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Elder Sign:: Elder Sign custom dice labels By: sgbeal
elder-sign-dice-labels-v2.svg (172 KB)
Version 2 of the Elder Sign homemade dice labels includes faces for the Curse and Blessing dice.
Jun 30, 2016
elder-sign-dice-labels-v1.svg (137 KB)
SVG-format labels for creating homemade Elder Sign dice, using CC-licensed graphics gleaned from game-icons.net. v1 includes the core dice but not the curse/bless dice.

Simply print them out, scaled to fit your dice, cut them out, and (somehow) paste them on. (My blank dice are wooden, so that part's easy. ;))

Printed as-is, without scaling, they are suitable for affixing to 20mm dice. Because they are SVG, scaling them up or down does not decrease their visual quality.

Note that i found no "Investigator" icon, so that die face uses an asterisk (*), which is the conventional wildcard character for software.

The graphics included here originated from:


and were made available under a Creative Commons license:

Jun 29, 2016


Constantinople:: Constantinople Cards By: Ilya Kudriashov
Constantinople Cards.pdf (3.60 MB)
Corrected cards file
in the old file the historical comment on the #17 card was wrong
Jun 30, 2016


Marvel Heroes:: Game round flow chart By: smithalank
Marvel heroes flow chart v 1.2.xlsx (19 KB)
So it looks like I ended up updating this.
Fixed a few grammatical errors, and spacing issues where on excel it looks like all words are visible, but when printed not everything shows. Edited highlights to mark important words or terms that need to be noted.

Please give me feedback on what you guys think, good or bad, what you like what you don't like. I see I already had 17 downloads of the original, which for me is huge! Thanks!

Edit: please note,it is designed to be printed on A4 with narrow margins, it fits nicely as a back-to-back print.
Jun 30, 2016
Marvel heroes flow chart.xlsx (19 KB)
Hey guys,

I made this for myself and figured I may as well share it.

It is a flow chart for the round structure of the game. It has a break down for the turns on 1 side, then a more detailed breakdown for the troubleshooting and combat on the reverse side.

I printed on A4 with narrow margins, and the pages fit nicely. the text is small but readable. And I am aware of some spelling errors.

I most likely will NOT be updating it, but thought it would help to share.

Be aware however this does not give all rules, I will still have the Universal Head rule summary with me to clarify other rulings or effects that are not standard to the turn format.

I gather this game is pretty dead here, but thought if it helps even 1 person then its helpful.

Hope it helps.
Give suggestions if you have, and if I do ever update it, then there will be something to work with. But feel free to use it as you wish, if you do share it though, I would not be opposed to getting credit for it.
Jun 28, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Introduction Aid By: magic_erwt
MK_New_Player_Introduction_Aid.pdf (343 KB)
This one sided overview provide a new player with the basic rules. Thanks to this overview you don't have to grab back to the rulebook for the basic stuff.
Also particularly helpful when explaining the game to new players. Before start you go through this leaflet explaining the players turn options. In essence this file provide everything a new player need to know to play a decent turn. All other rules can be explained on the way and gameplay itself can be moderated by a more experienced player.
Jun 30, 2016


Ninjutsu: Battle of the Ninjas:: English rules translation By: Parabellum76
ninja.pdf (308 KB)
Brief and concise translation of the rules in English
Jun 30, 2016


Warage: Reborn:: Print and Play version By: edoardocarlotti
P&P Trial Decks Warage opt.pdf (7.67 MB)
This is the print and play version of Warage. It has two pre-built decks that you can try out, just to try the interactions between the cards.
DO NOT expect that you know how to play without reading the rules - no real games works like this. So: read.
Page 1-6 First Deck
Page 7-end Second Deck

It's a PnP, so it's hard to cut precisely and even harder to shuffle. That's why there is a Kickstarter to have the real game. Moreover, this is just a tiny little amount of cards, just to try. The completed campaing will have 1,040 cards!

Jun 30, 2016


World of Warcraft: The Boardgame:: Fichas de daño y defensa By: loneman
Fichas daño wow.pdf (263 KB)
Más fichas de daño y de defensa incluidas fichas de 5, por si alguien le faltan ;)
Jun 30, 2016


Dungeon Time:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Dungeon_time_box.pdf (1.61 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7 x 9,5 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards of the official PnP game version, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Jun 30, 2016


Dark Dealings:: Designer Variant - Co-Op Rules By: GameMasterX0
Designer Variant – Co-op v.1.pdf (84 KB)
As requested in the Kickstarter, here are co-op rules so you can defeat those dastardly heroes with the help of your fellow overlords.
Jun 30, 2016


Dark Dealings:: Designer Variant - Low Luck Solo rules By: GameMasterX0
Designer Variant – Low Luck Solo v.1.pdf (71 KB)
If you want to try a more puzzly, less luck-based version of the solo game, here it is!
Jun 30, 2016


Axis & Allies:: My finished Variant for Revised A&A By: Steve1501
Axis & Allies Revised changes 1.pdf (49 KB)
Includes the optional rules.
Is slightly different from the thread.
Just 2 pages long.
Adds no new pieces. The pieces provided are enough.
It's really a totally different game. A new challenge.
Jun 29, 2016


The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game:: CoB: The Card game - rules summary By: BeloW06
CoB Card game -summary.pdf (294 KB)
Rules summary, incl. bonus functions of played cards.
Jun 29, 2016


