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May 13, 2016
CardStatsCombos&FAQ_v2.1.pdf (540 KB) (Log in or Register to download.)
v 2.1 - MAY, 2016
COMBOS, SYNERGY NOTES, USAGE & FAQ for all player cards.
Now also with a new PDF version, formatted to be more readable, you can find here all the informations of the EXCEL version, but more emphasys has been given to the "blue columns".

-- What's new in version 2.1 --
- Stats, Combos and Synergies updated to "Flight of the Stormcaller".
- Revised the whole Core Set cards. Hopefully, the revision of expansion sets will continue in the next releases.
- See the companion Excel document for additional "release notes".

Please let me know what do you think about this new document. Thank you.
Downloads: 252
May 13, 2016
CardStatsCombos&FAQ_v2.1.xls (1.18 MB) (Log in or Register to download.)
v 2.1 - "The Flight of the Stormcaller" - MAJOR UPDATE !!!
Contains all player cards up to May, 2016.

This is the EXCEL version.
STATS, COMBOS, SYNERGIES, NOTES, USAGE & FAQ for every player card. You can easily find which cards work well together and their proper usage with FAQ updated to last official version.

-- Stats, Combos and Synergies updated to "Flight of the Stormcaller".
-- New blue column “CARD USAGE AND FAQ”: notes about cards usage, taken from official FAQ up to version 1.8 (feb. 2016). Cells revised up to core set cards.
-- Core set cards revised. Huge update on every “COMBO WITH”, “SYNERGIES & NOTES” and the new “CARD USAGE AND FAQ” columns.
-- New sheet “PDF” with only 4 columns, suitable to be exported as PDF. Please, have a look at PDF document.
-- New Category “Discard Boosting” help to find cards that receive some bonus from discard pile cards, like the new Noldor allies and attachments.
-- New Category “On Hand Discard” for effects that trigger when discarding cards from hand, like Silver Harp.
-- New Category “Discard Playing” for cards that can be played directly from discard pile, like the new Glorfindel ally.
-- In column Ability, added “Ranged” and “Sentinel” to cards that provide such ability to characters, like Dunedain Chache.
-- Other minor improvements.
Downloads: 45
Oct 11, 2015
CardStats&Combos_v2.01.xls (277 KB) (Log in or Register to download.)
v 2.01 - Contains all player cards up to September, 2015.

All cards with STATS, FAQ updated, useful COMBOS and card synergies. You can easily find cards that work well together or cards that have "Attack boost", "Resource producer" and many other behaviours/categories.

Version 2.01:
- New tab CATEGORIES lists all the categories used in this excel list, their meaning with some card examples and the corresponding old 1.x “behaviours”.
- The Categories are used instead of Behaviours in the main list at column Q.
- Added The Treason of Saruman, The Wastes fo Eriador, Escape from Mount Gram, Across the Ettenmoors
Downloads: 221
Jan 24, 2012
PlayerCardList&Combos v1.0.xls (86 KB) (Log in or Register to download.)
Excel list with all the statistics and spoilered text for all the player cards PLUS a lot of data about synergies and combos among the cards. It essentially answers to questions like: "Which cards go well with this one? Which attachments are essential with this hero? Which type of deck is this card good for?"

This list offers a quick way (columns Q, T, U) to search for cards that have a particular behaviour, or that offer synergy/combo with other cards.

In this list you can find:
-every player card with every stat
-combos listed for each card
-sinergies among cards with proper columns like "combo with", "combo usage", "traits", "category", "ability".
-which type of decks (archetypes) are better for a card to be included
-column R: 'QAD' "which cards are good to increase attack or defend or quest?"
-column S: "M/S" "which cards shine in multiplayer games? And in single player?"


- RES Producer like Theodred, Steward of Gondor... They usually combo with RES Managers like Celebrian's Stone, Rider of The Mark, Narvi's Belt...

- Readying: cards like Unexpected Courage, Fast Hitch..

- Shadow control like Hasty Stroke, Dawn Take You All

- Card draw: like Beravor, Ancient Mathom, Legacy of Durin... Usually they combo very well with cards of category Recursion like Will of the West or category Discard like Protector Of Lorien...

- Attack Bonus like Unseen Strike, Dwarven Axe or Defense Bonus[\b] like Arwen Undomiel. They usually combo with attackers/defensors or with [b]Attack Staging like Dúnhere

- Category Discard like Eowyn, Protector of Lorien, Rear Guard... They usually combo with Recursion cards like Stand and Fight, Erebor Hammersmith ...

- Exit Producer like Sneak Attack, Meneldor's Flight... They usually combo with On Exit cards like Prince Imrahil, Grave Cairn...

- Healer cards like Daughter of the Nimrodel, Silvan Tracker...

- Progress cards like Legolas, Lorien Guide, Ancestral Knowledge...

- Encounter Control cards like Denethor, Henamarth Riversong, Short Cut...

- Threat Control like Radagast's Cunning, Ever Onward...

Filtering with the columns Q, T, U makes me very easy to find all the possible alternatives I have to build a good deck.

Quick instructions of filter usage on a spreadsheet:
1) be sure that “Automatic Filter”is set on your spreadsheet;
2) click on the filter (arrow on column top) of "Category" column;
3) set the “Standard Filter” as “Category CONTAINS Attack Bonus” if you want to list all cards with that Category.

Other examples:
Filtering by “category CONTAINS RES saver”, you can easily find all the cards that lower the cost to play other cards.
Filtering by “category CONTAINS Condition control”, you can easily find all the cards that can get rid of nasty Conditions.
Filtering by “category CONTAINS Doom producer”, you can easily find all the cards that contains the “doomed” keyword
Filtering by “category CONTAINS On Doomed”, you can easily find all the cards that give some bonus when the “doomed” keyword appears.
Actually, there are 38 categories to play with!

Please feel free to help me finding typos and to improve the list. Any comment is appreciated here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/813303/complete-player-c...

Thanks to BGG user Jon Snow, for his initial effort with the core cards.
Downloads: 827
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