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30 − 60 minutes
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Memoir '44
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Mémoire 44
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Description Edit | History

Memoir '44 is a historical boardgame where players face-off in stylized battles of some of the most famous historic battles of World War II including Omaha Beach, Pegasus Bridge, Operation Cobra and the Ardennes.

Memoir '44 includes over 15 different battle scenarios and features a double-sided hex game board for both beach landings and countryside combat. Each scenario mimics the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of each army. Commanders deploy troops through Command and Tactic cards, applying the unique skills of his units -- infantry, paratrooper, tank, artillery, and even resistance fighters -- to their greatest strength.

"By design, the game is not overly complex", says Memoir '44 designer, Richard Borg. "The game mechanics, although simple, still require strategic card play, timely dice rolling and an aggressive yet flexible battle plan to achieve victory." In addition to the large, double-sided gameboard, Memoir '44 includes 144 amazingly detailed army miniatures - including historically accurate infantry, tanks and artillery; 36 Obstacle pieces, 60 illustrated Command cards, 44 Special Terrain tiles, and 8 Custom Wooden dice.

Memoir '44 is designed for 2 players but easily accommodates team play. And with Memoir '44 Overlord scenarios, players can use multiple boards and up to 8 players to conduct large scale operations, experiencing the challenges of troop coordination and military chain of command on a large scale battlefield. Average game length is between 30 and 60 minutes, encouraging match play where players can command first one side and then the other.

The Memoir '44 series consists of the base game and a number of expansions.

This game is based upon Richard Borg's Command and Colors system.

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mb Memoir '44 - Overlord fan
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mb Memoir '44 - Eastern Front fan
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mb Memoir '44 - Winter Wars fan
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  • 1 Double-Sided Battlefield Board Map (folded: 250mm x 236mm x 15mm, unfolded: 710mm x 550mm)
  • 72 Cardboard Counters and Tiles:
    • 44 Double-Sided Terrain Hex Pieces
    • 10 Double-Sided Victory Medals
    • 14 Double-Sided Special Forces Badges
    • 4 Double-Sided Rectangular Bunker and Bridge Tiles
  • 186 Plastic Piece Minatures (93 x Green (Allies)/93 x Blue-Gray(Axis)):
    • 84 Infantry Figures (42 x 2 Colors)
    • 48 Armored Vehicles/Tank Figures (24 x 2 Colors)
    • 12 Artillery Figures (6 x 2 Colors)
    • 12 Barbed Wire (6 x 2 Colors)
    • 12 Hedgehogs (6 x 2 Colors)
    • 12 Sandbags (6 x 2 Colors)
    • 6 Cardholder Sections (3 x 2 Colors)
  • 1 Deck of 70 Cards:
    • 60 Command cards (40 Section Cards and 20 Tactic Cards)
    • 9 Summary Cards (7 Terrain Cards, 1 Unit Summary Card, and 1 Obstacle Summary Card)
    • 1 Days of Wonder Promotional Card
  • 8 Six-Sided Battle Dice (Marked: Flag, Grenade, Infantry (2), Star, and Tank)
  • 1 36-Page Color Rulebook (18 pages of rules and 18 pages of scenarios)
  • 1 Days of Wonder Online Access Number located on back of Rule Book

Expansions (in official order):

Memoir '44 (2004)
Overlord (2004)
1. Terrain Pack (2005)
2. Eastern Front (2005)
3. Winter/Desert Board Map (2005)
4. Pacific Theater (2006)
5. Air Pack (2007)
— Promotional: Winter 2007 Scenario (2007)
6. Operation Overlord & Battle Maps - Series 1 (2008)
Hedgerow Hell (2008)
Tigers in the Snow (2009)
Sword of Stalingrad (2009)
Disaster at Dieppe (2010)
7. Mediterranean Theater (2008)
– Accessory: Campaign Bag (2008)
8. Campaign Book – Volume 1 (2009)
— Promotional: D-Day Supplemental (2009)
— Promotional: Vercors Campaign (2009)
— Promotional: Audie Murphy's Campaign (2011)
9. Breakthrough (2010)
10. Winter Wars (2010)
11. Campaign Book - Volume 2 (2011)
— Promotional: The Invasion of Crete (2011)
12. Equipment Pack (2012)
— Promotional: Equipment Pack Bonus Scenarios (2012)
13. Memoir '44: D-Day Landings (2014)
14. Tactics and Strategy Guide (2011, 2014)

