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Netrunner Spoilers

Ben Finkel
United States
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As byronczimmer and selwyth before me, I will try to maintain a list of card spoilers to date. Spoilers will be removed when the full pack spoilers are present on Netrunner Cards. If I am missing spoilers for over a day, feel free to comment here to let me know. I may also need some formatting advice, so if you have any to offer, please comment.

Old Hollywood

83 Drug Trafficker
1 cost, 1 influence Criminal
When your turn begins, lose 1c. When the Corp's turn begins, draw 1 card.

84 Rolodex
Resource: Virtual
0 cost, 1 influence Criminal
When you install Rolodex, look at the top 5 cards of your stack and arrange them in any order. When Rolodex is trashed, trash the top 3 cards of your stack.

86 Film Critic
Resource: Connection
1 cost, 1 influence Shaper
Whenever you access an agenda, you may host that agenda on Film Critic (the agenda is no longer being accessed and is uninstalled).
[CLICK], [CLICK]: Add an agenda hosted on Film Critic to your score area

87 Paparazzi
0 cost, Neutral
You are tagged. Prevent all meat damage.

88 Ronald Five
3 cost, 3 trash, 3 influence HB
Whenever the Runner trashes a card (including Ronald Five), he or she loses [click].

89 Terminator 1.0
ICE: Bioroid
1 cost, 5 strength, 2 influence HB
As an additional cost to rez, the Corp must forfeit an agenda.
The runner can spend [click] to break any subroutine on Terminator 1.0.
Trash 1 Program
Do 1 brain damage
Trash 1 Console
Trash all virtual resources

90 It's a Trap!
ICE: Trap
2 cost, 0 strength, 3 influence Jinteki
Whenever It's a Trap is exposed, do 2 net damage.
The runner trashes 1 of his or her installed cards. Trash It's a Trap!

95 Preview
0 cost, 2 trash, 2 influence NBN
When your turn begins, you may pay 1 credit. If you do, you may place an advancement token on a card that can be advanced and is in a server.

96 Casting Call
0 cost, 2 influence NBN
Install an agenda and install Casting Call on that agenda as a hosted condition counter with the text: "When the Runner accesses the host agenda, give him or her 2 tags."

97 Old Hollywood Grid
Upgrade: Region
5 rez, 4 trash, 2 influence NBN
Agendas accessed from this server cannot be stolen unless the runner already has a copy of that agenda in their score area. This applies during a run on which Old Hollywood Grid is trashed.

98 Hollywood renovation
Agenda: Renovation, Public
5 difficulty, 3 points Weyland
Install Hollywood renovation face up. Whenever you advance Hollywood renovation put an advancement counter on another card that can be advanced (or 2 advancement counters if there are 6 or more advancement counters on Hollywood renovation).

99 Alternative Channels
Operation: Transaction
0 cost, 1 influence Weyland
Trash a card installed in a server and gain 3 credits for each advancement token on it.

100 Vanity Project
6 difficulty, 4 points, 1 influence Neutral

The Universe of Tomorrow

3 cost, 3 influence Anarch
Resource: Virtual
[TRASH]; The Corp cannot rez the outermost piece of Ice during a run on any server this turn.

116 ♦ Worlds Plaza
2 cost, 5 trash, 5 influence Weyland
Worlds Plaza can host up to 3 assets.
[click]: install an asset from HQ on Worlds Plaza and rez it, reducing its cost by 2 if able.

ICE: Sentry

Data and Destiny

4chan wrote:
45/15 whenever an agenda is scored/stolen you may play a current from HQ/Archives

Launch Campaign's trash cost is 2.

3 cost, 3 influence Apex
Play only if you made a successful run on HQ, R&D, and Archives this turn.
Trash all installed Corp cards. Turn all Runner cards facedown.

Endless Hunger
Program Icebreaker
0 cost, 11 strength, 4 mu, 2 influence Apex
Trash an installed card: break an "end the run" subroutine.

Kala Ghoda

Mumbad Cycle

The Valley
ID# Faction Type Title
1 Anarch Program Clot
2 Anarch Resource Paige Piper
3 Anarch Resource ♦ Adjusted Chronotype
4 Criminal Program Spike
5 Criminal Resource ♦ Enhanced Vision
6 Shaper Resource Gene Conditioning Shoppe
7 Shaper Resource ♦ Synthetic Blood
8 Neutral Event Traffic Jam
9 Neutral Resource Symmetrical Visage
10 HB Asset Brain-Taping Facility
12 Jinteki Identity Jinteki Biotech
13 Jinteki Agenda Genetic Resequencing
14 Jinteki ICE Cortex Lock
15 Jinteki Upgrade Valley Grid
16 NBN ICE Bandwidth
17 NBN Operation Predictive Algorithm
18 Weyland Asset Capital Investors
19 Weyland ICE Negotiator
20 Neutral Asset Tech Startup

Breaker Bay
ID# Faction Type Title
21 Anarch Event Hacktivist Meeting
22 Anarch Resource Off-Campus Apartment
23 Criminal Event Career Fair
24 Criminal Hardware Dorm Computer
25 Shaper Identity Hayley Kaplan
26 Shaper Event Game Day
27 Shaper Hardware ♦ Comet
28 Shaper Program Study Guide
29 Shaper Resource ♦ London Library
30 Shaper Resource ♦ Tyson Observatory
31 Neutral Resource Beach Party
32 HB Agenda Research Grant
33 HB ICE Turing
34 Jinteki ICE Crick
35 Jinteki Event Recruiting Trip
36 NBN Asset Blacklist
37 NBN ICE Gutenburg
38 Weyland Asset Student Loans
39 Weyland ICE Meru Mati
40 Neutral Upgrade Breaker Bay Grid

