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Philip Jelley
United Kingdom
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This began back in 1998 as a sequel to Republic of Rome, but has gone through many revisions since to reduce this massive game to manageable proportions. The ROR system didn't work for an empire with 50+ provinces and stationary armies and the Senate had far less power, so voting unimportant. In the current system one player is in the hot seat as Caesar and pretty much runs the show, using the state treasury as his own, re-arranging the legions on the frontier, fighting unrest through games and circuses and avoiding assassination. The succession is historical, if Caesar dies the oldest member of the imperial family will succeed. Even a civil war will only ensure the imperial succession, unless the Caesar has no successors (like Nero or Commodus), which limits civil wars in the early and mid game. The other players do get to take control of the Praetorian Prefect, Consuls and Proconsuls of Britannia, Germania, Illyria, etc... allowing them to collect taxes, improve provinces, fight wars, rebel and assassinate. As in ROR the players are struggling with barbarian wars, which appear as counters moving across the provinces and gathering strength until defeated. If all agree Caesar may take command and fight a war himself and from the mid game he may do this without agreement. To win Caesar must obtain 50 Prestige from winning wars (doubled if he is in command), playing games, and monopolising the consulships, this is reset to 0 if Caesar dies. If there is no winner by the end of the scenario the current Caesar wins, leading to a last minute scrabble for power.

Re-designed again in 2013 and needs playtesting. Too big for ATO and is a CDG anyway, MMP expressed an interest way back in 2006.

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