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Episode: News of the North - 2016-07-20 ( 30.94 MB / 45:04)
Episode: Kickstarter Special #2 - Mars 4:45 ( 11.94 MB / 16:56)

We talk about what we have been working on for the Mars 4:45 campaign.

Episode: The Final Roll - 48 Hours Left to Go! - Episode 46: Wednesday, July 20th ( 5.38 MB / 5:52)
Episode 46 of your Last Reminder to Back some Cool Games! Wednesday, July 20th - 7PM CET to Friday, July 22nd - 7PM CET Sad KS Story of the Week: Burgers & Beasts RPG of the Week: Dungeonesque A Blog + Podcast Combi of this podcast can be found: https://thefinalroll.wordpress.com/2016/07/20/the-final-roll-48-hours-left-to-go-episode-46-wednesday-july-20th/ If you can Spare a Dollar / Euro you could: Support this Podcast /Blog on Patreon: www.patreon.com/thefinalroll Support this Podcast / Blog via Paypal: www.paypal.me/thefinalroll Links for Episode 46: Rocky Road a la Mode: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2005228768/rocky-road-a-la-mode-from-green-couch-games Mistborn - House War: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/craftygames/mistborn-house-war Overseers: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gonab/overseers Martial Art: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1467733339/martial-art-a-tactical-card-game Ktizo: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1019311673/ktizo-an-ecosystem-building-card-game RPG Spotlight - Dungeonesque: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stanshinn/dungeonesque-red-and-white-box-sets-5e-rpg Hat Trick & Player’s Expansion (Relaunch): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/898321466/hat-trick-card-driven-football-soccer-sim-for-2-pl
Episode: Beyond Baker Street Review ( 102.88 MB / 0:00)
Beyond Baker Street Review
Episode: Dark Dealings Review ( 102.88 MB / 0:00)
Dark Dealings Review
Episode: America Review ( 102.88 MB / 0:00)
America Review
Podcast: Meeple Nation
Episode: MN 0121 Quirky Engine Entertainment and Epic Puzzles and Games ( 21.54 MB / 26:54)

We speak with Craig Nybo, author, musician, and designer of various board games. Quirky Engine Entertainment publishes under a few different games including 3 Headed Giant, Gangrene Games, and GameARama. Games include Eyeball Boxing, Trash War, and Hoagie.

We also speak with Mike from Epic Puzzles and Games, a nice store that supports the board game community in the greater Salt Lake City area.

Episode: Episode 115: Mare Nostrum Empires, Kan Ban Automotive Revolution and The Secret Cabal Playlist ( 107.72 MB / 176:28)
Hey Now Cabalists, It's time for another episode of gaming nonsense! Today we take a look at Mare Nostrum Empires from Academy Games and Look Back at Kan Ban Automotive Revolution. Then Tony T runs down the news from the past two weeks in the gaming industry while we chatter in the background. Then finally we bring back the Secret Cabal Playlist where we talk about all the games that are on our minds right now.
Episode: Episode 53 – Mega News and Dengaroo Too ( 152.58 MB / 166:27)
Welcome to NOVA Squadron Radio!  This week cover over all of the news that has happened in the last few weeks, including the reveal of the ARC-170, the new FAQ and its impact on the game, and the new Tournament Rules.  We also take a compressive look at the emerging Dengaroo list and how it works.  All of that and a LOT more NOVA Squadron Radio is: Ed Horne – Host Chad Brown – Co-Host Sean Dorcy – Co-host Bob Randall – Co-host Kris Sherriff – Co-host Richard Hsu – Co-host Paul Heaver – Co-Host Here are the show notes from Episode 53: [0:00 – 1:48] Show Opening [1:48 –34:44] Flight Deck [34:44– 2:34:32] News: The NOVA Open!  http://www.novaopen.com/ September 1st - 4th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Arlington, VA. The Vassal X-Wing League - https://www.reddit.com/r/xwingonline/comments/4a13il/new_player_signups_for_the_xwing_vassal_league/ Social Meeples: http://clearbox.socialmeeples.net/home Alliance Overhaul https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/7/11/alliance-overhaul/ July Rules Updates: FAQ Madness: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/1c/fc/1cfc62b7-6ce3-49a9-ae93-d21326cb9a45/x-wing_faq_v421.pdf New Tournament Rules: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/09/0f/090f4036-3942-4f72-88e3-939085211d62/x-wing_tournament_regulations_v111_text_version.pdf [2:34:32– 2:46:27] Show Closing Musical Credits go out to the band ‘Insane Ride’ and their songs ‘Sound of Rock and Roll’ and ‘Wrong or Right’ found on the Free Music Archive at http://freemusicarchive.org/ Audio Editing & Mixing by Podcast Masters www.podcastmasters.net Thanks for listening, and talk to you again in two weeks! Here is the direct link: www.novasquadronradio.com
Episode: Wis, July 2016: House Rules and Home Brews ( 32.45 MB / 30:25)