A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition):: Geïllustreerde Player Sheet in het Nederlands. Order tokens en unit str en muster By: TorbenD
Player Sheet DUTCHv1.1.jpg (1.20 MB)
Een mooi (ik deed mijn best) geïllustreerd spiekblad voor spelers.
Er staat nuttige info op over de order tokens en units.
Dit is wat er wat mij betreft op de player screen in het spel gedrukt had moeten staan.
Handig om te printen en aan je spel toe te voegen, vooral als je met mensen speelt die het spel nog niet zo heel veel gespeeld hebben.
Jun 29, 2016


Green Berets: Vietnam:: Mission Process Flow By: TedW
GB Flow Chart.docx (14 KB)
Hi All,

This is a work in progress (i.e. draft 1.0). The rules discuss how the various pieces operate. I found that I had to look up a ton of rules when putting together a mission. I decided to assemble a subset of the rules to show how they all fit together in the context of a mission (plus the exercise helped me learn the game...). This is not meant to be a substitute for the actual rulebook. Would love if you could point out mistakes or clarifications I could make. Note, I did coin a new term called "Primary Support". That helped me get around some of the potentially circular language regarding "plus type movement pieces".
Jun 29, 2016


Grimslingers:: Grimslingers: Duels Rule Sheet By: ssgibson
Grimslingers_Duels_(microgame&expansion)_Rules.pdf (844 KB)
Rule sheet for Grimslingers: Duels (microgame / expansion).
Jun 29, 2016


Grimslingers:: Grimslingers: Duels Print and Play By: ssgibson
Grimslingers_Duels (microgame&expansion)_PNP.pdf (4.16 MB)
Print and Play for Grimslingers: Duels (microgame / expansion).

Please note, this is the most basic version of Grimslingers and only supports 2 players!
Jun 29, 2016


Manoeuvre:: Map Tiles & Victory Flag By: itzfine
tiled map & v_flag.pdf (1.78 MB) Jun 29, 2016


Grimslingers:: Grimslingers (Core) Rulebook By: ssgibson
Grimslingers_Core_Rulebook.pdf (4.17 MB)
Rulebook for Grimslingers (core game).
Jun 29, 2016


Crazy Cat Lady:: Crazy Cat Lady - Rulebook PDF By: MrGlubGlub
Crazy Cat Lady Rules 4.1- June-29-2016.pdf (396 KB)
Rules updated to involve more strategy towards reno cards and make the early game more enjoyable and the long-term game more strategic.
Jun 29, 2016
Crazy Cat Lady Rules 4.0.pdf (395 KB)
Rulebook for the game Crazy Cat Lady version 4.0.

Game and rules property of Sean McDonald/Tower Guard Games Copyright 2015-2016 All Rights Reserved.
May 20, 2016


Crazy Cat Lady:: Crazy Cat Lady - Game Cards PDF Print-N-Play By: MrGlubGlub
CCL-GAME-FINAL-June29-2016.pdf (776 KB)
Updated to apply to the new rulebook. Features new card ratios for Reno Cards and a alteration to the Starting Home Card to make the earlier moments of the game more pleasant and also involve more long-term decisions.
Jun 29, 2016


Trickerion: Legends of Illusion:: Special Assignments Sheet By: electricalstorm
trickerion special orders.pdf (461 KB)
Update of prior file with proper trick marker symbols, color coordinated frames, and 1 corrected coin symbol.
Jun 29, 2016
trickerion special orders.pdf (459 KB)
PDF Version of the Word Document previously posted.
Jun 27, 2016
trickerion special orders.docx (71 KB)
This file lists all Dark Alley Special Assignment Cards and their effects alphabetically by location.

It is intended to aid players not seated near the Dark Alley in knowing the effects of the available Dark Alley Special Assignment Cards since the print on these cards are so small.
Jun 26, 2016


Spyfall:: Job List for Original Locations By: deadtotoro
Spy Locations Mundane.xlsx (12 KB)
Using the optional jobs in Spyfall has always been difficult for both the spy and the other players. Having a handy list like this (using original locations) allows people to have more fun roleplaying their various jobs and activities.
Jun 29, 2016


Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game:: L.E. Alien Divider (Economic Printer Friendly) By: Townsfolk
LEA_Dividers_Economic_Printer_Friendly_v1_[2016-06-30].pdf (7.95 MB)
- Fixed a typo on the first card.
- Card board line color changed to gray.
- Added the Alien Conversion Kit Divider (for L.E. Predator Mix Up).
Jun 29, 2016
LEA Dividers (Multiple Artboards) [2016-06-29].pdf (7.52 MB)
This is an another home-brew Legendary Encounters: Alien Deck Divider. Almost all the concept and layout are borrowed from the previous uploaders---1) Justin Hiltz(justinhiltz), 2) Bart sQb(sqb1978), and 3) Daily Grind(cafin8d);Thus, all the credits goes to them. My work was just to try combine the merit that I think it is; plus all the internal sources are in vector-component form (you can excavate the sources using appropriate programs, e.g. Ad**e Illustrator).

**Credit Links**
1) [Legendary Encounters Dividers](https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/107047/legendary-encounte...)
2) [Divider sticker labels](https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/119674/divider-sticker-la...)
3) [Alternating-Side Card Dividers](https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/121712/alternating-side-c...)

Jun 29, 2016


Antiquity:: Redesign By: Jupklass
Boards_back.rar (2.66 MB)
Boards Back.

- correct order
- fixed issues
Jun 29, 2016
boards_front.rar (2.42 MB)
Boards front - fixed- only 4 types of terrain
Jun 29, 2016
Antiquity.rar (3.40 MB)
Redesign of the game.
Ready for print. All components done
Oct 16, 2014


Tobago:: Tobago Polish Rules By: Floyd101
Tobago_Polish_Rules.pdf (2.00 MB)
Polska wersja językowa.
Jun 29, 2016

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