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Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 178: An ACE on the Table ( 118.98 MB / 129:58)
In this episode Isaac and Stephanie talk with Andrew Christopher Enriquez, of the Nerd Nighters podcast, about game table simulators.     In the review-a-palooza, Erik and Don take a look at:
  • Mage Wars Academy
  • TIME Stories
  • Fast and Furious: Full Throttle
  • Mystery!
  • Alibi
Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/

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Email us: onboardgames.net@gmail.com
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Episode: Crippled System Episode 145: Longest Zappity Grumble Session ever ( 74.24 MB / 108:07)
Intro Announcements Zappity Grumbles: Nathan made a list, I left it at home Recommendations Hosts: Andy W, Nathan H, Brian K Guest: Jeremy K Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow @CrippledSystem
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Ep. 76 - Smells Like Gene Spirit ( 81.19 MB / 88:03)

This episode the Dukes ... 

... Discuss recent plays including Pandemic Legacy, Mission: Red Planet and Elysium (4:43);

... Discuss the latest board game news including Rob Daviau's SeaFall being sent to the publisher, the announcement of the release of The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game and the new Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not for XenoShyft: Dreadmire (10:39);

... Review Ape Games' Spirits of the Rice Paddy (19:34); 

... Look back at their review of Evolution in their Dukes' Doubletake (54:41), and

... Answer the Guild's questions in their Dukes' Mailbag (1:01:55).


Please be sure to support the Dukes on their Patreon campaign page!

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Help the Dukes decide what to review in the first part of 2016!


Twitter: @dukesofdice
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Podcast: Draft Mechanic
Episode: #12: New Dawn, The Manhattan Project, Legacy & The Bloody Inn ( 115.78 MB / 84:19)

Draft Mechanic Episode 12: New Dawn six-pack, The Manhattan Project on tap

BOOOM! It’s a new Draft Mechanic, coming in hot! Today we talk about recent plays of Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy and the Bloody Inn. We blast off into deep space with a six-pack review of New Dawn from Artipia and Stronghold Games. Our on-tap game this week is The Manhattan Project and we’ve got four explosively excellent brews to pair it up with. We’ll round this episode with a discussion of the eruption of flavored variants of beers and games. So sit back, relax, grab a pint and enjoy the show!


01:00 Our new BGG Guild; GenCon

03:23 Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy

19:14 The Bloody Inn

31:24 Board Game Arena / Star Realms

33:28 Six Pack Review: New Dawn

70:15 On Tap: The Manhattan Project

76:45 Discussion: Variants in Beer and Games

82:43 Sign-off

We hope you enjoyed today's episode! Send us some feedback at draftmechanic@gmail.com and visit us on the web at draftmechanic.net!

Join us at the local, our new BGG Guild (#2470)!

We’re also very active on Twitter and Instagram - follow us at @draftmechanic!

Our theme music is “Superpower of Choice” by the Liberation Jumpsuit - thanks to Drew and Jeff for making it happen!

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you back here again soon for another round!

Episode: Episode 27 - Codenames ( 51.03 MB / 37:07)

Codenames, by Vlaada Chvatil, is a new party game which has been a huge hit in the hobby community. Spoiler - we really like it too, and we're happy to tell you why.

Episode: Designer Interview - Tim Handley ( 44.94 MB / 49:06)

Chris and Joe talk with Tim Handley from Mindful Mammoth Games. We talk about the games he is working on the roll board games play in the classroom.

Episode: Episode 65- Orleans & Evolution of a Gamer ( 63.47 MB / 0:00)
BPPP Orleans and Gamer Evolution (click on the text to the left to listen) During this weeks episode: 1) All the Pegs review their recent game plays and gaming news, including discussion of Hunt: The Unknown Quarry, Tumult Royale, Epic, Moongha Invaders and more; 2) All the Pegs review Tasty Minstrel Games’ bag building game, Orleans; and 3) Discuss […]
Episode: A Small Slice of Perfection - Part 9: The Maddox Diaries 3 ( 4.73 MB / 5:01)

In this week's Small Slice, Ben Maddox tackles one of the most fundamental questions about boardgames: why do we inflict eurogames on ourselves? The answer might not surprise you.

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Episode: Episode 43 - Shadows Over Normandie ( 172.03 MB / 125:17)

In our forty-third episode, we want you to vote on what name we should give our zombie mascot and we talk about the games we have been playing lately. We also review the alternate history World War Two Cthulu themed war game Shadows Over Normandie, and we discuss How We Have Evolved as Gamers and How Our Tastes Have Changed.