This week's hosts:  Cian, Ian, Brian, and Seán.

This week, the party discuss house rules and their intersection with home brews. 

Show notes:

00:50 - Robo Cian
01:00 - House Rules. Mostly House Rules.
01:50 - Ian never plays by the rules.
02:10 - Seán follow's the rules too much.
02:20 - A more sensisble approach.
04:00 - Tell us how you feel about Fate, Cian?
04:50 - Dresden Files.
06:15 - Death to Mooks.
08:35 - Ian holds a grudge.
09:44 - You don't need dice to have a good time.
10:15 - The slash and burn approach to customisation.
12:00 - The Correct and Right way to approach house rules.
14:00 - Reacctionary House Rules
15:50 - D&D 5e Rogues
19:10 - Change the gameplay, not the rules.
22:00 - How well do you think this has been playtested?
23:30 - Houserule for flavour.
24:10 - Clue in your players on your changes.
26:50 - Cutting rules for pacing.
27:35 - Homebrew welcome at convention games!

Episode: GeekNights 20160719 - Pokemon Go: Initial Thoughts ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Tonight on GeekNights, we make our triumphant (albeit coughing) return from running the panels department at ConnectiCon and catching the plague to talk about Pokemon Go!. Lots of updates to come as we ramp production back up, including on the GeekNights Patreon! In the news, Videoball is finally out, and Overwatch had a substantial update that generated a lot of heated discussion.

Episode: Episode 42: Kids, Ask Your Parents ( 114.26 MB / 124:48)

Episode 42: Kids, Ask Your Parents
July 18, 2016

- Gencon [4:33] 
- Steamcon [19:56]
- Huzzah Fall Brawl [30:19]
Ballista Clinic (with Yann Folange) [34:46]
Events Roundup (with Jason Tate) [1:30:24]
Twitter Q's:
- Tater a design trend? (Nate Zettle) [1:50:05]
- Any season 2 model early? (2ManMeta) [1:54:31]
- What game would you pitch? (Ben Redmond) [1:57:48]

Join the Conversation: 
Guild Ball Tonight on YouTube 

Episode: 211 - Endings ( 58.05 MB / 42:17)

Joe Ellis, our Web Designer came to town to talk with Colby, Alex and Brian for Brian's last episode as a Plaid Hat Employee.

Brian, you will be missed.

Podcast: Spiele-Podcast
Episode: 7 Wonders Duel (Asmodee): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 294 ( 14.05 MB / 15:15)
7 Wonders Duel: Spiele-Podcast Nr. 294 - Die Zweier-Variante von 7 Wonders
Episode: Geeks of the North Episode 31 - Miniature gaming with kids ( 81.91 MB / 119:18)

Around Father’s Day, we tried to record a show about miniature gaming with kids. As any parent knows, kids can throw plans out of whack and it’s exactly what happened with this episode’s recording, editing and release. Kind of in theme, don’t you think? We’re through now, and the full crew present our ideas on how to introduce miniatures gaming to your offsprings. So sit back, relax, grab a paintbrush and enjoy the show!

Hello geeks!

