Star Trek: Fleet Captains (2011)

Average Rating: 7.66/10
Board Game Rank: 210
Thematic Rank: 33
Strategy Game Rank: 139
Year Published
# of Players
2 − 4
User Suggested # of Players
Best with 2 players
Recommended with 2, 4 players
(61 voters) [poll]
Mfg Suggested Ages
14 and up
Playing Time
75 minutes
User Suggested Ages
12 and up
(29 voters) [poll]
Language Dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
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Primary Name
Star Trek: Fleet Captains
Alternate Names
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Star Trek: Fleet Captains, designed for two or four players, is set in the "Prime Universe" of STAR TREK (as seen in the various TV series and movies up to Star Trek: Nemesis) and is more adversarial in nature when compared to Star Trek: Expeditions. Each player takes the role of a faction (or race) from the universe. In the base game, the choices are Klingons and Federation. Each faction has a number of ships (on Clix dials similar to the Heroclix line of components) of varying ability and with a corresponding “size.” Fleets of ships are drafted to a given size total which reflects the victory points required to win. Thus, larger fleet sizes lead to higher point (and longer games).

Players then “shuffle build” a deck of command cards. Choosing four decks from a set of ten decks per faction. Each deck has a unique flavor or theme, with corresponding major characters. For instance the Klingons have a deck themed around larger ships and imperial domination and Gowron is a central character. The four decks chosen will help to set the player’s strategy for winning.
The ships chosen have physical stats like weapons, shields, engines, and sensors. They also have mission totals for science, influence, and combat missions. These determine the kinds and numbers of each kind of mission cards the player draws to form a mission deck. Completing missions gains the player points, which will win them the game. Missions could be as simple as damage an opposing ship that is larger than your own (combat), to as complex as claiming the spaces connecting your command post to your opponents (influence). Thus a player’s chosen ships sets the types of missions they will need to earn points and the deck they build determines the way they will complete missions.

Points can also be earned for non-mission actions such as destroying a ship or building a starbase.

The game itself plays out on a randomly built board of hex cards, called sectors that start the game unexplored. As each ship progresses through the sector, the cards are turned face up, revealing what is in that part of the sector (a Class-M planet, a Class-J Nebula, empty space, etc...). There are additionally random events that can occur when exploring, which usually correspond to a single episode of a series (for instance one encounter is “trouble with tribbles.” Some of these encounters also give victory points.

Overall, the game can best be thought of as playing out an entire season of Star Trek with the conflict between players representing the major story arc and the turns, missions, and random encounters representing individual episodes. Players will move their ships, explore space, complete missions, play cards to upgrade their ships (and staff them with famous and not so famous crewmembers), or boost their stats in combat. Combat, while important, is not the sole path to victory, with the mission cards being the primary factor (some of which will encourage combat). The style of game will depend heavily on individual player decisions, but no matter what, it will feel like Star Trek.

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Star Trek: Fleet Captains
English first edition
Publisher: WizKids Games
Year: 2011
Release Date:  
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2 Übersicht der Aktionen - v0.5
*** GERMAN ACTION SUMMARY *** Fleet Captains ist ein recht einfaches Spiel, aber die Unzahl der möglichen Aktionen macht es zu einem Erklärungsbiest. Hier ist die Rohdatei einer deutschen Aktionsübersicht mit großem Dank an RangerRob, dessen englische Zusammenfassung eine große Hilfe war. Falls jemand Fehler findet, so postet sie bitte hier, dann kann ich sie rasch einpflegen, ehe ich das Ding in ein Layoutprogramm haue.
7 Action Reference Deck
My take on the Action Reference Deck. Features LCARS interface for card fronts, and card backs that follow the same design theme as the existing game decks. Heavy on the black ink, but they look pretty cool if printed in full color.
A Basic Table for choosing your STFC scenario parameters.
2 Foam core box insert template
This is the template I used to make a foam core insert to hold all the parts for Fleet Captains. There's a pic of it in the gallery - I suggest drawing out all the circle before cutting them, just in case my dimensions are off. If I've missed something, let me know.
3 STFC Rule Book Table of Contents
Table of Contents for the STFC rule book.
11 Player Reference Aid
[UPDATED] - V1.1: Fixed many grammar and spelling mistakes. Special thanks to Clevider for the help. This is a Rules/Player aid for Fleet Captains designed to look kind of like a screen you might see on the flight deck of your command ship. This aid also includes rules used with the Romulan expansion. 6 Command Screen: MOVEMENT SYSTEM TESTS & ATTACKING COMMAND & MISSION CARDS INFLUENCE, REPAIR & REINFORCEMENT CLOAKING ACTIONS SCANNING & TRANSPORTING **Please note when printing this reference guide it will use lots of blank toner (ink) but looks good, especially if laminated. ***There might be errors on here, if you find any please point them out. I'm working on revamping this reference.
12 Venshad's Star Trek Fleet Captains Invasion Scenario
Greetings! I decided to make a scenario where the whole objective is to conquer the opponent. This is an AI controlled scenario designed for solo play. If you find any inconsistence, typo, loop or whatever error, please, feel free to message me! I hope you enjoy!
9 Star Trek Fleet Captains Game Log Booklet
Greetings Captain! Download this booklet to capture and memorialize you Star Trek Fleet Captains games. File includes printing instructions. THANKS for downloading.
12 Fleet Captains dice labels
Updated PDF of dice labels with the numbers in Klingon, Romulan, Federation, and Cardassian fonts. Each set of numbers is now on its own layer, so you can select which ones to print instead of all of them. Print them on stickers or decal paper and apply them to some dice.
29 LARGE HEX TILES for Star Fleet Captains
Stardate: 0214.14 From: Star Fleet HQ Subject: Enlarged Hexes for Star Fleet Captains. Author: VonEpp Procedure: a) Print out using your favorite phaser, I mean laser printer. Use cardstock to minimize edge curling. You can print on plain paper if covering with plexiglass. Also, you can print and cut out each hex and affix to black poster board material found in office supply / craft stores nation wide. b) Trim hexes with scissors taking care not to damage the universe. Assemble your map as you would using normal Star Fleet Captain’s rules for map setup. It is preferable to cover map with plexiglass to minimize warpage and/or slipage. c) Now shuffle the standard Star Fleet Captain’s tiles and either draw when a star ship enters an unexplored star hex or simply place in the...
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Board Game Rank: 210
Thematic Rank: 33
Strategy Game Rank: 139
Num Ratings: 2218
Average Rating: 7.66
Standard Deviation: 1.50
Num Views: 463529
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Avg. Game Weight: 3.0
Fans: 430
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