This episode is sponsored by Crash Games & Daedalus Productions Inc.

Episode: Episode 67 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Click Here To Check Out This Episode On our agenda: Kala Ghoda Card Highlight: Runner – This week, the panelists are joined by Jacob Morris, webmaster of Project ANCUR and writer of the UFAQ, to discuss the first half of the latest Data Pack: Kala Ghoda. We go through each card in turn, discussion what […]
Podcast: I've Been Diced!
Episode: I've Been Diced! episode 71: Mutants, game studies, and 2015 in review ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Our first episode of 2016 is a whopper! We start with an interview with Gordon Calleja, designer of Posthuman, and associate professor and head of the Institute of Digital Games at the University Of Malta. Yes, not only does he design games, but he also teaches game design! Gordon and I talk about professional game studies, whether boardgames can be immersive, our deep fascination with
Episode: What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing Week 61!! Don't Forget The Contest ( 102.18 MB / 74:25)

Week 61!! This is the last podcast reminder to go and join our Board Game Geek Guild for a chance at the $25 gift certificate to Miniature Market! Also go and vote on the 2015 WDYPTW Game of the Year while you are there. 

Alright, the good stuff!

AB's Story Cubes 2:23

Derek's Evolving Mage Knight review. Plus:

Dungeon Petz

Voyages of Marco Polo

Beasty Bar

Star Trek Frontiers

Brandon Solo:


Kingdom Builder

House of Borgia

Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game

Wok on Fire


Kerensa and I

Fog of Love

Pandemic Legacy

Kickstarter Preview! 40:52


Patrick Reviews Apps 50:38

El Grande

Power Grid


Eric Booth Reviews 58:19


Reminder to other podcasts out there, we do have room for a couple more bumpers if you want to throw them my way. I like adding them to the show and like I said, it gives us a bit of bumper stuff between our segments to make us sound just a little bit professional. Thank you to all of you who have thrown them my way!

Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 102 ( 22.09 MB / 0:00)

Original Air Date: 21/01/16 This week, the Dice Men do their usual recap of what they’ve been playing, and it’s a doozy this time around as they have taken an entire day off doing anything except playing games! As well as all that, they discuss Kickstarter news, iOS gaming, local competitions going on, and a more »

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Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Low Player Count - Ep 20 - Our Top 5 Solo Games ( 73.89 MB / 80:18)

In Episode 20, the Low Player Count crew brings you a slightly longer episode as they discuss their top 5 favorite solo games. They also reveal the Listener’s Top 5, discuss the upcoming If You Buy One Game Kosmos series minisode, and announce our new sponsorship by BoardGameTables.com.

1:03 - Big News: BoardGameTables.com sponsorship
2:10 - If You Buy One Game… Kosmos
9:12 - What’s On The Docket…
10:20 - Honorable Mentions
17:00 - Number Five
23:13 - Number Four
30:50 - Number Three
41:04 - Number Two
50:00 - The Guessing Game for Number One
67:32 - The Listener’s Top 5 Rules
69:10 - Listener’s Honorable Mentions
70:25 - The Listener’s Top 5
78:50 - End Bits

Check us out online here:
Twitter | Online | Email | BGG Guild | iTunes | Stitcher

Sponsored by BoardGameTables.com


Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Flattered (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0
Episode: Garrett's Games 500 - Best of 2015 + Contest Resolution! ( 69.86 MB / 76:18)

Shelley and I go through our Top 10 lighter and Top 10 heavier games, hear what many listeners posted as their favorites, resolve our Episode 500 Contest, and listen to a few GREAT audio recordings from listeners!

I will put up Geeklists for our Top Games, but our #1 for each of the lists were the same:

Light Games: Between Two Cities from Stonemaier Games 

Heavier Games: Bretagne from Placentia Games

Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BW058 – Krimispiele ( 68.89 MB / 85:54)
Heute begrüssen die Bretterwisser Stefan. Stefan sit sowohl einer unserer Patreone als auch Autor von Krimi-Partyspielen. Und da wir uns da alle drei nicht richtig auskennen, lernen wir von Stefan einiges über dieses tolle Thema.
Episode: DJ102: Código Secreto (2015) Vlaada Chvátil ( 10.88 MB / 11:51)

Continuem parlant de jocs una setmana més al Via directa de Ràdio Sant Andreu. Quan pensàvem que ja ho havíem vist pràcticament tot en els jocs de paraules (més encara tenint a Catalunya un referent en aquest àmbit com Màrius Serra), des de la República Txeca l'autor Vlaada Chvátil ens sorprèn amb Código Secreto. Un joc que en pocs dies s'ha posicionat com el millor party game per a la comunitat internacional de jugadors de la BoardGameGeek.