3:10 - Hobby Time
39:35 - Question
53:25 - Main Topic: Miniature gaming with kids
1:55:25 - Closing and shoutouts

Hobby and games
Ristul’s Extraordinary Market

We’re part of the United Geeks Network. Check out their other great shows!

Intro [...]

Episode: HLG 7: Op de foto ( 61.53 MB / 76:22)

Aflevering 7 "Op de foto" van Het Ludieke Gezelschap, dé Nederlandse bordspel podcast. In deze aflevering spreken we met bordspelfotograaf Henk Rolleman, krijgen we een vraag van een luisteraar over bordspellen op school, hebben we nieuws over een groot aantal spellen waaronder Hoogspanning, zit Michiel op een onbewoond eiland en heeft Roel last van fruitvliegjes.

00:00 Intro / 00:50 Welkom (NRC en Fruitvliegjes) / 02:31 Op de zeepkist: Pandemic Legacy, MeetUp.com, Osaki ni Shitsurei Shima-su!! (Möbius Games), Domek aka Dream Home (REBEL.pl), Wij Zijn... (Rielekst) / 17:16 Luisteraarsvraag: Schoolklas / 21:01 Intermezzo / 21:35 Interview: Henk Rolleman (spelfotograaf) / 52:24 Spellennieuws: Hoogspanning - Het Kaartspel (999), Camel Up Cards (999), Dragonwood (White Goblin), Navegador (The Game Master), Baby Blues (Jumping Turtle Games), A feast for Odin (White Goblin) / 57:30 Crowdfunding: The Walking Dead - No Sanctuary, Pod-X, Hero Realms, Crisis, Hylaria, Scythe, Heart of Crown / 70:40 De Rondvraag: Onbewoond Eiland / 74:57 Afsluiting / 75:19 Outro / 76:04 Frank's Blooper
Meer details op onze Facebook pagina:
Reageren? Mail ons op hetludiekegezelschap@gmail.com

Episode: AP Videopodcast #2 (03-07-2016) ( 152.07 MB / 0:00)
[DESCARGAR] AP Videopodcast – Episodio 2 (17-07-2016)
Episode: AGC News July 19th 2016 (14:39) ( 6.71 MB / 0:00)
With Mark Kinney and Mags. RIP Steven D. Russell of Rite Publishing. Ennies voting is open, and the Diana Jones award has released its shortlist. Top ten tabletop Kickstarters. Social media algorithmic follies. News from the tournament scene. Bloodborne, Evil Dead 2, Galaxy Quest. Oragnized Play Seasons for Tanks. Dicing for a nomination!

Download 64kbps mp3 (7.0 MB)

Show links
Steven Russell Memorial Fund (GoFundMe)
ENnies Voting
2016 Diana Jones Award Shortlist
Evil Dead 2 Official Boardgame (Kickstarter)
Dice Roll Decides House Independent Candidate (Statesman Journal)
Episode: Podcast #32 – The new Hoth thing to do ( 160.59 MB / 175:24)
FFG Article – Gun for Hire FFG Article – Guardian of Peace and Justice FFG Article – 2016 July Rules Update FFG Article – Due Rewards FFG Article – Expand your Battlefield http://avpacks.boardwars.eu to get to the Ally & Villain Pack reviews UK Regionals with Alastair Dice Hate Youtube channel – IA news/reviews Worlds 2016 […]
Episode: Dan Patriss from The Geek All-Stars - Boards & Swords #64 ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Dan Patriss is a man who has been around the Board Game community for many years.  If you have listened to his podcast, The Geek All-Stars, then you know that they love to cover all kinds of geeky topics - and that's exactly what we do in this episode!  We talk about things ranging from North Carolina Hockey teams to conventions to Gamers for Cures, the charity event that Dan puts on every year.  It was a great discussion and I hope that you enjoy it!

If you want to watch some short, randomly geeky videos, then check out the short vlog videos that I've been uploading to my YouTube Channel, youtube.com/ocdcast.  Also, if you enjoy the content that I put out, check out my patreon page at patreon.com/obsessivecomicsdisorder.  Every penny given to the patreon goes to help me produce better and better content for you guys.  

