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# of Players
1 − 6
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Best with 6 players
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Mfg Suggested Ages
14 and up
Playing Time
3600 minutes
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16 and up
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Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
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Primary Name
Europa Universalis
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Description Edit | History

In this monster game of diplomacy, territorial expansion, trade, military technology, economic development, and war you play the part of kings as you relive 300 years of world history (1492-1792). The grand campaign game can keep 6 players occupied for a long, long time, but one of the beauties of this game is that you can play a shorter campaign game or a mini campaign that requires fewer player and less space and time and you can even re-fight one of 20 battle scenarios, or play a solitaire scenario.

The game includes:

  • 2 color maps (Europe & Rest of the World), 80cm x 60cm each
  • 1412 counters (armies, fleets, leaders, detachments, colonies, trading posts, etc) - Countersheets "Europa Universalis" #1 to #6
  • 1 rulebook (72 pages)
  • 1 scenarios book (52 pages)
  • 1 annexes book (48 pages)
  • 6 player's aids & record sheets
  • 2 ten-sided dice

Battle scenarios:

  • The Battle of the Boyne - 1690
  • The Battle of Lepanto - 1571
  • The Battle of Mohacs - 1526
  • The French & Spanish Campaigns in Italy - 1525
  • The Campaign of Zenta - 1697
  • Turenne's Franche-Comte & Alsace Campaigns - 1674
  • The Turkish Siege of Vienna - 1683
  • The Struggle for Azow - 1689
  • The Anglo-Dutch War - 1666-1667
  • The English Civil War - 1642-1653
  • The War of the Spanish Succession - 1702-1713
  • The Thirty Years War - 1618-1648
  • The Seven Years War - 1756-1763
  • The War of the League of Augsburg - 1688-1697
  • The War of the Austrian Succession - 1744-1748
  • The Great Northern War - 1700-1721
  • The Wars of Religion in France - 1562-1598
  • The Russo-Turkish War - 1770-1792
  • The Veneto-Turkish War - 1640-1667
  • The Campaigns of the Sun King - 1687-1699

Solitaire scenarios:

  • Cortes & Magellan - 1520-1614
  • Da Gama & Albuquerque - 1495-1559
  • Coen & Heyn - 1590-1664
  • Yermak - 1560-1664
  • Washington - 1775-1784

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More Information Edit | History

French rules are 1st edition rules and an errata was published after publication. Europa Universalis Extension No 1 French rulebook also includes this errata.
English rules (later translated from French) incorporated errata and became 2nd edition.

[Note: both editions share same maps and counters.]

Expanded by: Europa Universalis Extension No 1.

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Europa Universalis
Azure Wish First Edition
Publisher: Azure Wish Enterprise (AWE)
Artist: Bruno de Scorraille
Year: 1993
English, French
Release Date:  
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3 Period Event Tables
This has two Period Event Tables to use. One is xls (2007) and the other is xlsx (2010).
7 Europa Universalis Complete 1492 Scenario
03 AUG 2011 This is the long awaited EU Grand Campaign scenario update for my EU Grand Campaign gamebox. Enjoy and let me know if there are any errors.
10 Europa Universalis Cyberboard
03 AUG 2011 This is the long awaited EU Grand Campaign gamebox update that goes with my EU Grand Campaign scenario. Enjoy and let me know if there are any errors.
5 EU Leader sheets
This is a series of word documents that cover all of the leaders. One is all of the leaders, one for minor and the rest are by major country. This list includes the leaders from Extension #1. Enjoy and let me know of any mistakes.
6 EU Admin Worksheets
This is a zip of Excel 2007 admin worksheets for each major country in EU. Below is the instructions for usage. Don't to type in any of the shaded boxes. If the formula there gets messed up (by typing or erasing the box), copy the adjacent shaded box. Then rather than just "paste"; hit "paste special" then "formulas" into the messed up box. That should fix it. Enjoy.
7 Risto's Rewrites as of Feb 2010
This is the most up-to-date listing of Risto's Rewrites of the Period Events and Period Objectives. There are 8 word documents included, one for each period and the period objectives for each country for each period.
2 Counter Information
This contains 3 word documents: Technology Markers, Major Country Counters, and a List of Counters. It was erroneously listed as leader counters. Sorry. I'll reload that one.
7 EU Extension 2
This is the never published Extension 2 from AWE. It contains event counters, new minors, palaces, shipyards, country adjustments, and other rules.
8 EU Extension 1
This is the first extension for EU from AWE. It came with counters. It adds forts, missionaries, governors, sepoys, historical monarchs and more.
12 Income & Expense Spreadsheet for Europa Universalis
This spreadsheet is used to calculate the income and expenses for player nations in Europa Universalis. It's meant to simplify the Administration Phase, but also serves as a useful document to track colonies, trading posts, trading fleets and loans. Also tracks province ownership, plunder status, vassal income, etc. Maintenance and purchase vary by technology. Basic force size varies by period.
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War Game Rank: 744
Num Ratings: 252
Average Rating: 6.62
Standard Deviation: 2.09
Num Views: 120267
GeekBuddy Analysis: Analyze
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Avg. Game Weight: 4.9
Fans: 33
Personal Comments: 130
Users Owning: 606
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Price History: View
Total Plays: 111
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Rank N/A
Num Ratings 53
Average Rating 7.16
Average Weight 4.44
Num Owned 182
Prev. Owned 31
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Want in Trade 16
Wishlist 24
Comments 15
Year Published 1996
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