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Pg. 1
Memoir '44
Award winner edition
Publisher: Days of Wonder
Artist: Cyrille Daujean, Julien Delval, Don Perrin, Claude Ricamore»
Year: 2006
Product Code: 7301
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date:  
Link Image
Memoir '44
Spanish Edition
Publisher: Edge Entertainment
Artist: Cyrille Daujean, Julien Delval, Don Perrin, Claude Ricamore»
Year: 2006
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date:  
Link Image
Memoir '44
Days of Wonder English Edition
Publisher: Days of Wonder
Artist: Cyrille Daujean, Julien Delval, Don Perrin, Claude Ricamore»
Year: 2004
Product Code: 7301
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date:  
Link Image
Mémoire 44
French edition
Publisher: Days of Wonder
Artist: Cyrille Daujean, Julien Delval, Don Perrin, Claude Ricamore»
Year: 2004
Size: Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
Release Date:  
Link Image
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4 M44_Tuckboxes_for_ALL_Decks_(SLEEVED)
I find it maddening to have to find the specific cards I need from the relevant expansion, whilst also ensuring I am using the 'current' version (for those cards that have undergone rules changes). To make this easier, I have created tuckboxes for each deck type; each tuckbox is sized to contain exactly 1 of each (SLEEVED) card from that deck type (at time of posting - which is to say, everything up to and including Campaign Book 2 / Equipment Pack). There is a comprehensive card manifest here which demonstrates the cards available for each deck type - The tuckboxes were created using Tyson Manwarren's website, here: Disable scaling before printing! CAVEAT: Firstly, I...
14 Memoir 44 Helper 1.0
This App is a small application for the online or offline use of the Memoir 44 Cards Compendium. Current Version 1.0 The app was developed with courtesy of Days of Wonder who is the copyright owner of all images used. How to use the app: In my opinion it is rather intuitive to use it. You dont need an internet connection. Just click any category and choose the desired card. The card will be shown in full screen. Double tapping the card itself will open the Cards Compendium on the DoW web-site (you don't have to, but it is practical if you want to read the faq about that card). Search for a card name using a key word. Searching also functions by selecting a category and then typing the card-no. Rolling dice is pretty self explanatory. Tested compatibility: Android 4.2, 4.4, 5.0,...
6 M44 Unofficial China Scenarios In Chronological Order
This is a list of 38 Unofficial China scenarios from the DOW site, including some in Manchuria between Russia and Japan. They are set in 1937, 38, 39, 44 and 45.
8 Memoir '44 Custom Blocks Label Sheets
[imageid=2289242] As seen in [blogpost=42643][/blogpost], the stickers for Memoir '44 Custom Blocks. One file contains the front and back pairs. The other contains the top labels.
3 Compendium NATION CARDS
Una versione italiana del compendium delle 7 Nation Card. Sono bene accette correzioni e suggerimenti!
4 The Battle of Lanzerath Ridge
The "Battle of Lanzerath Ridge" was the first encounter of the German forces and the Allies in the Battle of the Bulge. On Dec 16th, 1944, a small group of American infantrymen, while severely outnumbered, fought and held their ground until nightfall, thus delaying the initial German attack. This scenario attempts to recreate this battle. Game setup, scenario brief, and photos included. Enjoy
3 Solo play on smartphone
Here is a simple 'macro-free' spreadsheet version for solo play. I used Derek Whaley's "Memoir '44 Scenario & Campaign Book Version 1.1" to cut and paste the board images and text into the spreadsheets. I also used his page numbering to help me sort the scenarios and game sheets. Use anything you like if you do it for yourself. I only posted a copy that has a few scenarios set up as my versions keep improving as I set up more and more scenarios. Usually I only have up to eight scenarios in a spreadsheet to keep the size down. For now I present it as an idea for those who want to play solo on their smartphones before better versions are made available. You will have to setup the boards yourself. As my sheets get better, I hope to have macros for automatic setups so that...
1 Mémoire 44 en solo
Mémoire 44 en solo (how to play memoire 44 solo). fr. pdf.
26 Memoir '44 Scenario Calendar
A list of scenarios organized by month and day so you can choose a scenario to play that occurred on the day you are playing. Also allows searching for Overlord or Breakthrough scenarios that were published in other expansions.
8 Scenario: Battle of Prokhorovka ( Kursk ) updated
Scenario version with map layout reversed, with the Germans on the bottom of the map and advancing up. Revised medal count displayed, and enhanced firepower for the German Tiger and Panther tanks.
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