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# of Players
2 − 4
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Best with 2 players
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13 and up
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20 minutes
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PK Cards: The Broken Seal
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Players select an avatar to represent themselves in the game. The avatars summon troops, equipment, and magic to defeat their enemies. The first player to achieve 7 prestige points wins the game.

The initial release is titled "The Broken Seal" and is sold in core decks and boosters. The core decks contain: a pre-constructed deck of 75 cards, one PK Gold Key, a bonus pack of cards, rules manual, and a game play mat. According to the publisher, the core deck allows for two players to begin playing right away.

The PK Gold Keys found in both the core decks and the booster packs contain a code which can be entered at and redeemed for PK Cards prizes.

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Game Overview
The Broken Seal represents the inaugural release of the PK Cards game – the beginning of the story. It is a trading card game, which makes it different from other games in significant ways:

First, the cards in a trading card game can sometimes exceed the game’s basic rules. Remember: the card is always right. This means you should follow the card’s rules even if they disagree with other game rules.

Second, you choose the cards you wish to put into your deck. You choose your avatar, the troops that follow him into battle, what magics he will wield and which mythical totems he will possess. You control the composition of your deck!

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to win seven prestige points by defeating your opponents before they are able to defeat you. Your avatar serves as your general, summoning his forces into battle, girding them with equipment and magic spells and using their strengths to defeat your opponent’s followers. If your strategy is successful, then you will be victorious.

What’s in a Core Deck?
The Broken Seal offers a player four core decks: Red, Yellow, Grey and Blue. Each core deck includes:

•A pre-constructed deck of seventy-five cards: 50 common, 18 uncommon and 7 rare. This deck includes the two avatar cards whose images are depicted on the box cover and is designed for play with either of them.
•One Gold Key on a card in the seventy-five card pack. Enter your Gold Key at to unlock Gold Points and win prizes!
•A game mat with card outlines to help you learn the game setup.
•A rules manual, containing everything you need to know to play PK Cards.
Deck Building
In a trading card game you can choose which cards to include in your deck. PK Cards Core Decks are designed to complement either of the avatars they contain. However, once you are comfortable with the game you may choose to substitute or add cards to make a deck uniquely your own.

Future PK Cards sets will include new avatars, powers, influences and troops; the new troops will possess yet unheralded abilities. You will be able to build new decks with these cards or use them in your current decks, but the rules for building your deck will remain constant:

•You must have exactly one avatar.
•You must have at least seventy cards in your deck, including your avatar.
•You may have no more than three copies of any individual card in your deck.

Game Guide
In this game you control your avatar, your physical manifestation as a hero in the game’s world, as he gathers his forces to seek the cause of the breach in the Fireseal, an ancient barrier that has protected the world for millennia.

Many heroes have undertaken this quest, gathering soldiers to their cause, drawing strength from mythic totems and wielding mighty magics. Each time you play the game you may choose a different avatar to represent you.

This collectible card game was created by the finest designers and illustrated by the finest artists in the world. We hope you enjoy it!

Game Play Quick Reference
•Each player starts the game with four karma and reveals his avatar.
•Players draw to their base hand size, initially seven cards.
•If this is the first sortie of a battle, players rally in order as desired.
•The lead player plays. If he plays a power, he discards any previous power he has in play. When he plays a troop or runs out of cards, his turn is over.
•Each other player plays proceeding from the lead player’s left.
•Troops must follow the led suit if possible.
•Higher-ranked troops get a penalty to offense and defense unless supported by troops of each lower rank.
•Compare the attacking troop’s offense to the defender’s defense. The highest value wins the sortie. If there is a tie and trump does not settle it, players PK.
•Invert all defeated troops. Resolve all aftermath effects starting from the victor’s left. Place troops in battle lines and discard all influences.
•Repeat until seven sorties have been played, decreasing your base hand size by one card each sortie.
•The player with the most upright troops in his battle line wins 1 prestige. If he has 5 more upright troops than any other player, he wins 2 prestige. If he has 6 more, he wins 3 prestige.
•Remove all face-down cards from the game and discard all troops in battle lines.
•Repeat until a player has at least seven prestige.

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Here you will find a useful tool for both collecting and deck-building. Includes a count for all cards by Rank, Race, Suit, Ability, Rarity, Artist. Includes a highlighter tool to make deck-building quick and easy. Also has a sample price guide for both real ($) values and online (GP) values. Enabling macros gives you a quick easy way to clear all information entered. Requires Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or higher.
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