En l'àudio traiem un tema molt interessant, i és si la pila de paraules que conformen el joc estan triades o no a consciència per a que el joc funcioni. Ara ja sé que sí, que l'autor txec s'ha molestat en desenvolupar uns paràmetres de traducció del seu joc per a que la ràtio de paraules polisèmiques sigui proporcional en qualsevol edició de qualsevol país. Aquest detall enalteix encara més la figura de Vlaada, ja que tots els seus jocs emanen originalitat creativa per una banda o una altra. També és interessant el vincle del tancament musical amb aquest joc, que no necessàriament s'ha de circumscriure al tema o títol del joc... els jocs també generen anècdotes i metajoc, i també hem de saber beure d'aquesta part annexa i complementària del joc. Si voleu repassar la llista de temes musicals que hem anat vinculant a alguns dels jocs que han passat per la secció us hem confeccionat una llista a la BGG anomenada Les músiques i els jocs del DESCOBRINT JOCS. Comença a ser curiosa!

Espai conduït per Jordi Milian amb la col·laboració/dinamització de Miquel Jornet.

Podcast: Ludology
Episode: Ludology Episode 120 - State of Games 2016 ( 102.11 MB / 74:15)

For our annual State of Games episode, Mike and Geoff are pleased to welcome back Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold games, to discuss the state of the board game industry.

Duration: 1:14:20

Podcast: 1 Player podcast
Episode: 1P 095 - Suburbia ( 53.96 MB / 78:35)

Episode 95 is here!  In this episode Albert and Julius decide to talk a bit about solo games.  This time, they cover some news Kickstarter games and a game feature!  The game is none other than Suburbia by Ted Alspach and published by his own label, Bezier Games.  This is a neat game about building your own city and came out just a few years ago.

  • Suburbia (BGG)
  • Baseball Highlights 2045 Android app (BGG
Podcast: Cards And Chit
Episode: Cards And Chit Ep 69 - Batte For Sularia ( 37.93 MB / 16:34)
Yet another CCG with a fantastical sci fi theme. Is this one worth your attention? Oh you have no idea. Battle For Sularia is on Kickstarter now!
Episode: What the Food !?! - Canadian Snack Brackets 2015 (with Boards Alive) ( 47.05 MB / 51:24)

On this Episode of What the Food!?! Bruce is joined by Mike, Mom and Rocki, as well as, Quinten and Aaron from the Board Alive Podcast to talk about the Snack Brackets from Canada for 2015.  Just as a note, this episode might be slightly more risque than most of our episodes, we do not feel it is bad enough to warrant an explicit tag, but if you are listening with young children, you might want to pass on this episode.  Also if you want to hear about games, you might want to pass on this episode.

You can find their show at https://boardsalivepodcast.wordpress.com/

and you can find the conclusion to this episode in Episode #40 of Board Alive, which you can find right here: http://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/3999093


Thanks for listening!

Podcast: All Us Geeks
Episode: The Game of Crowd Funding Draft Picks 01-09-2016 ( 13.21 MB / 28:23)
Sarah & Jacob match up a few more projects in The Game of Crowd Funding - Draft Picks edition! Current rules being used: http://www.allusgeeks.com/2013/03/fantasy-crowd-funding-league-rules/ Patreon Sponsor - 3D6 Games Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/allusgeeks   January 9th Match-Ups Round 1: Both (Jacob's Franchise Pick): Dice Bazaar Round 2: Both (Sarah's Franchise Pick): Venom ASSAULT Round 3: Jacob: Nemo's War  vs.  Sarah: The Daring & The Doomed Round 4: Both: Alienation Shout Outs Jacob: More Game Upgrade Kits by Meeple Source Sarah: The Dice Tower - 2016 Credits Music: Dan-O Board Game Links (click the heart to show some love): http://www.boardgamelinks.com/links/details/1431 YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/AllUsGeeks Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/112353159075968787583 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AllUsGeeks Twitter - https://twitter.com/AllUsGeeks Tumblr - http://allusgeeks.tumblr.com/ Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/allusgeeks/ BGG Guild - http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1274
Podcast: The Long View
Episode: The Long View - Labyrinth ( 102.88 MB / 67:27)
In this episode of The Long View, I'm pleased to be joined once again by Adam C as we investigate the game Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 � ? by Volko Ruhnke and GMT Games. Is this game an accurate depiction of the challenges of fighting terrorism? Is it possible to play a game about this topic? Is it a good game regardless of theme? What can be gleaned from playing the game? Listen to hear our thoughts about this game and this difficult topic. Thanks to Adam for doing this episode of the show, thanks to my sponsor www.gamesurplus.com for their continued support, thanks to The Dice Tower Network, and thanks, of course, to YOU for listening! This episode is dedicated to the people of Paris. Our thoughts and prayers are still with you all.
Podcast: Spiele-Podcast
Episode: Codenames (Czech Games): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 280 ( 17.01 MB / 18:35)
Codenames (Czech Games): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 280 - Einfaches und fesselndes Spiel rund um Worte, Kombination und Erklärungen. Die Rezension und Beispielrunde auch als Video: YouTube.
Episode: Questions and Purging: Kicking Off 2016 ( 62.92 MB / 0:00)
It’s 2016, and it’s time to kick off another year with the Tattered Board! Join us as Richard poses a question to the group, we talk about the games we have been playing, and we introduce a new segment, The … Continue reading →
Episode: Loaded Dice Cast Episode 75: Meta Force Be With You (AKA, The Force Awakens Part II) ( 160.89 MB / 117:09)

