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12 and up
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60 minutes
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Some necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
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Valor & Victory
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Valor and Victory
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Description Edit | History

Valor & Victory is a game of WWII Squad-Level Combat

Through the shattered ruins of a quaint European village, to the scorched sands of North Africa, and on the deadly beaches of a mist-shrouded Pacific island, Valor & Victory puts you in command of the troops and machines that fought across the battlefields of World War II.

Valor & Victory is a fast playing, easy to learn World War II squad-level game system. V&V gets you into the action quickly, without requiring you to learn a lot of minutiae and unnecessary detail. But don't let that fool you — Valor & Victory is a complete WWII wargaming system, covering infantry and armored combat, artillery and air strikes, snipers, close assaults, armored overruns, fortifications, and much more!

Valor & Victory may be easy to learn, but it's challenging and fun. So whether you're looking for an evening of serious wargaming action, or simply a quick battle at lunch, Valor & Victory delivers!

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More Information Edit | History

Online Play

Latest rules

Scenario List

What follows is a comprehensive, but possibly incomplete listing of scenarios created for V&V. Browsing through the forums and the file section may reveal others being either created or finished.

To see relative balance and post comments and questions to all the scenarios, go here: Valor and Victory Scenarios

mb Scenario Author (BGG Username)
* Scenario ID - Scenario Name - (Complexity - Setting)

mb Barry Doyle (AnglePark) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_usa.png

  • H1 - Hedgerow Hell - (Beginner, Historical Setting)
  • H2 - Bridgehead! - (Intermediate, Historical) Original scenario by Jeff Poss/Vern Wester Squad Leader 300 series scenario.
  • H3 - Mopping Up - (Intermediate, Historical)

mb Felbrigg Herriott (FNH1) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_great_britain.png

mb David Janik-Jones (DaveyJJ) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_canada.png

mb Shaun Austin (ShaunGamer) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_australia.png

mb Heroic Monkey (Game Guardian) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_usa.png

mb Greg Gresik (Nikoms) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_usa.png

mb Norman Smith (normsmith) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_great_britain.png

mb Dan Buman (1932f20) http://geekdo-images.com/images/flags/16x16/shadow/flag_usa.png

Please log scenario results in the V&V Scenarios geeklist to help Authors to improve the scenarios.
Players can also use this list to find more information about Scenarios that interest them.

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Valor & Victory
Print and Play edition
Publisher: (Web published)
Artist: Barry W. Doyle
Year: 2007
Release Date:  
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5 V&V Vassal Scenario savegames
Vassal scenario savegames for Valor&Victory. So far H1-H3 + Dev1-Dev9. Still work-in-progress. Extract to a directory (for instance where the module itself is located), open the V&V Vassal module and Load a savegame. All units/counters required by the scenario are already prepared next to the board (sometimes even on-board, if the Scenario specifies precise placement), just move them where you want to set up.
6 2-segmented game turn record track
2-segmented game turn record track for Valor & Victory
8 Italian Truck Mounted 90mm SPAT
Revised the units to indicate that the 90mm can not fire when the truck moves and can only fire when the gun is deployed.
1 V&V Standard Rules Chinese Version
V&V Standard Rules Chinese Version not translated by me. It's free to access, no copy rights.
13 Early German Armor
I had request for early German Armor (1939-1942) and as always any feedback on the assigned factors of the attached units would be helpful. The units include Pz Ib, Pz IIc, Pz IIIg, Pz IIIh, Pz IVg, Stug IIIb, 35(t), 38(t) and the "Bison" I & II.
13 Modified Italian Vehicles
I was asked to do/redo more Italian Vehicles. Please feedback on the units and their assigned attributes. Included are German versions of the AB-41 and Semovente 75mm L/18, a P-40 version with no movement factors (many were built for the Germans w/o engines and used as static pill boxes), command version of the M13/40 (one command tank was assigned to every 4 Semovente 75mm L/18), this is where the Forward Observer would be for these units. Also included is the "P-43", never built Italian heavy tank with a 90mm L/53 gun and 50mm - 100mm armor.
11 Modified German & Russian Armor
Some modified German & Russian Armor, I wanted the counter colors to match the original V&V German/Russian colors and to provide better pictures of the units. First, none of these vehicles had a "FF MG APFP". The Nashorn and SU-76M carried an internal MG, may want to assign a "LMG" counter to these units. The Ferdinand-P had no MG (one of its original faults), may carry a half-squad (historically boards were attached to the rear of the vehicle to carry infantry that would provide fire support in lieu of the missing MG) that can fire while transported. SU-85 is new unit, produced from 8/43 to late 1944.
11 Additional Italian Armor
Semovente 75mm L/34, 90mm L/53 & 105mm L/25.
18 Valor & Victory one page summary
Valor & Victory one page summary. Very colourful and condensed! A work in occasional progress...
15 Valor&Victory - Scenario overview
This is an overview spreadsheet of all the available scenarios for Valor&Victory as of the daz of posting. The sheet lists the Name of the scenario, Maps used, Number of Turns, Player A/Player B, Experience Level (where known), the Designer's Name and any Notes (where available). It does not contain any Special Rules, as they tend to be longer if present. This file is based on the work of Andrew Walters (andreww) - originally posted here: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/75532/vv-scenario-guide.
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