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Playing Time
360 minutes
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Primary Name
No Retreat! The Russian Front
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Description Edit | History

(from GMT's website:)

No Retreat: The Russian Front is a new deluxe edition of the two-player Victory Point Games 2008 CSR Award Nominee wargame that retells the story of the titanic struggle between the invading armies of Nazi Germany versus Communist Russia during WW2 at a player-friendly and manageable level of scope and difficulty. This edition combines both the original game and its two extensions (Na Berlin! and No Surrender!) using deluxe components of “Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition” quality. With only 40 Army/Front sized counters for the Tournament game, and 70 for the whole campaign, and with very low stacking, it’s a quick-playing yet realistic affair that favours the strategic and offensive-minded player.

Each turn is alight with intriguing on-board challenges plus the surprise of card hand Events as players vie to win in one of three different ways.

In a skillfully blended collation of classic hex-based wargaming and modern card-driven simulations, No Retreat: The Russian Front stays truly story-centric, providing the proper feel of sweeping maneuvers, exploitation and encirclements across the vast steppes and forests of Russia. With a simple-yet-innovative economic model, players will also feel the growing might and sophistication of the Russian’s Red Army, and the degradation of the once-invincible German Wehrmacht, over the epic four year sweep of time that this merciless campaign was fought.

Neither side can afford the disgrace of yielding an inch of ground to their hated foe, so your orders are: “No Retreat!”


  • One Standard size mounted map
  • Two Counter Sheets
  • One deck of 55 Playing Cards
  • Rule booklet
  • Scenario booklet
  • Player Aid Cards
  • Two 6-sided dice (1 black and 1 white)

TIME SCALE: 2 months per turn
MAP SCALE: 100km / 60 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE: Armies and Fronts

DESIGNER: Carl Paradis
DEVELOPER: Alan Emrich & Carl Paradis
COUNTER ART: Mark Simonitch & Carl Paradis
MAP ART: Mark Simonitch

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More Information Edit | History

Rules and Cards FAQ wiki page.

Errata - Rule Book (2nd Edition, Feb. 2012)
[10.6.3] Armor Bonus, 1st para. - change "non-Mud" to "Clear or Snow"

Errata - Scenario Booklet (2nd Edition, Feb. 2012):

  • Sec.5 on Pg.2,4,5,6,7 - change "13" to "10"
  • Sec.8.A on Pg.3 - change "23" to "21" -- Source
  • Sec.2 on Pg.5 - change "13" to "25"
  • Sec.10 on Pg.5 - change "18" to "16"
  • Sec.2 on Pg.6 - change "2" to "3"
  • Sec.9 on Pg.6 - change "24" to "22"
  • Sec.9 on Pg.7 - change "32" to "30"
  • Sec.2 on Pg.8 - change "3" to "6"
  • Sec. 2 on Pg. 8 - the Round VP marker should be put on the +2VP SOVIET side (not +1VP German side) -- Source

For the Campaign game and first scenario: The German will keep the 6 event cards he draws at start, not "draws 6 and keeps 4" (so that rule revert to the first edition version).

Microbadge: mb No Retreat: The Russian Front fan

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No Retreat! The Russian Front
GMT Deluxe edition
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Rodger B. MacGowan, Mark Simonitch
Year: 2011
Product Code: 1104
Size: GMT standard box
Release Date:  
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13 "Visual" Game Turn Effects
New version
13 No Retreat - The Russian Front Player aid
This is the Player Aid I use with No Retreat - The Russian Front. The rules of the game are clear and quite simple, but I always forget some details and I like to have them grouped in a couple of pages. Please point me any error I have done.
8 No Retreat cards in french
Two cards fixed: 13 & 51
11 NR Event Cards in Spanish v1
No Retreat Event Cards translated to spanish (version 1).
14 reglas en solitario para "no retreat"
traducción al castellano del reglamento en solitario para "no retreat" / "no retreat" solitaire rules translated to spanish.
50 No Retreat! Turn Summary 1.2 (two pages)
Based on Angioman/Largo68's files, this is a completely revised two-page turn summary for new players or those wanting a quick reference. Includes the 2nd Edition rules, in play-through order, and all rules include their case/subcase numbers for easy reference to the rulebook. I've also worked to make all the language and formatting as consistent as possible, to clear up confusion or ambiguity. Please post any corrections or suggestions! v1.2: • Formatting corrections v1.1: • "Prohibited terrain does not block supply" clarified as "Lake hexes and hexsides do not block supply" • "Soviet 'brittle' red one-step units return on brown side" corrected to "Soviet 'brittle' red one-step units return on red side"
10 NR - Kurzregel
2-seitige Kurzregel auf Deutsch mit Aktualisierungen. Two-sided short rule in German with updates. Version 1.5
8 apéndice con cambios de la 2ª edición, en castellano
translation of the 2nd edition rules changes (in red in the rulebook) to spanish, and compiled in a .doc becoming a "annex". (two pages). the spanish rules are in the gmt web (living rules). traducción de los cambios realizados en la 2ª edición del reglamento, respecto a la primera (los textos en rojo de la 2ª edición). el reglamento de la primera edición traducido al castellano se puede encontrar en la sección de living rules de la web de gmt. He optado por compilarlos en forma de anexo, para añadirlo al reglamento ya impreso, y sugiero subrayar con rotulador fosfi los párrafos que hayan sufrido cambios.(al menos, es lo que yo he hecho).
20 No Retreat minigames for Letter-size paper (GMT compatible)
These are the minigames found in the Images section, resized to fit in a Letter-size paper and still be compatible with the GMT version counters. Setup instructions were cropped from the original image and pasted in a .doc file.
42 NR - Alternative Player Aid Card 1.0
This player aid card should help players to : 1. learn / teach rules 2. when playing have at a single place all pieces of rules related to phase / step they are playing My 2 cents to a really great game (thanks to Carl for having designed it and his willing to foster it). 1.1 Version : EVP may now exceed 6 from 1945 + small precisons about cards EVP, exchange result & removal phase
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