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Subject: Earth 616: Game 9 - (spoliers listed at top) rss

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United States
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Follow the Start of the War ---> Game 1, Game 2, Game 3 , Game 4 , Game 5, Game 6, Game 7 and Game 8

Welcome back to Earth 616.

Here are the standings so far.

Nathan – 4 Wins
Jack – 2 Wins
Cyd – 1 Win
Josh – 1 Win
Bill – 0 Wins


The following Packets have been opened:

Sign the board twice
9 Cities
3 Missiles
Bonus German Packet


Player 1 – Nathan (me)
Player 2 – Cydnee
Player 3 – Josh
Player 4 – Bill
Player 5 – Jack

Game 9

Countries with 4 coin's each
Northern Europe

Countries with 3 coin's each
South Africa

Countries with 2 coin each
Central Africa
New Guinea
Eastern Australia
Western Australia
Western United States
Great Britain
Western Europe
Southern Europe

Pick/Start Order

No memory of what order each thing was picked but in the end everyone had the following.

1) Cyd – Enclave of the Bear
Green: -1 to defender’s lowest dice when you attack your first territory each turn
Blue: Move an HQ you control one space
Brown: Instead of taking a coin card, who can take any face up territory card
First Turn
Second Placement
8 Troops
0 Coins

2) Nathan – Mutants
Second Turn
First Placement
6 Troops
1 Coin

3) Bill - Saharan Republic
Green: Maneuver at any point during your turn
Blue: Stealth; Reinforcements can deploy into empty territories
Brown: Really; Gain two troops in each HQ you control
Third Turn
Fifth Placement
8 Troops
0 Coins
Radar Specialist

1) Jack – Khan Industries
Green: +1 Troop in each HQ
Blue: None
Brown: Dice numbers can’t be modified in the next battle
Fourth Turn
Fourth Placement
10 Troops
1 Coin Card
Bomb Specialist

5)Josh – Imperial Balkania
Green: Draw a resource card if expanding 4+ territories
Blue: Draw a resource card if expanding into a city
Fifth Turn
Third Placement
10 Troops
2 Coins

Nathan started in Outlaw Star, Central America
Cyd started in China
Josh started in Iceland
Jack started in Wakanda, South Africa
Bill started in Kamchatka

The War

Amphibious Onslaught: 1 Red Star; Conquer 4+ territories over sea lines this turn.


Starting game 9 and Bill is at 0 wins yet. He’s a big time Risk Veteran and Great War gamer in general. Can he get his first win and start a streak to win the world yet?

Turn 1

Cyd claimed Siberia and moved into Australia.

Nathan took all of South America.

Bill branched out slightly.

Jack took all of Africa.

Josh took some of Europe and Greenland, gaining a card (his 3rd).

Jack lost a man in Central America (and his continent bonus), Bill lost Japan and Josh lost a man in Northern Europe.

Turn 2

Cyd moved her capital into Southeast Asia. Tired to attack Bill for a card but after one very bad roll held back.

Nathan’s goal this game was to sit tight in South America and maybe build up cards to open the 30+ troop’s packet. Also to make sure no one started to catch up to him it was in his in his interest also help Bill win. Nathan expanded into North America and attacked Josh in Greenland hoping to get the 2 coin Alberta card. Becoming bind on getting the card, the battle got out of hand as josh used up his missile and I felt to committed and ended up using all 4 of mine missiles too. Got the 2 coin card forgetting that you need a missile and 30+ troops to open the next packet…

No human player owned a continent so the Mutant player (Nathan) gained a Red Star.

Bill re-took Japan.

Jack re-took Africa.

Josh turned in his 3 cards (4 coins) and pushed through Nathan’s thin line taking his capital and breaking his continent bonus, gaining a card.

Turn 3

Cyd moved her capital into Indonesia. Also took a territory from Bill, gaining a card (her 1st).

Nathan took back Venezuela gaining a card (his 3rd)

Bill used his Rally missile power to gain 2 troops. Took Siberia from Cyd to claim the 3 coin Japan card (his 1st).

Josh gained 3 troops in Outlaw Star, Central America.

Jack attacked into Europe taking Great Britain and Josh’s capital in Iceland, gaining a card (his 2nd).

Josh took Western U.S. and took back Venezuela gaining a card (his 2nd).

Turn 4

Cyd took Siberia from Bill gaining a card (her 2nd).

Josh lost his one man in Venezuela.

Nathan left Venezuela open and placed his men in Eastern Canada, than took Greenland from Josh, gaining his 4th card.

Jack gained 5 troops in Northern Africa.

Bill used his Rally missile power to gain 2 troops and also turned in his 1 card (3 coins). Took Siberia and claimed the 2 coin Ural card.

Jack wiped out Nathan’s forces in North America, gaining a card (his 3rd).

Jack and Cyd both had a continent so the Mutants gained no Red Star.

Josh turned in his 2 cards (2 coins) and went to finish Nathan off in hopes to claim his 4 cards (5 coins). Coming close, Nathan held on with 3 troops in Brazil.

Turn 5

Cyd turned in her 2 cards (4 coins) and proceeded to go for the Amphibious Onslaught mission. Gaining Japan, East Africa, and Madagascar (having to use her missile) but then came 1 troop short to take South Africa.

Jack gained 5 troops in South Africa.

Nathan turned in his 4 cards (5 coins) and took Peru to gain the 2 coin card and took out a lot of Jack’s men in North Africa.

Bill turned in his 1 card (2 coins) putting his men into Kamchatka. Maneuvering his men from Siberia to Kamchatka, he than expanded into North America. Taking Greenland and Iceland Bill gained Josh’s capital from Jack. Having 2 capitals and his 1 Red Star from not winning yet, he just need one more. Having taking 2 sea lines, completing the Amphibious Onslaught mission was his best bet. Taking Scandinavia and Northern Europe, Bill claimed his first Victory.

Stay tuned!


Bill – Placed a Major City in Siberia: Unnamed for the moment.
Cyd – Coin added to Western Australia (3 Coins now)
Josh – Coin added to Eastern United States (2 Coins now)
Nathan – Coin added to Peru (3 Coins now)
Jack – Coin added to South Africa (4 Coins now)


More on this later but with only 6 games to go, we voted and decided to open the Do Not Open. Ever. Packet.


Till next time!

Game 1 - Winner: Nathan - Imperial Balkania
Game 2 - Winner: Cyd - Imperial Balkania
Game 3 - Winner: Nathan - Die Mechaniker
Game 4 - Winner: Jack - Khan Industries
Game 5 – Winner: Jack - Saharan Republic
Game 6 – Winner: Josh – Khan Industries
Game 7 – Winner: Nathan – Mutants
Game 8 – Winner: Nathan – Saharan Republic
Game 9 – Winner: Bill – Saharan Republic

Nathan – 4 Wins
Jack – 2 Wins
Cyd – 1 Win
Josh – 1 Win
Bill – 1 Win
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Jesse Butler
United States
Garden Grove
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I am amazed that you've got this far without opening the 30+ troops pack. I know early games it is hard to do, but with a few high coin cards on the board and that many missiles floating around, I would think it would be inevitable.
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mar hawkman
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yeah, game 9 and no one recruited 30?
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Gordy Crozier
United Kingdom
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Risk Legacy » Forums » Sessions
Re: Earth 616: Game 9 - (spoliers listed at top)
We're about to go onto game 10 and have yet to recruit 30 yet soblue
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