Simple GBoH (2000)

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Simple GBoH
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Simple Great Battles of History
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Description Edit | History

A significant simplification of GMT's popular Great Battles of History series, this is a set of rules that allows you to play scenarios from any of the various ancient, non-War Galley, GBOH games (Alexander, SPQR, Caesar: The Civil Wars, Caesar: Conquest of Gaul, and Cataphract) and their many expansion modules. Many of the more fiddly aspects of the system have been dramatically simplified (shock combat, missile combat, orderly withdrawl, elephants, leader activation), or eliminated entirely (rout/rally, individual orders, strategy ratings, momentum, trumping). The rules for SGBOH are the same across all the GBOH settings, so there is no problem moving from game to game. Scenarios also play much faster, from 1-3 hours instead of the old 4 hrs and up. Scenarios provided list approximate playing times as well as balance assessments for all the scenarios (of 53 scenarios, 11 are rated as "even").

Note that this is not a standalone game; ownership of at least one GBOH title is required. Also note that SGBOH does not cover Samurai and Lion of the North, despite their (nominal) inclusion in the GBOH series.


- Simple Great Battles of History Rules (Nov. 2004 edition has updates for several scenarios)
- Simple Great Battles of History Charts
- Simple Great Battles of History Playbook containing SGBOH scenarios for Alexander, SPQR, Julius Caesar, Conquest of Gaul and Cataphract.

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More Information Edit | History

The rule book was revised and released with "Version 1.2 (March, 2006)" inside the front cover. On the GMT website as a download there is available a Q & A file dated 2001 and a version 1.2 Errata file dated February, 2014.

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Simple GBoH
GMT Second edition
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Rodger B. MacGowan
Year: 2004
Size: 11.00 x 8.50 x 0.12 inches
Release Date:  
Link Image
Simple GBoH
GMT First Edition
Publisher: GMT Games
Artist: Rodger B. MacGowan
Year: 2000
Size: 8.46 x 10.91 x 0.39 inches
Release Date:  
Link Image
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11 Activation Rules...the options keep getting better...
I love the Simple Great Battles of History rules. It is one of my most played games. The only thing I was never quite happy with was the activation rules which I felt allowed play to over focus on one part of the battle too often. I wrote these house rules back in 2012 and they are posted on the superb support website of Brendan Clark: Do check that website out if you are in to Simple Great Battles of History. These rules are an improvement on my 2009 attempt. If you want to look at another excellent option for modifying the activation rules then I suggest you also get a copy of GMT's C3i Magazine issue Nr 26. In this issue Dan Fournie provides an insert offering Magna Graecia scenarios. In it he also offers yet another take on an activation system...
4 Carrhae – Blood and Sand
This scenario uses the rules from Simple Great Battles of History to simulate the Battle of Carrhae, which saw a Roman Army destroyed. The death of Crassus unhinged the Republic and led to the Roman Civil War. To play you’ll need SPQR, Conquest of Gaul, and Devil’s Horsemen.
5 SGBoH Turn steps and PBEM process & DRM string
This simple file contains: 1. PBEM process steps refined via VASSAL play 2. a list of strings for calculating combat DRM for VASSAL or cut and paste or just a reminder. 3. Solo play turn steps and reminders
6 Tables Simple GBoH françaises - version 2010
Les tables de Simple GBoH entièrement revues et corrigées. Toutes les clarifications connues à ce jour sont intégrées.
5 Regles Simple GBoH French v1.1
Le livret de règles entièrement revu et corrigé avec tous les errata, clarifications et correctifs connus.
5 Activation Rules Modification
I have changed the rules slightly to allow passing. I have done this to prevent a player with more formations gaining an advantage late on in the turn. There are also one or two minor clarifications to the original posting.
23 Simple GBoH Play Summary
1st try at a play summary for Simple GBoH. Three pages. Would appreciate any corrections or comments.
8 qa.pdf
Q&A from GMT
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