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Combat Commander: Europe
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Combat Commander: Europa
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Combat Commander: Europe is a card-driven board game covering tactical infantry combat in the European Theater of World War II. One player takes the role of the Axis (Germany) while another player commands the Allies (America or Russia). These two players will take turns playing one or more “Fate” cards from their hands in order to activate his units on the mapboard for various military functions.

Players attempt to achieve victory by moving their combat units across the game map to attack their opponent’s combat units and occupy as many objectives as possible. The degree to which a player succeeds or fails is measured by a scenario’s specific “Objective” chits, the destruction of enemy units, and the exiting of friendly units off the opponent’s board edge.

A game of Combat Commander is divided into several measures of Game Time. There is no sequence of play to follow, however: each Time segment is divided into a variable number of Player Turns, each of which may consist of one or more Fate Card "Orders" conducted by the active player. Fate Card "Actions" may generally be conducted by either player at any time. "Events" — both good and bad — will occur at random intervals to add a bit of chaos and uncertainty to each player’s perfect plan.

SCALE: Each hex of a Combat Commander map is roughly 100 feet of distance (about 30 meters). Each complete Player Phase abstractly represents several seconds of real time. Each complete measure of Game Time abstractly represents several minutes of real time.

Each unit in the game is approximated as either a single Leader, a 5-man Team, or a 10-man Squad. Radios — and individual weapons larger than a pistol, rifle or BAR — are represented by their own counters.

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More Information Edit | History

Geeklist: The Complete Combat Commander List.

Single scenarios (from GMT Games, C3i, Vae Victis, Battles):

  • Scenario 101: Rubble Rousers (Bonus), German vs Russian forces, Stalingrad, Russia, October 30 1942
  • Scenario 102: Night Shift (Bonus), German vs American forces, Near Belle Fontaine, France, July 11 1944
  • Scenario 103: Varsity Blues (C3i Magazine #19), German vs American forces, Diersfordt, Germany, March 1945
  • Scenario 104: Go For Broke (C3i Magazine #20), German vs American forces, Vosges mountains, Alsace, France, October 28 1944
  • Scenario 105: La Fiere Counterattack (C3i Magazine #20), German vs American forces, La Fiere Causeway, France, June 6 1944
  • Scenario 106: The Lost Battalion (C3i Magazine #21), German vs American forces, Vosges Mountains, Alsace, France, October 30 1944
  • Scenario 107: Operation Deadstick (C3i Magazine #21), German vs British forces, Benouville, France, June 6 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 108: In My Time of Dying (C3i Magazine #22), German vs British forces, Strongpoint Hillman, France, June 6 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 109: Escape is Everything! (C3i Magazine #22), German vs Polish forces, Hill 262, The Falaise Pocket, France, August 19 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 110: Arctic Assault (C3i Magazine #23), German vs Norwegian forces, Grantangen Valley, Narvik Front, Norway, April 24 1940 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 111: The Scheldt (C3i Magazine #24), Canadian vs German forces, Scheldt Estuary, October 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 112: Sonnenwende (C3i Magazine #24), German vs Soviet forces, Arnswalde, February 1945
  • Scenario 115: Summit Conference (C3i Magazine #26), Italian vs Indian forces, Dongolaas Ravine, Eritrea, 16 March 1941 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 116: These are No Altar Boys (C3i Magazine #26), German vs Canadian forces, St. Martin de Fontenay, Normandy 1 August 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 117: Avanti Tredentina, Avanti! (C3i Magazine #27) Italian vs. Russion forces, Nikolaevka, Voronezh Front, Russia, 26 January 1943 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario 118: No. 4 Commando (C3i Magazine #27) German vs British Forces, Operation Jubilee, Occupied France, 19 August 1942
  • Scenario 119: Sky Fall (C3i Magazine #27) German vs Partisan forces, Goeland Drop Area, Roquebrune, Gironde, France, 17 July 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:R)
  • Scenario 120: Deadly Convoy (C3i Magazine #27) German vs. Partisan forces, Hameau de Cuad, Berson, Gironde, France, 19 August 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:R)
  • Scenario 121: How close is too close (C3i Magazine #28) German vs. American forces, St. Genevieve, France, 13 September 1944
  • Scenario 122: Barbarossa Sustained (C3i Magazine #28) German vs. Russian forces, Plyussa River, Narva Vicinity, Estonia, 14 August 1941
  • Scenario CCB1: A Day in The Abyss (Battles Magazine #3), German and Sturmzombies vs Russian forces, Berlin, Germany, April 26 1945
  • Scenario CCB2: The Col de Bonne Nouvelle (Battles Magazine #4), British vs Vichy, Madagascar, May 5 1942
  • Scenario CV1: Autel Complet (Vae Victis HS #14 ), Canadian vs German forces, St Martin de Fontenay, France, August 1st 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario CV2: Devine Qui Vient Diner Ce Soir (Vae Victis HS #14 ), Russian vs German forces, Near Dubrowka, Poland, August 10 1944
  • Scenario CV3: La Chute de Sebastopol (Vae Victis #96 ), German vs Russian forces, Sevastopol, Crimea, June 29 1942 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario CV4: La Vallee De La Mort (Vae Victis #97 ), German vs Yugoslavian forces, Near the Drina River, Bosnia, April 26 1944
  • Scenario CV5 : Baptême du Feu à Philipsbourg (Vae Victis #98 ), German vs American Forces, North East of Philippsbourg, Lorraine, France, January 2-3 1945

Tournament Scenarios (from GMT Games):

  • Scenario T1: Oh-dark-thirty (Free), French vs Italian forces, French-Italian border, June 1940 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario T2: Hill 133 (Free), German vs Russian forces, Somewhere deep in Russia, 1943 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario T3: Yet Another Crossroads Village (Free), German vs American forces, France, 1944 (requires CC:E and CC:M)
  • Scenario T4: Gauleiter Estate (Free), German vs British forces, Northern Germany, 1945 (requires CC:E and CC:M)

Campaigns (from C3i):

  • Pathfinder: A Combat Commander Campaign (C3i Magazine #22), covering Overlord operations in the Cotentin Peninsula, June 6-10 1944

Online Play

  • Vassal (real-time, pbem) Game ownership required.
  • Wargameroom (real-time) Game ownership required.

