1936: Guerra Civil (2006)

Average Rating: 7.68/10
Board Game Rank: 1845
War Game Rank: 335
Strategy Game Rank: 801
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12 and up
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45 minutes
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1936: Guerra Civil
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1936 Guerra Civil (1936 civil war) is a card game in which each player plays one of the sides in the conflict, either the Republic or the Nationalists. A player must design his deck from the cards available for his side (a pool of over one hundred), with a minimum selection of 36 of them. Besides the cards belonging to one of the two sides, there are cards representing political and military objectives, for which the sides fight. Each objective gives victory points to the player who wins them. Victory can be achieved by military victory points, by political victory points, by a combination of the two of them or by the demoralization of the enemy.

The game is for two players, although some possible variants for four players are also provided.

There are different types of cards: objectives (political or military), characters, military units and management cards. Each side is made up of factions (ten factions for the Republic and eight factions for the Nationalists). A side may also benefit from having appointed a leader if certain conditions are met.

All cards have images from public Spanish archives and contain detailed historical information.

(A note on the language barrier: it's not as big as it seems. If your first language is French, Italian or Portuguese most game terms will be either the same or very similar. Even with English there are many easily understandable text parts. Additionally, all game text and rules are available to download in French and English from the game's website).

Game components:

  • 252 unique cards
  • 4 game boards (one for each side, one for managing military objectives and one for managing political objectives)
  • 24 small markers to be used on the boards
  • 1 rulebook 36 pages long, plus two additional double-side reference sheets

The game was slowly developed between 2000 and 2006 and it was finally self-published by the author himself through Ediciones Rotura as a limited and numbered edition of 1936 copies, being released in Madrid on December 29, 2006.

The game entered the BGG ranking on July 18th 2007 (anniversary of the outbreak of the war).

A small expansion ('Guernica') was released in September 2009 through Spanish magazine ALEA (#33). Several Print&Play expansions have been released since October 2009 linked to the game reaching certain milestones: number of fans in Facebook, number of distributed games, presence during gaming events.

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2007: special mention at the Spain's author of the year 2007 awards promoted by the Córdoba gaming club Jugamos Tod@s


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1936: Guerra Civil
Limited Edition: 1936 units
Publisher: Ediciones Rotura
Year: 2006
Size: 7.87 x 6.10 x 1.97 inches
Release Date:  
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9 Resumen de juego (variante PAX)
He intentado mejorar en la medida de lo posible el resumen recortando flecos y explicando mejor los pasos de las distintas secuencias. De paso añado más consejos para las expansiones P&P. Busca siempre las cartas que aludan a distintas facciones o a condiciones de otras cartas (cartas de doble facción, cartas simpatizantes para nombrar Líder, etc...) esto favorece la interrelación de los distintos aspectos del juego y fija la atención en la importancia de la cohesión en el bando.
4 Tuckbox para 1936 Guerra Civil
Tuckbox para alojar 1/3 de las cartas del juego 1936 Guerra Civil, sin fundas.
12 Lista de cartas (incluye expansiones)
Lista de cartas basado en la lista de Lord Frischler (nombre, nº, bando, facción y tipo de carta) pero incluyendo coste de las cartas fuerza de los ejercitos y oficiales y habilidades. Están incluidas las cartas originales mas las de las expansiones gernica, F1-F2,P1,D1-D4. Card list based on the original list by Lord Frischler but expanded to include the expansions gernica, F1-F2,P1,D1-D4
12 Mazos basicos por faccion
8 documentos pdf con los mazos basicos organizados por tipo y facción, incluye las correcciones oficiales al mazo defensivo nacional. Es una organizacion mucho mas amable y visual que los numeros de colección. Ayuda a construir los mazos basicos rápidamente.
1 1936 Guerra Civil French rulebook v0
This is a first draft so may contain yet mistakes. This is the french translation of the original rulebook. (Posted with permission from designer Arturo Garcia)
2 1936 guerra civil introductory decks for Vassal module
The eight introductory decks from the game manual. To be used with the Vassal module (not uploaded because of its size).
5 1936guerracivil_rulebook_en_v1.1.zip
1936 Guerra civil rulebook in English (v 1.1)
17 Guía estratégica.doc
Guía estratégica, con las características principales (a mi entender) de las facciones.
10 Lista de Cartas.xls
Lista de cartas con su nombre, nº, bando, facción y tipo de carta, para una mayor facilidad a la hora de crear barajas y dar una visión global.
2 1936guerracivil_cards_en_v1.0.zip
1936 Guerra civil cards game text translated to English (not complete cards) (v 1.0)
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Board Game Rank: 1845
War Game Rank: 335
Strategy Game Rank: 801
Num Ratings: 253
Average Rating: 7.68
Standard Deviation: 1.33
Num Views: 47800
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Avg. Game Weight: 2.9
Fans: 64
Personal Comments: 67
Users Owning: 398
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Total Plays: 997
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Year Published 2009
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Podcast #017
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