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Jul 2011
I didn't expect to like this expansion, but I actually think it improves the game. Drafting leaders early requires players to think about the strategy they are interested in pursuing before the game begins, though there is some wiggle room, since you draft four and only play three. I like it.

Note that the scores will obviously go up because there's more money and because there are points for leaders. (1 play)
Jul 2010
Plays: 2
This is very strange for an experienced Agricola player. I had expected it to ramp up the difficulty level significantly, but instead it is about as difficult--yet it is a very different game. Things that are normally difficult are much easier, while additions such as the fuel thing are very hard to do. So, the focus is different. I know that if I'd played this first, I'd be really excited about it. As it is, it's hard to judge it accurately. I don't think it is a good as the base game--but at this point, my level of experience is so different from one to the other, how can I judge? Try it. Reserving judgment for now. (1 play)
Nov 2009*
Plays: 1
Yay! More Dominion expansions!... I don't even know if I am being sarcastic there or not, actually. It's an interesting twist on Dominion to have cards that last beyond a turn, but it definitely slows the game down and adds a certain unDominionlike fiddliness. The cards themselves are pretty cool though and they do very useful things. (1 play)
Feb 2009*
This expansion adds several options, some new cards and abilities, and the possibility of playing with five or six players. Thus far, I've only tried it with for, and while some of the new stuff is nice, it is mostly very similar to the original. Some exceptions: France is a very cool addition which I like quite a lot, and the black master builder is, hmmm, goofy. (2 plays)
Nov 2008*
I like playing with five and I really like the new starting worlds. I'm not convinced I like the goal cards, though. They take away some of the spontaneity of the game play and reward strategies that are already good. (2-3 plays)
Jul 2009*
The map is more balanced than in Railroad Tycoon and so are the cards. The balanced map actually makes things much more difficult because there are plenty of worthwhile things that are quite far away from either of the two red cities. I was reminded of Brass in that the desire to waste time (and save money) on your turn is quite strong, but it is much harder to do here. There are still a few visual board design issues, but these are much better than in the base game.

On the other hand, this is a much more map, so I guess it is a *better* game, but it is also more frustrating and it is less likely that your efforts will be rewarded. (2 plays)
Jun 2009*
This is one of those expansions that makes the game longer. It's harder for any player to win because you don't cycle through your tiles as quickly. However, it also adds some interesting things--the 1/2/3 paddle is a nice addition, as are the double canoes, not to mention that all-important sixth player.

The elk is really good, maybe too good. (2 plays)
Nov 2009*
I actually quite enjoyed this, and I lost interest in Thurn and Taxis quite a while ago. The horses do reduce the risk level, it's true, but they also add another element to juggle in a game that really needed it. The new bonuses are also nice, but what I really like is the map. I like the split region--suddenly, things become much more complicated--and I like the cities that don't count as colors. Definitely more interesting than the original. (1 play)
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