“The Jedi, the Dark Side… …  It’s true; all of it.” Hey there, cyberfolk.  I hope that you guys aren’t done talking about the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars:  The Force Awakens because we sure as Sith ain’t– we ain’t dealt with the meta just yet. In this episode, Kevin, Dubs, Josh and a [...]

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Podcast: Game Wisdom
Episode: The Uphill Battle for Inclusiveness in the Game Industry ( 89.77 MB / 98:03)

This week, Ken and I were joined by returning fan of the site James Ellerby to talk about the game industry becoming more inclusive and the growing pains going on with it. Before we got to the serious stuff, we talked about news that was going on. Ken talked about the big reveal of the [...]

The post The Uphill Battle for Inclusiveness in the Game Industry appeared first on Game Wisdom.

Episode: W3.E12 :: Who, What, Why with Ludonaute and Cedrick Chaboussit ( 9.4 MB / 10:16)

Who, What, Why presents our twelfth episode of Designing Games with Game Designers which features Cédrick Chaboussit, designer of Discoveries and Lewis & Clark, as well as Anne Cecile and Cédric Lefebvre, owners of Ludonaute. In this episode we use the themes, components, and mechanics found on the cards in Unpub, the card game from Doug Levandowski and J.R. Honeycut. Jason and Charles' three themes and mechanics were Civil War, colonization, magic, storytelling, role selection, rock-paper-scissor.

The rules of this segment have changed considering the switch to the Unpub card game. At this time, we provide some themes and mechanics and have to come up with a semi-plausible game.

Alex and I participate in the discussion, so it is a collaborative venture. I hope you enjoy!

Episode: Episode 23 – Sprinkle Your Closets ( 44.24 MB / 55:13)
On heels of our first anniversary, the gang continues to talk about their absolute favorite games of all time in a "Top 5 Games" round up. Adam, Seth and Steven take a closer look at a crowd favorite and try to review it using only the power of their emotions. The crew also laments over the fact that their vigilante justice suites need to be sprinkled before they are deemed safe for human consumption... and Seth and Steven feel sour over the fact that Adam continues to invite nobility to his luxurious parties. Games Discussed: Targi, Splendor, Battle Sheep, Star Wars: X-Wing, Lords of Waterdeep, Love Letter, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Dead of Winter, Suburbia, News@11, King of New York, Colt Express Shout Outs: The NFL, Andreas Steiger, Fall Out 4, Tabletop Simulator, Mustaches, Seth's Sister
Podcast: NPC Cast
Podcast: NPC Cast
Episode: Roll20 and Writing Adventures for Profit ( 49.66 MB / 0:00)
Download NPC Cast Episode 160 – Roll20 and Writing Adventures for Profit Aaron and Chris chat with Roll20 Co-Founder Nolan T. Jones and Roll20 Brand Manager Suzanne Wallace! (72min) Things you may be interested in: Roll20.net WotC Announces OGL and DMs Guild for 5E. Unpub 6 Prophecy of Dragons NPC CAST: YOUR PLACE FOR FACE TO FACE […]
Episode: TAPP Episode 114 - Our Favourites of 2015 ( 79.51 MB / 86:51)

Adam is back! Who knew scheduling a podcast for Australian and American timezones would be so tricky??? In this episode we look back at the year 2015 and recount our favourite games, comics, movies and TV that we experienced in that time. Doesn't mean they came out in 2015, but certainly that's when we saw/played/read them. Let us know what your favourites were as well :)

Music: Theme for Harold (var. 2) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Links for the things we talked about:

Check out Victory Pointers, for the episode where I interviewed some Malaysian board game designers.


