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How "Apples To Apples Dice Game" & "Apples To Apples To Go" Can Amp Up Your Regular A2A Game

Both Apples to Apples Dice Game and Apples to Apples to Go offer new ways to amp up your regular Apples to Apples game.

Apples to Apples Dice Game is a nice dice variation of Apples to Apples that contains both a sour-apple-green alphabet die and some sour-apple-green chips to boot.

For the first variant, you will also need a regular 6-sided die (preferably a green or red one for thematic consistency). Whenever the first person announces the descriptive word from the green-apple card, the 6 pips of the 6 side should be face up indicating a countdown that begins at 6. Every card-round winner thereafter turns the 6-sided die down to the next countdown number until the #1 pip side is reached, whereupon the green-apple card announcer will forgo drawing a green-apple card and instead roll the sour-apple-green alphabet die. Upon seeing which letter of the alphabet turns up on the top side of the alphabet die, he/she comes up with an adjective (can include abstract nouns such as Happiness and Irony) whose first letter matches the letter thrown, writes it down on a piece of paper (or small dry-erase board); and then reveals it. Everybody then tries to choose the best red-apple card that best approximates or matches the definition of the word chosen by the announcer.

When the next announcer takes his/her turn, he/she turns the 6-sided die back to the number 6 side to begin another countdown to the Alphabet Die round.

(Essentially, after every five rounds of using the green-apple cards, you use the sour-apple-green Alphabet die.... Of course, you can also forgo using the green-apple description cards altogether and just use the sour-apple-green Alphabet Die for the whole game if you'd like.)

With the sour-apple-green chips of the Apples to Apples Dice Game game, you spin off a variant from the Sour Apples to Apples game where each round, in addition to winning a red card for having made the best match, a sour-apple-green chip is also awarded to the word which was the worst match. All sour-apple-green chips remain face up in front of each player as open information. When a player has accrued 5 sour-apple-green chips, he/she must forfeit one of her hard-won red apple cards. The green apple chips are returned to the supply after one turns in a forfeited red-apple card.

(Note: You will actually not need to give out a 5th sour-green-apple chip to the intended player because with 4 sour-apple-green chips already in front of him/her, it will be obvious that with his/her acquisition of a 5th one that he/she must instantly forfeit a red-apple card.... You might need to acquire some more light green or sour-apple-green mini poker chips to play the variant with more people.)

Apples to Apples to Go turns out to be a small 360-card expansion for Apples to Apples (270 regular-size red-apple cards & 90 regular-size green-apple cards) packaged in a carrying case with a magnetized close flap which is handier for carrying just enough cards around with you for an Apples to Apples game without having to lug around the entire big Party Box size. It was a surprise to me that the cards in the "To Go" version are not duplicated in the Party Box size and were regular-sized Apples to Apples cards (not mini-sized). As such, it was a pleasant discovery finding this two-in-one combination expansion.

Note: You *might* find it worth checking out your local Walmarts as I acquired both Apples to Apples Dice Game and Apples to Apples to Go at significantly- or greatly-reduced clearance prices (designated by a red price-reduction sticker). Of course, this will vary from store to store and region and region. Your mileage may vary.

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