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Podcast: 1 Player podcast
Episode: 1P 106 - Castle Panic ( 149.07 MB / 108:33)

Albert and Julius (who arrived a bit late) are joined by Mikolaj, designer of a Hostage Negotiator expansion and long time listener. Everyone talks about Mikolaj’s gaming history, some kickstarter games, and all about Castle Panic and its expansions and rethemes. And there’s a contest at the end.

Show notes:

  • News (00:02)
    • 1 Player Guild grows in membership
    • Spiel predictions (00:03)
  • About Mikolaj and upcoming Hostage Negotiator expansions (00:05)[...]
Episode: 182: The Greatest Sealed Pool Ever ( 68.01 MB / 59:25)
EMN prerelease stories!
Podcast: The Dice Tower
Episode: TDT # 466 - Overrated Games ( 83.64 MB / 91:22)

In this episode, we talk about Cry Havoc, Arcane Academy, Bring Your Own Book, Oh my Goods, Tiny Epic Western, Mad Science Foundation, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, Hide the Kids, and Dino Race!  We hear from Mark at Origins, a tale of horror, and finally end the show with our top ten overrated games.  Prepare the knives!

Podcast: Dice Tower News
Episode: Dice Tower News 529 - July 18th - 2016 ( 9.4 MB / 10:17)

More news, more games! On this episode of the Dice Tower News

Podcast: The SnakesCast
Episode: The Art on the Box ( 18.21 MB / 19:53)
You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and for many board games, the cover art accounts for about 90 percent of its sales. What makes for a great board game cover, and what makes for a terrible cover? And can it even be possible to convey the essence of what it feels like to play a game with a single image?
Episode: The One About Mt. Gamesmore ( 50.54 MB / 110:22)
In this episode of The State of Games, Dice, TC, Jessica, and the disembodied voice of Darrell discuss which games designers would make it on their "Mt. Rushmore of Games". All this, plus talks of Scythe, The Camel Hypothesis in Timbuktu, RuthCon 2016, Thebes, Karuba, going to Mars, Psychological Warfare, murder, Mysterium, and so much more!
Episode: Episode 62, Protospiel 2016 and SdJ ( 11.87 MB / 25:55)
Jason and Eric talk about their experience at Protospiel 2016 and the Spiel des Jahres nominees.
Podcast: Munchkin Land
Episode: Munchkin Land #183: Marvel Super Munchkin ( 73.37 MB / 106:37)

vengers Assemble! And Spider-Friends! And Inhumans! And Munchkins! This week we play Munchkin Marvel Edition from USAopoly and combine it with Super Munchkin and the Narrow S-Cape!

Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers VIP. It will help ensure Munchkin Land continues far into the future!

Contact us at podcast@majorspoilers.com


Munchkin Marvel fuses the classic card game fun of monster-slaying and role-playing with the most iconic characters from the Marvel universe. Created under license from Steve Jackson Games and in conjunction with Marvel, Munchkin Marvel comes complete with new monsters (villains), allies (heroes), and custom S.H.I.E.L.D. Identification Cards.

Episode: Set credulity to “stunned” ( 32 MB / 0:00)
Andrew is joined by Jeannie and Marena to talk about what happens when starship captains stop being polite, and start getting real. (Also, Lego is discussed at length.)
Episode: Not Talking ClockWise - ClockWise Stories Preview ( 2.81 MB / 3:04)

In which Corey and Billy do very little talking.

Corey is recovery from throat surgery this week so we really can't record a full episode. But rather than leave you hanging for 6 weeks, we decided to create trailers for two of our new story projects. So please enjoy a very brief preview of My Post Apocalyptic Imaginary Friend and Once Upon a Coffee Shop.

