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# of Players
2 − 6
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Best with 4–5 players
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12 and up
Playing Time
45 minutes
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Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
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Rage: Apocalypse
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Publisher Blurb
These are the last days. Gaia is dying. The Apocalypse is here.

Will you fall defending her or die a cowards death? Will your pack live in legend as the ones who saved the world, or those who betrayed it?

Is today a good day to die?

Take control of a pack of Garou, savage werewolves, as they battle the forces of the Wyrm in defense of Mother Earth, Gaia.

Call upon ancient spirit pacts, mystical abilities, and the tools of the modern world to destroy the forces of corruption that threaton to plunge the world into eternal darkness and decay.

But not every Garou agrees how best to save Gaia. Is it best done through force? Through renewing the traditions and spirit pacts of old? Through mystical means? Or should the Garou just adapt to the new age and help Gaia change to fit into the new world?

Or sell out and play a pack of Wyrm creatures hell bent on seeing that the Wyrm is the final victor in the coming Apocalypse.

But not even the forces of the Wyrm can agree on their methods. Should they concentrate on corrupting humans and Garou to do the Wyrm's bidding? Should they fight the Garou claw to claw? Or should they win the war by destroying every last thing the Garou love and cherish?

Each player has two decks. One deck is his "Sept" hand. This is composed of allies, equipment, fetishes, events, victims, gifts, quests, and several other card types depending on which expansions you are using. The other deck is a combat deck showing special maneuvers which are used when two characters are engaged in combat.

Play begins with each player laying out his pack (collection of Character cards). These are all the characters the player will have for that game. The game ends when one pack achieves the same number of Renown as they had starting Renown. Typically, players start with a 20 Renown pack (each character has a Renown) and thus the game ends when someone has 20 renown in their victory pile.

Play is simultaneous, with all players taking actions at the same time - conflicts are generally resolved based on the renown of the character taking an action; well known characters go first. The game is split into several phases:
Redraw - draw your Sept hand back to 5 cards
Regeneration - heal characters that have been hurt
Resource - play most cards like gifts, equipment etc.
Umbra - play special umbra cards and actions
Moot - play special cards which may change rules. These must be voted on by all players.
Combat - resolve any fights.

Each round a player designates one of his characters as Alpha. The Alpha becomes the primary actor for that round. During the combat round, Alphas may:
1) Attack another Alpha
2) Attack a victim
3) Attack an enemy
4) Challenge an ally or a non-Alpha character
5) Attack a territory
6) Do nothing.

Combat is resolved using a separate deck which allows special maneuvers.

Renown (victory points) are earned by defeating rival characters and enemies. Some packs may reverse the rules and gain victory by defeating victims. Renown can also be earned from moots and quests.

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First Edition
Publisher: White Wolf
Artist: Ash Arnett, Andrew Bates, John Bridges, Dennis Calero, Richard Case, Tony DiTerlizzi, Larry MacDougall, Anson Maddocks, Ron Spencer, Richard Thomas (I), Ursula Vernonmore»
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2 Kupala Rising
Combat the Wyrm wherever it dwells and whenever it breeds The falling of the Shadow Curtain around Russia was initially celebrated by the Garou. Once more they could communicate with their neighbors. But as time has passed it has become clear that it held in as many creatures as it kept out. And they have slowly been rallying behind a new power somewhere in tha Carpathians. The Margrave is not just a warlord but a great Theurge as well. While much of his time is consumed with fighting obvious Wyrm threats, he can see the signs of some more subtle corruption gathering. He sees the shadow of great wings passing over the land. Strange flowers bloom only by moonlight for a single day and leave those that touched them somehow…changed. The winds bring the faint smell of decay, seemingly...
5 Hellcats cards
ORIGINS OF THE HELLCATS Black Tooth was king of the Amadu’o Simba, the more violent and warlike of the two Simba lineages. He used his enormous pride of werelions, The Endless Storm, to try and drive the Wyrm from Africa. Black Tooth could devour others to steal their power. Black Tooth tried to steal the Wyrm’s power by devouring it... but the Wyrm that endlessly devours itself devoured the Endless Storm instead. The Ahadi formed to put an end to the mad king’s rule. When they killed Black Tooth, his last roar created a horrible storm that set loose many Wyrm spirits to plague the land. Black Tooth was dead, the Endless Storm was breaking apart, but there were new terrible threats on the horizon… While Black Tooth was going mad, the Caelican tribe of Bastet gathered for their...
5 Curse of Set print & play set- Bubasti, Walid Set, Rogues
42 new cards, fully illustrated and playtested. Introduces the Walid Set (wyrm) and the Bubasti (Gaia) as fully playable factions. Also includes multiple rogue characters that can be in EITHER Gaia or Wyrm packs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Long ago, in the time of the pharaohs, Garou and Fera made war upon the vampires that infested Egypt. The war raged on and on until the dark god Set laid a curse upon the Silent Striders, driving them out of Egypt. No Silent Strider could sleep within the bounds of Egypt without suffering terrible nightmares. They were driven from their homeland, forced to become wanderers, always longing for home but never able to return. The vampires turned then to the Fera. The Bubasti could not leave their homeland due to a mystic connection with the land, so...
3 New England- Intermezzo- print and play set
15 new cards for the Rage CCG. Fully playtested, full color artwork. Revised version (March 2011), with updated wording. First set of the New England Block. Originally appeared on River Von. Posted with permission.
3 Preconstructed starter: Urban Legends
A little spit, a little duct tape, good as new! You Bone Gnawers and sewer gators know all kinds of good stuff gets thrown out, it just needs a little patching up to be good as new! Reuse and reclaim your cards while running your opponent out of their best stuff. And if they object, they can be recycled too! Maybe you shouldn't eat the "chili"... Download, print, and cut out your cards to have a 20 renown deck. Perfect for learning to play or for demos.
2 Rainfall set- 9 cards
Small 9 card set. Includes: Bastet Gossip Network Okovango Mists Primal Anger Prove Your Strength Perfect Cover Duck and Cover Scavenger's Quest Death of Blacktooth Whiplash Originally appeared on River Von. Reposted with permissions. All artwork used with permission. Cards playtested and produced to comply with White Wolf's guidelines on fan made material.
4 Polskie tłumaczenie zasad dodatku UMBRA
A polish translation of the rules of the Rage CCG Umbra expansion. Done by myself a few years ago.
4 Polskie tłumaczenie zasad do Rage CCG
A polish translation of the rules for Rage CCG (Apocalypse). Done by myself a few years ago.
5 Sahel set & 2 player aids
More from the Ahadi block. Includes first new Ratkin characters, Lord Ebola. Originally hosted at: Posted here with permission. Includes a cheat sheet on the credits page for new players. There's a turn order ref card and a ref card for what's an action and what's not.
4 Print and play Bane deck
Just download, print, and cut and you have a premade deck ready to go! Sized for standard 8.5X11 paper. Includes a couple of paragraphs explaining deck strategy. Perfect for demos!
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