Super Mario Maker

Rocket League

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Pillars of Eternity




Check out our podcast on Expand and other great Aussie indie games here

The Beginner's Guide

Cibele (Evan wrote about it here)

Kholat (Evan wrote about it here)

Pregnancy (Evan wrote about it here)

Dark Echo

Tales from the Borderlands

80 Days

Card Crawl

Fallout Shelter

Lara Croft GO


AdVenture Capitalist



You Must Build a Boat

Civilization V


Jackbox Party Pack 1 & Party Pack 2

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes



When I Was A Kid



The Shadow Hero

The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye


The Initiates

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

The Sandman Overture

Ms. Marvel

Skullkickers (I talked about the ending on the podcast here)

Batman '66

The Unwritten

Wuvable Oaf

Tripping Over You


Oink Games (Dungeon of Mandom/Welcome to the Dungeon, Rights, TROLL, Deep Sea Adventure, Yabunonaka, A Fake Artist Goes to New York)

Isle of Trains

Brew Crafters the Travel Card Game

Brew Crafters


La Granja

Guns & Steel

Auf Teufel komm raus

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization



Pandemic: The Cure

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1



Inside Out

Poison Berry in My Brain

That Dragon, Cancer


Pitch Perfect 2

Assassination Classroom

Princess Jellyfish

The Martian

Ex Machina


Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Mad Max


Jessica Jones


Sense8 (Which Dan geeked out about with Jackson here)

Rick and Morty

Over the Garden Wall

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The World's End

What We Do in the Shadows

Mr Robot

Dark Matter


The Expanse

Childhood's End

Black Mirror

Master of None (which we talked about on the podcast here)

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (which we also discussed here)

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Father Brown


Please Like Me

Parks and Recreation Season 8


Podcast: Flip the Table
Episode: Episode 86: The Weakest Link ( 47.98 MB / 69:15)
Do you like game shows? How about brutal insults? This week's title might be a brutal insult to game shows...as we're playing The Weakest Link, based on the American version of the popular UK quiz show. Players answer rapid fire trivia questions to earn points as a team, then turn on each-other and eliminate each-other one by one until one winner remains. One player even gets to play Anne Robinson and unleash vicious jabs at poorly performing players! Will we be playing this one again, or will we say "Goodbye"?
Podcast: BOTH DOWN
Episode: Both Down #52 – Dancing in the Street ( 91.93 MB / 100:24)
Both Down Episode 52 – Dancing in the Street – The Year of Old Dirty Ginger is here. This episode we tackle the fluff and team names of the RABBL. Then we cover all things Spiky in a Spiky Cup … Continue reading →
Episode: PNPCAST 008: Wizard Dice & Dragon Punch ( 29.76 MB / 64:51)
Find out this week whether you will be banished to the depths of Hell or whether you’ll go home and be a family man. Ian and Ryan check out two dueling games, one magical and one physical, as they look at Wizard Dice and Dragon Punch. Print-and-play files for Dragon Punch can be found here: US … Continue reading PNPCAST 008: Wizard Dice & Dragon Punch →
Podcast: Out of Game
Episode: Ryan Reviews: Marital Bliss ( 17.35 MB / 0:00)
Ryan reviews a 2-player card game for married couples that plays over the period of an entire week!
Podcast: Out of Game
Episode: Ryan Reviews: Introduction ( 1.42 MB / 0:00)
Ryan introduces a new review series he'll be posting periodically on the Out of Game feed.
Episode: TABCAST Episode 26: Time's Up! ( 128.97 MB / 140:52)
On this anniversary episode of Talk About Board Games we look back at our first year, discuss our most anticipated games of 2016, and have the TABCAST Allstars join us playing Time's Up.
Podcast: Creators Cast
Episode: 73 - Game Design - Meet Scott Nicholson! ( 25.15 MB / 25:52)

Today’s Chat:
Scott Nicholson is a game designers, college professor, and the director of the Brantford Game Network game lab at the Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario. To learn more about Scott head over to: http://scottnicholson.com/