Chrome City
ID# Faction Type Title
41 Anarch Event Immolation Script
42 Anarch Hardware ♦ Skulljack
43 Anarch Hardware ♦ Turntable
44 Anarch Resource Chrome Parlor
45 Criminal Hardware ♦ Titanium Ribs
46 Criminal Program Crowbar
47 Shaper Hardware ♦ Net-Ready Eyes
48 Shaper Program Analog Dreamers
49 Neutral Hardware ♦ Brain Cage
50 HB Identity Cybernetics Division
51 HB Agenda Self-Destruct Chips
52 HB ICE Lab Dog
53 HB Upgrade Oaktown Grid
54 HB Upgrade ♦ Ryon Knight
55 Jinteki ICE Clairvoyant Monitor
56 Jinteki ICE Lockdown
57 NBN ICE Little Engine
58 Weyland Agenda Oaktown Renovation
59 Weyland Asset Corporate Town
60 Neutral ICE Quicksand

The Underway
ID# Faction Type Title
61 Anarch Program Faust
62 Anarch Resource Street Peddler
63 Criminal ID Armand "Geist" Walker
64 Criminal Event Drive By
65 Criminal Hardware Forger
66 Criminal Program Shiv
67 Criminal Resource Gang Sign
68 Criminal Resource Muertos Gang Member
69 Shaper Program Chameleon
70 Shaper Program Hyperdriver
71 HB Asset Test Ground
72 HB Operation Defective Brainchips
73 Jinteki Asset Allele Repression
74 Jinteki Upgrade ♦ Markus Batty
75 NBN Asset Exposé
76 NBN ICE Pachinko
77 Weyland Agenda Underway Renovation
78 Weyland Asset Contract Killer
79 Weyland ICE Spiderweb
80 Neutral Upgrade Underway Grid

Old Hollywood
ID# Faction Type Title
81 Anarch Program Trope
82 Anarch Resource Spoilers
83 Criminal Resource Drug Trafficker
84 Criminal Resource Rolodex
85 Shaper Resource Fan Site
86 Shaper Resource Film Critic
87 Neutral Resource Paparazzi
88 HB Asset ♦ Ronny Five
89 HB ICE Terminator 1.0
90 Jinteki ICE It's a Trap!
91 Jinteki Operation An Offer You Can't Refuse
92 NBN ID Haarpsicord Studios
93 NBN Agenda Award Bait
94 NBN Agenda Explode-a-Palooza
95 NBN Asset Preview
96 NBN Operation Casting Call
97 NBN Upgrade Old Hollywood Grid
98 Weyland Agenda Hollywood Renovation
99 Weyland Operation Alternative Channels
100 Neutral Agenda Vanity Project

The Universe of Tomorrow
ID# Faction Type Title
101 Anarch Event Power to the People
102 Anarch
103 Anarch Resource
104 Criminal ID Laramy Fisk
105 Criminal Event Fisk's Investment Seminar
108 Neutral
109 HB Asset ♦ Cybernetics Court
110 HB Asset Team Sponsorship
111 Jinteki ID Chronos Protocol
112 Jinteki Agenda Ancestral Imager
113 Jinteki Asset ♦ Genetics Pavilion
114 NBN Asset ♦ Franchise City
115 NBN Upgrade Product Placement
116 Weyland Asset ♦ Worlds Plaza
117 Weyland
118 Weyland ICE
119 Weyland Upgrade Expo Grid
120 Neutral

Data and Destiny
ID# Faction Type Title
2 NBN ID Spark Agency
4 NBN Agenda
5 NBN Agenda
6 NBN Agenda
7 NBN Agenda
8 NBN Asset
9 NBN Asset ♦ Lily Lockwell
10 NBN Asset
11 NBN Asset ♦ Victoria Jenkins
17 NBN ICE Special Offer
19 NBN Operation
20 NBN Operation
21 NBN Operation
22 NBN Operation
23 NBN Operation Surveillance Sweep
24 NBN Operation The All-Seeing I
25 NBN Upgrade
26 NBN Upgrade
27 Neutral Asset Launch Campaign
28 Neutral
29 Apex ID Apex
30 Apex Event Apocalypse
31 Apex
32 Apex Hardware ♦ Heartbeat
33 Apex Program Endless Hunger
34 Apex
35 Apex
36 Apex
37 Adam ID Adam
38 Adam
39 Adam
40 Adam
41 Adam
42 Adam
43 Adam
44 Adam
45 Sunny ID Sunny Lebeau
46 Sunny
47 Sunny
48 Sunny Program GS Striker M1
49 Sunny
50 Sunny
51 Sunny
52 Sunny
53 Neutral Operation Windfall
54 Neutral
55 Neutral

Kala Ghoda
ID# Faction Type Title
1 Anarch Event Run Amok
2 Anarch Hardware Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI
3 Anarch
4 Criminal
5 Criminal
6 Shaper
7 Shaper
8 Shaper Program Panchatantra
9 Neutral
10 Neutral Resource ♦ Chatterjee University
11 HB
12 Jinteki
13 Jinteki
14 Jinteki Upgrade Mumbad City Grid
15 NBN Asset Kala Ghoda Real TV
16 Weyland
17 Weyland
18 Neutral Asset Mumba Temple
19 Neutral
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