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Nello Cozzolino
United Kingdom
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Brascogames London U.K. www.brascogames.webs.com
Jan 2009*
Cirkle Mind..Twist your brain:

A very good 2 player strategy board game; the combat resolution is based on matching colour or shapes,there are no ranks; in order to win you will need to capture the green or mauve target.
The core of the game is the extreme flexibilty of the piece in getting stronger or weaker according to the board position, a lot of extra rules and twists to make Cirkle Mind a pleasant surprise.
Quality production:forget about cheap material, this is a proper solid box and top quality colour printed folded board and pieces !
played 3 times -> above confirmed dec.2009/jan.2010/march 2010
September 2012: If you play Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War you can give a try to Cirkle Mind.
M Okuni
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Apr 2010
Cirkle Mind or Thrilling your Mind

Cirkle Mind is an abstract for 2 players ,the aim of the game is to capture your opponent target ( a concentric circle green or mauve ) ..it seems similar to Stratego but it is offering more play options and challenges during the game play.

Stratego has soldiers facing each others and the rank decides the winner; Cirkle Mind has geometric colours shapes :

A piece can be captured only :

1. By matching his shape
2. By matching his colour
3. Black versus all other ranked colour pieces including the target
4. Shape versus identical black shape
5. Colour versus target with identical colour
6. All pieces versus the target
7. same geometric shape matching the black one

The playing board (8 x 11) has rows pictured with triangles circles etc if your piece match (shape and colour) the picture on the board it becomes super protected and it can capture most of the pieces, a standard piece becomes super strong if played in the right side of the board, unlikely stratego , your (mauve or green ) target can be moved any time.
A Good use of memory ,preserving the black pieces and sacrificing the other targets (not green or mauve) as scouts, is one of the several ways to achieve victory.

Play time 25 - 30 min.
brascogames rules needed to correct the errata !
John Mitchell
United Kingdom
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Jul 2010
Provisional rating after one (unfinished) play. I don't play many abstracts, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy them, and I found this one quite fun. Circkle Mind is an adult version of L'Attaque, a childhood game of fond memory and also ancestor of Stratego and LoTR:Confrontation. It loses the military theme (a pity) and gains some complexity, it still has the pleasure of discovery as your opponents' pieces are revealed, and still the frustration of trying to keep track of them afterwards. Ultimately, however, not a game for me.

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