Episode: Dr. Reiner Knizia! - Part 2 - Episode 27 ( 0 MB / 71:24)
Our epic interview with Dr. Reiner Knizia concludes this week. What are his plans going forward? What game does he wish he had designed? Find out now! Instead of just reviewing one game this week, we are joined by my mom, Diane Oksienik. We discuss Battle Line, Schotten Totten, Ra, Orongo, Through the Desert, For Sale, and more!
Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: [Hors-série] Interview de Blue Cocker ( 41.73 MB / 45:35)
Dans cet épisode, ddschutz et Pèrekastor ont rencontré Alain des éditions Blue Cocker lors de sa venue à Strasbourg le mardi 28 Juin 2016. Vous pouvez « streamer » notre podcast, le télécharger en MP3 (lien download) ou vous abonner à notre flux iTunes. Si vous nous appréciez, notez notre Podcast da...
Episode: Miniature Market $50 Gift Card Contest with the Game Boy Geek (July 2016) ( 3.13 MB / 1:41)
t’s time for the contest of the month (Jly). Here is how to enter - http://www.gameboygeek.com/#!contest/ch2m
The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.  Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website - www.GameBoyGeek.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/TheGameBoyGeek
Podcast: Win Con Cast
Episode: Review: Imhotep ( 20.94 MB / 22:35)

This week, Austin, Luke, and Jared have a talk about Imhotep from Kosmos. It didn’t win the Spiel des Jahres, but it did win our hearts. 

Check us out on twitter, on boardgamegeek, or send us some love at winconcast@gmail.com! 
Podcast: Strange Assembly
Episode: Strange Assembly 189 - H.E.A.D. Hunters ( 28.96 MB / 63:15)
In this charity episode, which raised money for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, Chris talks to Ben Cichoski and Danny Mandel about H.E.A.D. Hunters, the upcoming release from Gut Shot Games.
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Ep. 101 - Triple Crowns ( 72.78 MB / 78:46)

This episode the Dukes... 

... Discuss recent plays of Happy Salmon, Dune, Winner's Circle and Scythe (6:25);

... Discuss the latest gaming news including the announcement for the Smash Up! App, new edition of clue adds diversity, and the space ship delver game Darkness Sabotage, currently on Kickstarter (31:30);

... Review Arcane Wonder's Royals (38:43); 

... Look back at their review of Elysium and Baseball Highlights in their Dukes' Double-Take (1:00:14); and

... Provide a recap of the 2015 Dice Tower Award winners and their thoughts on the results (1:09:08).


Please be sure to support the Dukes on their Patreon campaign page!

Twitter: @dukesofdice
Facebook: /dukesofdice
Dukes of Dice YouTube Channel
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Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 203: Gamelyn On ( 112.39 MB / 122:46)
In this episode, Isaac and Stephanie talk with Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games about what they've played lately     (26:40) Next, the three talk about all the cool happenings going on at Gamelyn Games in the near future.   (59:15) Lastly, Isaac and Stephanie take a very in-depth look at the new board game Scythe.  
  Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/

Patreon account: http://www.patreon.com/obg
Twitter: @onboardgames
RSS Feed: http://onboardgames.libsyn.com/rss
Email us: onboardgames.net@gmail.com
On Board Games Guild at Board Game Geek

Episode: Episode 92 – Exclusive Interview with Damon Stone! ( 56.83 MB / 0:00)
Click Here To Check Out This Episode! On our agenda: Exclusive! Interview with Lead Designer and Developer Damon Stone on the latest FAQ and MWL update! – The week the trans-continental Panel is very pleased to you bring you another interview with the incomparable Damon Stone! Damon talks about both the new FAQ, -with special […]
Episode: Episode 77- Millennium Blades and Inside the Podcast Studio Year 3 ( 51.74 MB / 0:00)
BPPP Millennium Blades and Inside Podcast 3 (click on the text to the left to listen) During this weeks episode: 1) The Pegs roll out their Patreon Campaign and discuss some of their recent game plays, including Arcane Wonders Royals and Onitama, The Game, and much more; 2) All the Pegs review the CCG simulator Millennium […]
Episode: Perfect Information Episode 21 - Right in the Feels ( 90.08 MB / 98:15)

As summer is now finally upon us, it is time that this sausage fest of ours indulges in its softer side. Ben & Georgios talk about feelings. Luckily not our own, but those that games elicit (illicitly?) in us.

In a splendiferous return to form and this format, T.C. Petty III. invites us to discover the many-layered history of cards (35:35).

