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90 minutes
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Defenders of the Realm: The Dragon Expansion
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Description Edit | History

Defenders of the Realm: The Dragon Expansion provides the means to ramp up, ease up, expand and customize your Defenders of the Realm gaming experience in a variety of ways. The three new Dragon Generals (Onyx - black, Hemlock - green, Brimstone - red) can be used with Sapphire, the original blue Dragon, in a struggle that will severely test the mettle of the Heroes of the Realm. The new General card for Sapphire gives her an additional hit point for each other Dragon in play.

You can also mix and match the new Generals with the existing Generals. The new Generals minions' each have their own special abilities:

  • Onyx's (black) Zealots go berserk when fighting - the survivors together dealing one point of damage after each combat action. You'll still take a wound from each if you remain in the same area with them at the end of your turn.
  • Hemlock's (green) Imps propagate quickly (whenever you place an Imp, another one pops up in every adjacent space) and steal a random card from you if you remain in the same space with them at the end of your turn.
  • Brimstone's (red) Fire Elementals spontaneously combust whenever three of them get together, setting the area on fire. Areas on fire require 2 Actions to move into, taint whenever three minions are present, instead of 4 and deal wounds to Heroes remaining in the area at the end of their turns.

The Generals each have their own special nastiness as well. For example, Brimstone, instead of moving along the usual red-General path, moves every time her card comes up when Darkness Spreads, flitting here and there and setting the world on fire. Players can lose cards when attacking Hemlock.

Any of the new dragons can also be used as an Agent of the Dark Lord when playing with at least one of the original Generals (Varkolak, Gorgut, or Balazarg). You can add up to 5 of the 10 Global Effects Cards (5 Good, 5 Bad) to the Darkness Spreads deck to adjust the toughness of your campaign. Likewise, a number of Royal Blessing Tokens (4 max) can also be added to the game. Royal Blessings allow players to either ignore a Darkness Spreads card, remove a taint crystal or prevent a General from moving.

For a more Campaign-style game, players can utilize the King's Champion Scoring Variant which allows players to track their feats, major and minor. Feat examples include: taking on 3 minions at once, killing two with one blow, attempting to complete a quest, successfully completing a quest, healing the land, putting out a fire, dealing wounds or the killing blow to a General... The player with the most fame at the end of the game becomes the King's Champion. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th most famous Heroes also receive titles and awards. The titles and awards each provide a special ability to that character that can be utilized the next time it is played by the same player.

Scheduled to debut at Spiel 2010 is the Dragon Expansion (formerly the Black Dragon expansion), which consists of the following:

3 General Miniatures (3 Dragons)
3 New General Cards
1 New Sapphire (Blue Dragon) General Card
4 Wound Tokens 1 for each General
3 Agents of the Dark Lord Cards
10 Fire Tokens
4 Royal Blessing Tokens
1 Royal Blessing Card
12 New Quest Cards
10 Global Effects Cards
1 Fame Card
6 New Special Cards
New Darkness Spreads Deck
New Hero Cards Deck
King’s Champion Variant Scoring Tokens
7 Kings Champion Reward Cards
Rulebook and A Story from the Realm

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More Information Edit | History

Components in detail as follow:

King's Champion Scoring Tokens

38 orange 1 value
9 blue 1 value
18 blue 2 value
9 blue 3 value
Total = 38 orange and 36 blue.

Dragon Expansion Quests (12)
The Witch's Potion
Dragon Scale Armor
Agent Slayer
Organize Fire Brigade
The Dragon Orb
The Dragon Lance
Scout the Dragon x3
Combat Training
Dwarf Envoy
Heal the Land

Defenders of the Realm: The Dragon Expansion
Darkness Spreads
Sapphire [13]
Next Location – Dark Magic
Next Location – Thorny Woods/Dancing Stone
Heavens Glade – Ancient Ruins/Eagle Peak Pass
Heavens Glade – Serpent Swamp/Wolf Pass
Heavens Glade – Wyvern Forest/Seabird Port
Ancient Ruins – Ghost Marsh/Whispering Woods
Ancient Ruins – McCorm Highlands/Mermaid Harbor
Ancient Ruins – Seagaul Lagoon/Heavens Glade
Greenleaf Village – Blizzard Mountains/Fire River
Greenleaf Village – Blizzard Mountains/Fire River
Greenleaf Village – Bounty Bay/Brookdale Village
Monarch City – Assault on Monarch City
Monarch City – Bounty Bay/Dancing Stone

Darkness Spreads/Global Effects
Global Effects [10]
Enemy Elite Troops
Gates Drained
Inns Closed
Magic Armor
Mana Drained
The Healing Touch
A Light in Darkness
Quests of the Council
Ship Transports
Visions of Amarak

Hero Cards
Sapphire [18]
Amarak Peak - Eagle
Amarak Peak – Magic Gate
Blizzard Mountains - Horse
Blizzard Mountains - Horse
Bounty Bay – Horse
Bounty Bay – Magic Gate
Crystal Hills – Horse
Crystal Hills – Magic Gate
Dragons Teeth Range – Eagle
Dragons Teeth Range - Horse
Eagle Peak Pass – Horse
Eagle Peak Pass – Magic Gate
Rock Bridge Pass – Magic Gate
Rock Bridge Pass – Magic Gate
Seagaul Lagoon – Eagle
Seagaul Lagoon – Magic Gate
Wolf Pass – Horse
Wolf Pass – Magic Gate

Hero Cards
Special Cards [22]
Any General - Battle Luck
Any General - Battle Luck
Any General - Battle Strategy
Any General - Cavalry Sweep
Any General - Dark Vision
Any General - Experienced Guides
Any General - Fire Brigade
Any General - Good Fortune
Any General - Hammer of Valor
Any General - King’s Leadership
Any General – Lightning Storm
Any General – Local Information
Any General – Spy in the Camp
Any General – Traveling Healer
Sapphire – Battle Fury
Sapphire - King’s Guard Attack

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Defenders of the Realm: The Dragon Expansion
First edition
Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Artist: Larry Elmore
Year: 2010
Product Code: 101265N
4.40 pounds
Release Date:  
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32 Dragons Expansion FAQ
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