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User: Ibaimendi: Board Game Collection
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Jul 2009*
Plays: 2
Decreases the time investment--I like it a lot. Advantageous placement is very different from the base game--the middle is useful, because you need to get to EVERYTHING. Power plants run out!! Moves even faster when combined with the Power Plant Deck 2. (3 plays)
Apr 2009*
China map. I liked this quite a bit. It's a nice tight map in which the cheapest section is a peninsula (!). The mechanic of the less random card deck is also quite interesting. Putting out one card fewer than the number of players really increases the tension while bidding. When we played, it was a pretty cash-poor game and I think this was directly related to this. (1 play)

Korea map. Coal is even tougher than usual; if you have a big coal plant, you just have to hope fervently that Step 3 will not come up. Takes a little longer for nuclear to be good too. Very interesting map. (1 play)
Apr 2009*
Wow, Italy is really tight. It makes for quite a different game, as all the players try to squeeze into the worthwhile cities while they can. Interesting, but for now I think I prefer Benelux or the base maps. (1 play)

France is pretty much exactly the same as Germany, but with crazy nukes. (1 play)
Nov 2008*
I think it is more balanced, particularly the Observatory, and new stuff like the Sycophant and the New Farmer is very interesting (though I am still unsure whether the New Farmer is actually worthwhile). And I really like playing with five. And the game has much the same feel as the original, though it's hard to get used to remembering the fifth player. Even without five, the game is quite different because it is longer and that changes the timing. This is great stuff. Seriously considering bumping this up to a 10. Playing with both expansions and four players increases the length and arc of the game, making it more of a gamer's game than heretofore.(4 plays)
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