After such an exhaustive and exhausting lesson, what better way to relax and kick back in the freshly relocated and surprisingly suave and stylish new guild (48:08).

We round out this heart-felt (or hardly felt?) episode by taking a closer look at a Japanese design, that just recently found a new English language publisher in Osprey Games. We review The Ravens of Thri Sahashri (01:07:47).

And if you've read this far, why not let your eyes wander around our fancy website, and maybe, just maybe notice that freshly installed "Donate" button. I'm not saying you have to click it. I'm just saying it's there. I'll just turn around and look over there for a while. If somebody were to push that button, I wouldn't really know and I wouldn't ask any questions. It's just something that happens. It's none of my business what a discerning listener such as yourself and a button like that do in the privacy of your own screen.

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Episode: 14. Devon Dice Podcast - Runemeet vs the Spiel Des Jahres Nominees ( 142.73 MB / 103:56)

Joel and Tom handle the Podcast on their own this week as Joel forgot to invite the others, but all is well. Hear what they have to say about the nominees for the Spiel Des Jahres and the Kennerspiel and they talk about their weekend at Runemeet and some of the games they got to play; 

Onitama,  - Shop  - 6:30

Time Stories; Marcy Case - 13:40 

Via Nebula  - shop - 19:30

Twilight Squabble - shop - 25:10


Dice Tower Awards winners 30:00


  1. Millennium Blades - Ends 24th July - 33:00
  2. Martians: the Story of Civilization - ends 1st August - 38:00
  3. CRISIS - ends 31 August - 41:10 
  4. GIGA-ROBO! - Ends 10th August - 43:00
  5. Taylah Boardgame and Dining Table - 45:00
  6. Evil Dead 2 ends 10th August, 49:50
  7. The Walking dead No Sanctuary, ends 2ud August, 52:00


spiel Des Jahres Nominees - 54:40

Imhotep  - buy - 55:50

Karuba - buy - 1:03:00

Codenames - buy - 1:09:10

KennerSpiel nominees - 1:20:40

Time stories - 1:21:10

Pandemic Legacy  - buy - 1:23:00

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King - buy - 1:28:00

Other Notes:

Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK

Find us on Tom - @TPWestrope, Lewis - @DippyDolittle, Joel - @DepressedMonk3y,

Sam - @spoonoftweets

Find our Facebook page

Our web page www.devondice.co.uk

Our sponsor meeplescorner.co.uk @meeplescorner

credits go to Bensound.com for some of the music use “Funny song”

 - Thank you listen and it’s your turn



Podcast: NPC Cast
Podcast: NPC Cast
Episode: Bullet Points – Two Player Games ( 45.05 MB / 0:00)
Download Bullet Points – Two Player Games In this Bullet Points episode, Chris and Del are joined by their friend Pete, from Mind the Gap Studios to create Two-Player games that don’t use cards! (65min) Things you may be interested in: Mind the Gap Studios Seafall Who, What, Why Cast NPC CAST: YOUR PLACE FOR FACE […]
Podcast: cubelovepodcast
Episode: clp036 – cubelove podcast – DTC Wrapup ( 50.6 MB / 0:00)
Someone went to Dice Tower Con and they can’t stop talking about it. 0:00:00 Please listen carefully 0:01:53 Foreplay, Dice Tower Con Wrapup Part 1 0:31:40 What’s Gonna Win The Spiel Des Jahres? 0:51:33 DTC Wrapup Part 2 1:25:40 People Are Stupid 1:26:57 Dessert Penis, Pokemons, Trick Takers 1:45:12 Song Opening music by Jahzzar, Between segment music … Continue reading clp036 – cubelove podcast – DTC Wrapup
Episode: Deadzone The Podcast 58.0 - Voxman! ( 118.66 MB / 86:25)
Welcome to episode 58 of Deadzone the Podcast. Jack and Rob interview Adam from War More Radio (http://www.warmoreradio.com/)! . News
Podcast: Jaded Gamercast
Episode: Episode 278: Fin. ( 34.07 MB / 0:00)
We are going to be around tonight and in the future to chat with you all about this episodes announcement. Feel free to join us on Discord using the link below. Hopefully I can shed some light on recent events and take a moment to thank you directly for the time you have spent listening to … … Continue reading →
Episode: Episode 55 - Interview with Stonemaier Games Jamey Stegmaier ( 67.77 MB / 118:10)

In our fifty-fifth episode, we talk about our summer vacations so far and the games we have been playing lately. Then we interview Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games about how his Kickstarter Guru skills, his designs and his life as a publisher, including his newest game Scythe and his upcoming legacy style game Charterstone.

