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Panzer Leader
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Description Edit | History

(from the back of the box: )

Panzer Leader lets you re-create all of the fast, furious action of tactical armored combat on the western front during World War II. Rules of play consider aspects of tactical armored warfare such as gun ranges, target elevation, indirect artillery fire, fortifications, roadblocks, minefields, close air support, naval support fire, engineer demolition, and opportunity fire."

Avalon Hill Complexity Rating - 7

Sister game to PanzerBlitz and The Arab Israeli Wars.


  • 384 (including 7 blanks) British, US, and German counters
  • 4 geomorphic boards
  • 20 scenarios
  • Terrain Effects Chart (two-sided)
  • Combat Results Chart
  • Rules of Play and Designer's Notes booklet
  • 1 six-sided die

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More Information Edit | History

Expanded by:

From "The Avalon Hill General Index and Company History, 1952-1980"

Panzer Leader (1974) Revised 1975
Freelance design revised by Avalon Hill
Designed by Dave Clark & N/A
Development by Randall Reed
Box art by W. Scott Moores

A West Front exploitation of the PANZERBLITZ system did very well in terms of both sales and gamer appreciation. It was far from perfect though and regrettably changed the scale of the original game so that the pieces did not really interchange smoothly. The revision was limited to the scenario cards of the first edition. Another member of the 100,000 sales club.

Magazine References:

The GENERAL Index Article List

Panzerfaust and Campaign Article Index:

  • Number 72 Mar-Apr 1976
    • Panzer Leader - "Defending Omaha Beach" (Strategy), Jeffery Paul Jones
  • Number 76 November-December 1976
    • Panzer Leader - "Conquering the Reichswald" (Strategy), Jeffery Paul Jones
  • Number 77 January-February 1977

Campaign Article Index:

  • Number 83, January-February 1978
    • Panzer Leader - "Panzer Leader: Encirclement of Nancy" (Strategy), Jeffery Paul Jones

Fanzine References:


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Panzer Leader
First edition
Publisher: Avalon Hill
Artist: W. Scott Moores
Year: 1974
Product Code: 812
Size: Avalon Hill Bookcase
Release Date:  
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35 Panzer Leader Rules with Errata
Panzer Leader rules, with integrated typo corrections and official errata; maintains page and section numbering of original; adds select listing of articles from The General; cover art circa 1943 FM 30-40; final rev, barring any community feedback
7 Blank scaleable vector Panzer Leader map
This is blank Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader map made with Inkscape. Inkscape is a free vector drawing tool and may be downloaded from https://inkscape.org, I've included notes on the map file which may be useful.
8 Combined Arms Assault Tactics
This is the most up to date version of Byron Henderson's variant for Panzer Leader/Panzerblitz. It is from a post on the Consimworld thread for the series.
18 Solitaire rules for PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader
Solitaire rules for PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader
22 PanzerLeader - Summary.pdf
PanzerLeader rules simplified.
35 Panzer Leader - 20 base Situations with "Starter Pack" countersheets
Updated Situation 20 - replacing the german quad-AA with Engineers. Added Wreck markers and more OP Fire and Spotted markers... 20 base Situations from Panzer Leader redesigned in IMSTRAT-style graphics (kudos to Ward McBurney for his graphics and site!) + 3 countersheets containing only counters required by the 20 base Situations (in case you do not yet wish to print all those pages from IMSTRAT).
7 Sequence of Play
This outline helps us as we continue to play through the scenarios. Perhaps you'll find it useful, too.
19 New BPV System for PB/PL
11/2013 - This is an extension of the systems originally created by Tom Oleson and Robert Chiang for DYO scenario generation for PB and PL. It allows for greater variety in unit types and addresses shortcomings in Mr. Chiang's system for PL. Charts are included covering BPV ratings for the original units in each game as well as all additional and updated units on the Imaginative Strategist and Gregpanzerblitz sites. EDIT: This file is updated with additional units from Gregpanzerblitz.com, as of 11/2013, as well as corrections to two existing Italian counters (which I previously posted on Consimworld). It also organizes all of the counters for each nation in a single Excel spreadsheet. The updated and new counters are highlighted for ease of spotting the differences from the...
17 PL to AIW WEC V1.1(Carl Fung)
Carl Fung created a synopsis of the changes to PL that would be needed after looking at the design notes in AIW. He created a text file of the Movement/WEC and other rules changes to play the game in a balance that was not evaluated in PB-PL due to printing schedules and shortcuts that left the game "un-realistic". Here is an updated WEC that was "prettied up" with minor changes in formatting. PDF contains his WEC and movement chart on one sheet, his original text of changes (less the movement chart and WEC) and I included a chart to help calculate the new WEC fractions for individual Indirect Firing Units.
8 New Panzerleader Vehicles and artillery
New US and Commonwealth units not found at the Imaginative Strategist.
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Board Game Rank: 1570
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Num Ratings: 1226
Average Rating: 6.53
Standard Deviation: 1.34
Num Views: 147501
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Avg. Game Weight: 3.1
Fans: 106
Personal Comments: 469
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