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6 nimmt!
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Take 6!
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Description Edit | History


6 nimmt! (also known as "Take 6!") is the original entry in the family of bullhead-themed games.
It was designed by Wolfgang Kramer in 1994 and was originally published by Amigo Spiele.


It features a set of cards numbered from 1 to 104 with one identical back, each with a certain amount of bullheads on it, which represent negative points.
The amount of bullheads is determined by the cards' number:

  • Numbers that end on a 5: 2 bullheads.
  • Numbers that end on a 0: 3 bullheads.
  • Repeated digits (11, 22, 33 etc.): 5 bullheads.
  • 55 (since it ends on 5 and is a repdigit): 7 bullheads
  • Any other numbers: 1 bullhead.


Object of the game is to receive as few bullheads as possible.

The game starts with four rows of cards, each with one randomly selected card face up. All players draws ten cards.
Each round, every player choses a card and places it face down. The chosen cards are turned face up simultaneously, then each card gets added to one of the rows after a particular set of rules:

  • Lowest card first, highest card last.
  • A card gets moved to the pile where the last card has the lowest difference in value.
    • If this is not possible, the card's owner has to choose one row and take all cards in it (not on his hand), then place his card.
    • If the card is moved to a row that already has five cards in it, the cards in it must be taken in the same fashion.
More Information Edit | History
  • 6 nimmt! was praised by critics and received multiple awards in Germany on the year of its release - it became "Spiel des Jahres" (Game of the Year) and was awarded with the "Deutscher Spiele Preis" and "à la carte Kartenspielpreis".
  • The english name "Take 6!" is somewhat misleading, since the player does not have to take all six cards if he places a sixth card on a row, but instead has to take the first five cards in the row, and places his card as the new starting card of the row. "6 nimmt!" simply translates into "6 takes!", which merely says that "if there's 6, someone takes" - but not necessarily six cards!
    • That is why this game is also known as "Take 5!" , which unfortunately can also refer to a successor of this game (Original name: "Hornochsen"), which features a different set of cards.

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