This episode is sponsored by Board Game Bliss & Tasty Minstrel Games

Episode: Episode 131 – Fifth Year Anniversary LIVE SHOW! ( 54.75 MB / 95:41)
We bantered and tackled audience questions from those in attendance for our live broadcast via our youtube channel. If you wanted to be there but couldn’t make it happen, we now present the audio portion for your listening pleasure. To give … Continue reading →
Episode: What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Week 86 ( 120.27 MB / 105:06)

Join the Guild, enter the contest!!





Week 86!!

Intro :34

AnnaBeth's Story Cubes 4:08

Jessica Wade's Highlights and Lowlights 8:41

  • RuthCon
  • Hopewell Board Game Meetup Group
  • Abyss
  • Shakespeare
  • Deception Murder in Hong Kong
  • Mysterium

Valiant Variant with Carl and Aly 15:45

  • Indigo
  • Karuba
  • Scythe

Two Minutes with Travis Hill 24:45

  • Train Games

The Evolving Review with Derek Davis 26:55

  • Vast The Crystal Caverns
  • My Village

The Over The Hillier Gamer, Patrick Hillier 40:30

  • T.I.M.E Stories The Prophecy of Dragons
  • Star Trek Panic
  • The Networks
  • Hamsterolle
  • Police Precinct App

Kerensa and Brandon 44:03

  • Kingdom Builder
  • Beyond Baker Street
  • Pokemon Go
  • Stranger Things(Netflix Show)

Jamie Maltman 54:41

  • Subdivision
  • St. Petersburg
  • Scythe

Mason A Weaver 1:09:50

  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • Mystery Rummy
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Murders in the Rue Morgue
  • Jeckyll & Hyde
  • Al Capone

Contributor Top 5 in July-Number 3 1:22:23

Outro 1:43:47

End 1:45:05

Episode: sba004 – Die BerlinCon2016 Interviewreihe ( 66.04 MB / 72:00)
Guten Morgen liebe Klasse, Herr Noe und Herr Wagner waren auf Klassenfahrt in Berlin und haben die BerlinCon2016 von Hunter&Cron besucht. Dabei haben Sie natürlich die Chance genutzt und ein paar Interviews geführt. 1: mit Inka und Markus Brand (über ihre Exit-Spielreihe und andere Themen) 2: mit Stephan Kessler, dem Spieleleiter und den Bretterwissern Arne & Matthias 3: mit Hunter&Cron über ihre persönliches Fazit des Wochendes Natürlich war einiges Los - was natürlich auch zu Hintergrundgeräuschen führte, siehe Interview 2 - Die "Hunters-Sohn-Alarmanlage". ;) Ein absolut ruhiges Plätzchen war eher schwer zu finden, aber wir denken, wer gerne ein bisschen Brettspiel-Smalltalk hören will, hält das schon aus... ;) Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten! Viel Spass! -die brettagogen- PS: Besucht Stephan Kesslers Seite, falls ihr auch mal eine Krimi-Party veranstalten wollt. Es lohnt sich! :) --> http://www.mord-im-leuchtturm.de Intro/Outro Musik: Bubens van Lyka
Podcast: Breaking News
Episode: Breaking News — Episode 49 ( 183.44 MB / 0:00)

Dodd, Jeff, & Scott review Fear The Masses.

Intro: 0:00
Card Discussion: 9:55
The Heap: 1:37:00

We are happy to announce that the technical issues have been resolved and <a href=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/breaking-news/id623698404?mt=2″>we are back up on iTunes</a>. However, you may need to resubscribe at the link.

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