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Inspired by the Gaming At Work blog, I thought I'd do another blog about the same topic because the games we've been playing are almost completely different.

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Expanding our lunchtime group

John Munsch
United States
Fort Worth
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Tomorrow I intend to discuss with the other members of the group the prospect of advertising a little and expanding the group. The idea that we could expand is absolutely obvious to me at this point. Originally the "group" consisted of myself and my friend Darin. We played a variety of games but were always constrained to playing two player games that played within an hour (give or take a little bit).

I really wanted to be able to play games that required three, four, or more players so when someone at work mentioned that there was another couple who I vaguely knew that played games and I should contact them, I did so immediately. It turned out they had a game library many many times the size of my three small shelves and they not only showed up regularly, they came equipped as well!

From there, I did no attempts to evangelize at all yet we picked up a few members here and there. Blessedly there is no one yet in the group that is not what I would call a fantastic gamer. Oh sure there are brief moments of analysis paralysis but no fighting or spoil sports, no pouting or shouting, no jerky or stupid behavior on anyone's part. I guess the fact that we're up to nine people already and I can't point out the jerk in the group must mean that I am myself the jerk in the group Apparently not a bad enough one to drive people away yet though.

But for the last few weeks we've just been learning and playing and there hasn't been any additional growth in size. I'm ready to see if we can pull a "Toastmasters" and expand a lot though. Let me explain what I mean by that. We all work at a company with 375+ employees and probably 250 or so of those in the same building that I am in. When one of the employees decided he wished to start a Toastmasters group, he did so in a big way. Every conceivable surface in the building (probably a couple of buildings) was plastered with posters for the group. They were on every door, even inside the restroom. One person asked me what I thought about the Toastmasters group starting up and I feigned ignorance and said, "I hadn't heard anything about it," and got a big laugh, that was how ubiquitous the advertising there was.

I had considered it all a big joke, until I found out how big the group ended up being. Dozens of people I worked with had joined up and were showing up regularly. The group was huge. Advertising works!

So that's what I intend to do as well, just on a much smaller scale. Here's my idea for a poster, please give me some feedback on this one or suggest other posters I could put up in the comments if you will.


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Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:36 am
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A quick word about what we've played (or tried to play) at work

John Munsch
United States
Fort Worth
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As of today, here's the status of a variety of games for our at work gaming group:

Category A - Lots of people know the game well
Small World
Cosmic Encounter

Category B - Some people know the game well
Forbidden Island

Category C - It has made it to the table once or twice
Adventurers, The
Castle Ravenloft
Give Me The Brain
Memoir '44
San Juan
Stone Age
Abandon Ship
Save Doctor Lucky

Because we've had as many as nine people show up and the participants change from day to day, several of these have only been seen or played by certain members and not by others. However, I think we've reached a point where we could seriously consider expanding (the topic of my very next blog post). I say that because the top four games are known by everyone in the group or nearly everyone to the point where they could easily teach it to someone else if we should invite a bunch more people.

Since we have two copies in the group of all the Category A games, we could easily handle a four or five times growth in number of members without having problems with either teachers or games available to play.
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Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:21 am
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