Microbadges: mb

Classification details


  • Level - Tactical
  • Location - Europe
  • Timeline - World War II

Game length

  • 1 Turn = several minutes
  • Scenarios - varied amount of Turns


  • Hexmap
  • Map style - Historical
  • Battle area - scenario specific, small battlefield parts
  • Construction - Paper map
  • Table area (17" x 22" per geomorphic map section + place for reference sheets and counters)


  • Unit size range - Squads, Fireteams and inidivdual Leaders
  • Counter size - 5/8", 1/2"


  • Rules length - Medium (24 pages)
  • Rules complexity - Medium
  • Combat resolution system - opposing rolls with modifiers
  • Programmed-instructions for learning - no
  • Team-play per side - No
  • Solitaire suitability - low
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Pg. 1
Combat Commander: Europa
Spanish first edition
Publisher: Devir
Year: 2015
Release Date:  
Link Image
Combat Commander: Europe
English first edition, third printing
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Rodger B. MacGowan
Year: 2013
Product Code: 0609-13
Release Date:  
Link Image
Combat Commander: Europe
English first edition, second printing
Publisher: GMT Games
Year: 2008
Product Code: 0609-08
Size: 12.20 x 9.20 x 3.00 inches
5.00 pounds
Release Date:  
Link Image
Combat Commander: Europe
English first edition, first printing
Publisher: GMT Games
Year: 2006
Product Code: 0609
Size: 12.20 x 9.20 x 3.00 inches
5.00 pounds
Release Date:  
Link Image
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10 Elevated LOS diagram aid
A diagram of LOS from elevated positions. Meant to be a quick reference aid. v1.0
17 Orders and Actions Manifest (One Sheet)
Tables showing order and action distribution for all fate decks, gathered on one sheet. This information is available in several places in the game components, but I don't think it's been gathered in one place before for easy reference. I made this because I'd like to be able to know what my opponent's deck can do as well as my own without having to ask them, "Um, can I see your order and action manifest card again?" Print out two copies on card stock and give one to each player so both players can easily see the distribution of their deck AND their opponent's deck at any time. This also provides a easy comparison between fate decks so you can see who has the most Ambushes, the most Fire orders, the most Command Confusions, etc. so that you can see what strategies might suit your...
42 5 Pap 's Maps ....
Pap 's map #5 ... [ImageID=2807615] Enjoy !!!
21 Combat Commander: Europe - Quick Rules
I created an 11-page summary of the rules of Combat Commander, that I used to teach new players the game. I have tried to be comprehensive, without being exhaustive. If you spot any errors, please let me know! I simply use this as a reference to supplement the rulebook. This Quick Rules guide should not be used solely without the rulebook. I think it's a good place to double-check some things.
9 Generic CC Tuckboxes from Ones Upon a Game
Non-Sleeved Tuckbox SVG file for using with your own cutting machine. Import into your software and cut. This contains the window which can be deleted as you desire.
36 Combat Commander “Handless” Solitaire Variant
A solitaire variant for the Combat Commander Series using an open tableau of cards for each side rather than closed hands. The cards are activated (or not) from the tableau using 2d6 results from the unused fate deck. Updated with clarification on how to deal with actions as the inactive/defending player, and a note on game pace.
19 Unofficial Supplement to C3I Nr 28 "Campaign Rules & Charts"
Sam Sheikh did a great article on allowing you to take a leader though a campaign of your own choosing and increasing his effectiveness as you advanced. This lists all the scenarios for each Leader type. It is divided by Country and by Leader Rank. This file does NOT tell you which countries are fighting in which campaign, though. While I personally would recommend using his article ASIS except for step 4, in which I would just add the player's leader to each scenario. But for those who want to know which scenarios they can choose from, this file will help. One last note: You can always choose scenarios with Higher Ranking Leaders. For example, if you have a 7-1 Corporal, you can choose a scenario with an 8-1 Sergeant. But You could NOT choose a scenario with only a 6-1 Lance...
9 Listing of Every Leader in every GMT Scenario
This lists every leader in every scenario that I have. It doesn't include the non-C3I magazines, though. If you find any mistakes, please tell me and I'll edit it for accuracy!
27 Polish counters
I made this some time ago, didn't have time to finish it. Maybe somebody will find it usefull? :) It should be printed on A4 paper. There should be enough counters to play all scenarios with Polish forces. They have the same stats as French units, I just changed background, names and rank insignia.
6 Combat Commander Fire Attack Aid v1
An aid for calculating fire attack and defense rolls. It is also useful for keeping track of an Order in the event you need to step away from the table or if a Time Event occurs. Although it is a spreadsheet, I recommend printing and using a pencil to fill it out. The first tab contains suggested guidance on how to fill out the columns. I use it for solo play, so the guidance is given with that in mind.
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