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C.V. (1979)
Feb 2010
It is a great game. Unfortunately it was the last of the Flat Top series and the only adding a new map.
Battleline Edition
Year: 1977
Feb 2010
It is a nice game, with the original Battleline version that is better in the rules than the AH one, since the AH designers almost deleted the rule on fuel and changed to give it almost no meaning.
If you play the Midway scenario disregard the map on General and use the map from C.V.
As game is perfect in a game mastered version. I had the pleasure to play under a game master and to act as a game mastered. Among the games that I had the pleasure to game master there has been even an Indian Ocean Raid.
Gonzaga (2009)
Jul 2010
Nice and fast game. Much better in 4 or 5 players. For more you would need a larger map.
Grass (1980)
Aug 2012
Want To Play
Grass is a nice game to play with standard players (i.e. not wargamers), even if even the wargamers can enjoy it. It is an aggressive game in which bad jokes o├Čto your fellows are a common place, so avoid to play it with people that cane be up set by such a gaming philosophy.
Midway (1964)
Aug 2012
It has been my first wargame so it deserves a detailed description.

We can say that basically it takes his origins from pencil-and-paper public domain game that we all learned just after learning Tic-Tac-Toe: both players have their fleets deployed on their hidden map, then on that map you first secretly move the fleet and then you search you opponent's ones in the way you shoot, by coordinates. But then we must add that it is much more you move around the fleets and to attack your opponent's ones you must find them and have them in striking range.

If you played it, by reading all the other descriptions of this game you read a lot of sentences that can be your since for many of us has been an high school game, one of the first wargame played and so on. All says that it had a working system and after of it arrived more detailed games on it, all above the other C.V./Flat Top but almost all we remember how much we enjoyed it.

May rate should have been a little lower but too much were ungenerous with tis old friend of fun, so I've given it a better vote to do my part to compensate it.
Aug 2014
At start I found this series interesting then, while they added new games, my interest decreased, when it came out this game I've given it an in deep study and remained disgusted for many aspects.
To explain it I will state just one fact: they invented a flight group for the Italian carrier. With invented I mean that they made it with no historical search on which planes would have been used on it. They declared that in it there would have been one type of plane, the Breda Ba.201, that never went forward from being a mare prototype, that was NEVER considered as a carrier plane. If this is the search level of the company, it is better to avoid this series.
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