the game up to 2 cards in your Discard. Then shuffle your Discard into your Fate deck.

Special: Certain items have special actions associated with them. For more information see the Gear section or the Reference card.

Special Rules

Facing: Range is determined by the direction your Pirate token is facing (see Reference Sheet). During your turn you may change your facing at any time, any number of times.

Overboard: If you would move or be move off the grid (and into the ocean!) there is a chance you will lose your balance and fall into the drink. Immediately Flip 2 cards, if the total is 4 or greater then you end your movement in the last space you occupied before going over the edge. If the total is 3 or less, you go overboard and are eliminated (lose all of your Health tokens).

Winning the Game
A player is eliminated if they run out of Health tokens.

You win if you are the last pirate alive.

Pistol: Standard flintlock pistol. The Pistol has Rng 0 which means that even at point-blank range it has a chance to miss (if you Flip a 1). Pistol's may not be selected as part of your starting gear. Pistol's may only be used once.

Rifle: The Rifle has a Rng of 2 making it more accurate (and dangerous) than the Pistol. The Rifle is a 2H weapon and may be selected as part of starting gear. As a melee weapon it has Df 1, Pwr 1 and can be used to target any opponent directly in front of you. Rifle's may only be shot once.

Rum: A good swig of a stiff spirit is just the thing to bring you back from the bring! As an Action you may drink a bottle of Rum. Doing so heals 3 Health, then you Remove from the game 1 Random card from your Discard, then shuffle your Discard into your Fate deck. Rum is a 1H item and Rum may only be used once.

Cutlass: The standard weapon of choice for a Pirate. The Cutlass has a target range of directly in front and beside you. It has 2 Df and 2 Pwr and is a 1H weapon.

Rapier: The weapon of duelists. The Rapier is preferred for close combat in narrow corridors. It has a range of 2 spaces directly ahead. It has 1 Pwr and 3 Df and is a 1H weapon. The Rapier allows a wielder to Riposte after a successful parry. Whenever you successfully defend against a Strike with the Rapier you may, if your target is in Range, immediately Strike the pirate that attacked you.

Oar: An improvised weapon at best, those who scoff at the Mighty Oar do not last long enough to regret their judgement. The Oar is a 2H weapon with 1 Df and 4 Pwr. It has a range of up to 2 spaces directly in front of you and whenever you Strike with the Oar you simultaneously target all spaces in Range.

Hook: An unfortunately inadequate but totally thematic hand-replacement. The Hook is a 1H weapon with 1 Pwr and 2 Df. A Hook may be used to disarm and opponent. It has a range of only the space in front of you. Whenever you tie a Strike with the Hook, instead of dealing damage the target drops their weapon, place the weapon's token in a space adjacent to the target.

Whip: Kerrr-snap! The whip is a 1H weapon with the same range as the Rapier. It has 0 Df and 2 Pwr. The Whip is primarily used to move opponents or Disarm them and hardly causes a pirate to suffer any pain! Whenever you win a Strike made with the Whip you may either Move the target up to 2 spaces in any direction or disarm them and place the token for the weapon they Defended with within 2 spaces of their character.

NOTE: If there are discrepancies between the Rules, Tokens and Reference sheet the Reference Sheet is correct.

Game Board (Print 1):

Fate Deck (Print 1 per Player):

Tokens (Print 1):

Reference Sheet (Print 1):
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Joe Mucchiello
United States
New Jersey
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Welcome to the contest.
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I also purchased this and do not know what to do with it!
I purchased this and do not know what to do with it!
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Re: WIP: A&G [Game] - Pirate Duels [Age of Sail]
Rules should be good (as in readable), all print files are up at the bottom of the first post. Game has been tested by myself against myself in 1v1 situations and it seems solid. Plays quick (5-10 minutes) and there seems to be relevant decisions with a good helping of luck (that you have control over via Taunt, which is a good long-term strategy).

Next steps:
1. Tightening up the rules. I would be eternally grateful is someone were to look over the rules above (and the Reference Sheet) and let me know what is unclear and what is completely left out! It all makes sense to me, but I made it up!

2. Adding rules for Cannons, Ammo and Treasure Variants (which I know how they work but haven't written it down nicely yet).

3. Testing. I need to try the game in more than 1v1 scenario's (2v2 teams, 3,4,5 player free for all) and see if it's still interesting. It will be more chaotic, but that's to be expected when you have 5 pirates in tight quarters waving about swords and oars.

4. If anyone is so inclined I would be really excited to join up with someone who has a slight inclination towards layouts and design. I (obviously) really suck at that and would share 75% of contest winnings and 50% of earned fame with my partner!

5. General comments, opinions, first impressions, last impressions etc. are always welcome!

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