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Dec 2012
Plays: 1
I don't love the base game so having more options and races isn't going to improve the experience for me much. I always choose to play orange though so this expansion does have that going for it
Jan 2015
Plays: 1
I bought this as part of the "promo pack." I appreciate it when publishers offer the opportunity to buy promo materials for less than Ebay prices. The cards suggest replacing the cards from the base set with these upgraded versions. I use a variant from the geek that suggests using both but removing the second copy from the game once one card (either the base or upgraded copy) is taken for a specific card. Thus double the chance of getting a specific character from the show but no risk of 2 of the same person in the game.
Jun 2006*
Plays: 1
I have only played Formula De on the Montreal track so my rating here is a general reflection of the degree to which the track seemed interesting and challenging.
Feb 2008*
Plays: 1
I have only played with the Tamsk potentials once and it was actually with only three of them for each side in game of Ultimate Gipf using all potentials. The Tamsk potential does add a new layer of strategy to a game I already enjoy but doesn't convince me that it makes that game better -- simply different. I would like to acquire 3 more Tamsk potentials for each side if possible but will not purchase the set.
Apr 2009*
Prev. Owned
Plays: 1
The splitter certainly adds a new level of tactical depth to the game but it can also highlight problems with the beam's inaccuracy after a few bounces. I probably need to play the base game more frequently in order to really appreciate this expansion fully.
Nov 2007*
Plays: 1
I enjoy Memoir 44 as a very light 2 player wargame. The idea of expanding it to become multiplayer is good. Unfortunately, the Overlord rules for the distribution of cards to the field generals means that the few decision points of the game are further subdivided amongst several people. Unfortunately, the game length is actually increased.
Oct 2008*
Plays: 2
This is an example of an expansion that's really only for diehard fans in my opinion. The travel cards add an element of tension and the Merlin abilities are nice. The additional knights spice things up a bit as well and the opportunity to play with 8 people (and two traitors) seems intriguing. Things do drag a bit in this game (perhaps moreso than the original) and the overall experience feels little or no different to me than the base game.
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