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Martin Wallace's 2-player wargame for Treefrog's second line of games (2009-2010 series, 4th game of the series) dealing with the American Civil War - the players commanding either Confederate or Union forces. With Gettysburg Wallace wanted to produce a balanced rather than a historically accurate game. The game e.g. ignores casualty levels, and Units do not correspond exactly to brigades or divisions - even if the forces' proportion is close to historical accuracy.

The player pieces in Gettysburg are similar to those in Treefrog's previous wargame, Waterloo. Each day consists of four periods, and the game is played over three days, and key locations must be held by the end of one period. Each player has eight numbered 'order blocks', ranking from two to five. Players then place such blocks in the game areas, the order block allowing a number of orders to be issued that area. The orders can activate units in the same or adjacent areas. Orders are represented by discs, once the number of order discs in an area matches the value of the order block then no more orders can be issued. The players will then have to remove the block and place a new one. If a player does not have enough order discs for the following period, he will be forced to pass for each disc he is short. Assault combat is similar to Waterloo, the main exceptions are that the attacker and defender use different morale check tables. The defender is more likely to retreat than be eliminated, but there is also the chance of a counter-attack to throw back the assaulting forces. The Confederate player wins by taking two starred areas, or Little Round Top.

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Union pieces:

19 wooden blue Union regular infantry pieces
1 wooden red Union elite infantry piece
7 wooden orange Union inferior infantry piece
2 wooden dark blue Union cavalry pieces
11 wooden blue Union artillery pieces
8 wooden blue Union command blocks, numbered from 2 to 5, with two of each number
12 wooden blue Union order discs
30 wooden blue Union regular infantry damage cubes
5 wooden red Union elite infantry damage cubes
15 wooden orange Union inferior infantry damage cubes
5 wooden dark blue Union cavalry damage cubes

Confederate pieces:

17 wooden gray Confederate regular infantry pieces
5 wooden black Confederate elite infantry pieces
9 wooden gray Confederate artillery pieces
8 wooden gray Confederate command blocks, numbered from 2 to 5, with two of each number
22 wooden gray Confederate order discs
30 wooden gray Confederate regular infantry damage cubes
20 wooden black Confederate elite infantry damage cubes

Other pieces:

8 wooden black Forced Pass discs
20 wooden brown Entrenchment sticks
8 wooden circular brown Disruption markers
4 wooden white Artillery Fire markers
1 wooden black pawn Day marker
4 wooden dice (normal d6s with pips)
1 Rule book (in English)
1 Mounted map board
1 Reinforcements card (1 sided)
1 Player aid sheet (double-sided)- Rule book lists 2 player aid sheets but this is an error.



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English first edition
Publisher: Warfrog Games
Artist: Peter Dennis
Year: 2010
Product Code: 2008
Size: 12.50 x 9.00 x 2.00 inches
2.54 pounds
Release Date:  
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1 Manko's East Calvary Field Variant
Map extension and rules for East Cavalry Field variant. Unlike Mantuanwar’s variant this one has not been test played and so I would welcome feedback on how to improve it. With the current layout and forces, I imagine Confederate player will likely rush cavalry out to Rummel’s farm to protect his command block there while stationing his canons on either Cress Ridge or Granite Hill. Then a few artillery exchanges between Union and Confed guns to determine who's going to make the first offensive move. NOTE: Stuart's signal to move was to be when he heard the confederate artillery barrage prior to Pickets charge cease. If Stuart had been un-opposed he should have been able to reach and make his attack up the Baltimore Pike a mere 20 minutes after starting his move. This assumes...
4 LOS map for Gettysburg
This is the LOS map I am using for Gettysburg with 8 color coded cannons. The LOS’s shown are more restrictive than what the rules allow e.g., per my map the white cannon near Pitzers Run can’t hit Harrisburg Road, the Cemetary Ridge cannon cannot hit Oak Ridge, and the cannon on Round Top cannot hit beyond or east of Gettysburg.
2 F.A.Q.s con risposte dell'autore
Traduzione in italiano delle F.A.Q.s con risposte di M. Wallace
1 Gettysburg_ITARules
Gettysburg: regolamento in italiano - Layout originale.
11 Reformatted Charts and tables.
I prefer smaller than A4 player aids, and for them not to be embedded in the rule book, for ease of handling. This includes all of the combat charts/tables on one A5 sized sheet + a tabulated version of the orders possible and some useful rule reminders for the reverse side. I printed two of the following off onto label sheets and then mounted one copy onto thick card - then mounted the opposite image onto the reverse, for two player aids.
5 Defending Infantry Morale Check
Spreadsheet to show Defending Infantry Morale Check results for dice rolled and number of injury cubes taking into account all the variables in the manual check table. Simply enter battlefield details and infantry unit details to show results for each unit, allowing you to swap dice numbers between units to give best possible outcome of battle. I made this to help me with all that maths when I was getting tired! If you would to use this please feel free. Any feedback comment or thumbs up welcome. Thank you.
0 German Rules
German Rules of the game. Changed the format to single pages...
18 Visual Player Aid
I finally got around to play-testing my player aid. Quite an enlightening experience. I have thus made some changes to improve them. It no doubt still needs more work so after I have a few games under my belt I will make a "final" version. Until then, enjoy. This game really deserves some love.
8 Japanese rulebook
A PDF file of the rules in japanese language for Gettysburg.
34 Official Gettysburg FAQs
This is the reply I've received by Martin Wallace of all the questions that have been asked here on the BGG. Enjoy!
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I've Been Diced! episode 39: Martin Wallace
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