Episode: Episode 52, Stacked! ( 9.81 MB / 21:25)
Jason, Eric, and Chris talk about what they've been playing: Get Bit!, Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small, and Between Two Cities. They also dig into a few stacking games: Jenga, Rhino Hero, Wonky, Bataclan, and Cat Tower!
Episode: #23 C&G - Indie Games ( 62.47 MB / 34:07)
This week Russell talks to Matt from the Indie Game Alliance about independent games, and then joins Ben for another game of 'Start Player'.
Podcast: Board Everyday
Episode: Episode 02: Mombasa and Other Post-It Notes ( 0 MB / 61:08)
Today on the Board Everyday podcast: - We review Mombasa, by Alexander Pfister. - Wizards of the Coast shows us the "right" way to handle fan created content. - Games to avoid when trying to bring people into the hobby. This episode contains portions of “Vodka and Beer” by The Vivisectors, licensed under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Find more at thevivisectors.bandcamp.com
Episode: OrcaCon and the Games of 2016 ( 11.29 MB / 49:21)

Its a new year and a new podblast! At the end of last year we discussed our favorite games of 2015. This week, to start off the new year, we chat about the upcoming games of 2016. This is by no means a full list of games we are looking for, but some that we deserve a little extra buzz going into the new year.

Games Played:

Terra Mystica, Nippon, La Granja, The Prodigals Club, Blue Moon City, 

Kickstarter Projects Mentioned:

Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction Card Game, MaricopaCon 2016, WagonCon, Scuba, Alienation, Meeple Source, Pursuit of Happiness, e-solo-e, Zero Hour

Games Mentioned:

Back To The Future: An Adventure Through Time, Capture: A Medieval Wargame, Castles of Burgundy The Card Game, New Bedford, Arkham Investigator (Mythos Tale), Worlds Fair 1893

Docking Bay 94 Podcast Page Link Docking Bay 94's Stitcher Link Docking Bay 94's iTunes Link  Jason Hancock's Twitter Jason Washburn's (Talon Strikes)  Twitter link   Talon Strikes Facebook Page Link Talon Strikes Homepage
Podcast: Dice Tower News
Episode: Dice Tower News 500 - Jan 22 - 2016 ( 9.64 MB / 10:32)

Paul Owen brings you the Dice Tower News Episode #500. Come join us won't you? Let Paul Kickstart your day!

Podcast: Epic Gumdrop
Episode: 35: Scrabble ( 23.94 MB / 26:06)
This episode Jeff and James look at the story behind Scrabble, and Jeff tries to impress James with misspelled words containing silent qs. For show notes, links, videos or horrifying autocorrects visit www.breakingdads.com
Podcast: Cards And Chit
Episode: Chit Chat Ep 2 ( 38.13 MB / 16:39)
Hey all! in this episode, we break down exactly what is happening with the Kickstarter for Season 2 of our show. We talk shows, equipment, and more! Our Kickstarter launches on January 24th!
Podcast: The White Book
Episode: The White Book S7E09- 233 ( 41.48 MB / 75:54)

This week, Will, Aaron, and guest star Greg discuss a bit of news for the site and FFG and then return to an old segment- BERLITHA! Music: Spinozar

Music: Spinozar

Join the Discord chat

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Podcast: Heavy Cardboard
Episode: Heavy Cardboard Episode 40 – Nippon ( 90.94 MB / 0:00)
Portugal figures heavily (pun intended) into episode 40 as we discuss both The Gallerist and Nippon – both games sprang from the creative minds of Portugal’s brightest designers! In between, we go into space and talk about Roll for the Galaxy, the dice engine game that is Race for the Galaxy’s younger cousin. Lots of […]
Episode: Toxic Bag Podcast 401: January 2016 ( 29.96 MB / 0:00)
Find out what’s new with the lads from Toxic Bag. This month: Man in the High Castle, an interview with Jeffrey Gardner of “Our Fair City,” and 3 questions with the Ginormous! Get the podcast here.
Episode: GeekNights 20160121 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens ( 0 MB / 0:00)

STAR WARS has returned, and we have things to say. From the cinematic homage to Poe's thirst, we review Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens tonight on GeekNights. You may recall our ancient Star Wars episode as well. In STAR WARS news, STAR WARS: Rebellion awakens from Fantasy Flight, and STAR WARS: Episode VIII is delayed (not that many people realized) to Christmas 2017.

Episode: EPISODE370 - Star Fleet Universe On Call ( 40.44 MB / 59:11)
Talk about the cool stuff at Gamers of Winter 2016. The move to the new server and the mobile app progress.

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