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Elder Sign:: Promo Ancient Ones Replacement Cards v1.0 By: Rogue Keeper
Promo_Ancient_Ones_Replacements_v1.0.pdf (847 KB)
Replacement/stand-in cards of the promotional Ancient Ones (+ a bonus "ancient one" for Ghostbusters' fans ;)). A4 format.
It's possible that the pictures will look a bit too dark when printed out, depending on how you have set up your printer. Print out page 2 (with only 2 ancients) first and depending on the result recalibrate your printer to make the printed images about 15 - 20 % brighter. Laser printers are recommended over ink printers.

Clarification about fighting Gozer ancient one : If you roll symbol/s necessary to kill the monster token, it only removes 1 Doom token from the doom track. All Doom tokens must be removed from the Gozer card to win (and claim the Monster token for a trophy), as usual when you fight any other Ancient One.
Jul 15, 2016


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign custom dice labels By: sgbeal
elder-sign-dice-labels-v2.svg (172 KB)
Version 2 of the Elder Sign homemade dice labels includes faces for the Curse and Blessing dice.
Jun 30, 2016
elder-sign-dice-labels-v1.svg (137 KB)
SVG-format labels for creating homemade Elder Sign dice, using CC-licensed graphics gleaned from game-icons.net. v1 includes the core dice but not the curse/bless dice.

Simply print them out, scaled to fit your dice, cut them out, and (somehow) paste them on. (My blank dice are wooden, so that part's easy. ;))

Pictures of the faces and homemade dice can be seen here:

https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1642711 (these are prettier!)

Printed as-is, without scaling, they are suitable for affixing to 20mm dice. Because they are SVG, scaling them up or down does not decrease their visual quality.

Note that i found no "Investigator" icon, so that die face uses an asterisk (*), which is the conventional wildcard character for software.

The graphics included here originated from:


and were made available under a Creative Commons license:

Jun 29, 2016


Elder Sign:: Vertical Small Card Dividers By: randyhargis
ES_Vert_DividerV01.docx (551 KB)
Word version.
Jun 15, 2016
ES_Vert_DividerV01.pdf (377 KB)
These are vertical card dividers for the small cards. Includes from base game to Grave Consequences.
May 2, 2016


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign Playmat by Bafo do Dragão By: dcoelho
eldersign_playmat_ver2_72dpis (1).zip (5.26 MB)
A exclusive playmat for Elder Sign (vanilla only) created by brazilian YouTube Channel Bafo do Dragão (bit.ly/BafoDoDragao).

Check a gameplay with the playmat (brazilian portuguese):

This product was made by fans and it has no commercial intent. Please, use only to increase your experience on the game. =)

If you want to print this playmat, use the dimensions 86 x 56 cm.
May 23, 2016


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign Unofficial Romanian translation v.1.3 By: Sportis2009
Elder Sign (romana).pdf (12.11 MB)
Elder Sign (limba română)
May 15, 2016


Elder Sign:: Horizontal Large Card Dividers By: randyhargis
ES_Horiz_Large_Div-v2.pdf (1.49 MB)
A PDF version.
May 5, 2016
ES_Horiz_Large_Div.docx (5.76 MB)
These are horizontal card dividers for the large cards. Includes from base game to Grave Consequences.
May 4, 2016


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign Components List By: randyhargis
ES_components_list.xlsx (11 KB)
This is a list of all the components for Elder Sign and all of its expansions up to Grave Consequences.
Apr 28, 2016


Elder Sign:: Luke Robinson Investigator By: Perignon
Luke_Robinson_Elder_Sign.jpg (233 KB)
Luke Robinson Investigator Sheet.
All the stats are from the Elder Sign: Omens game.
I thought there might be someone, who would play as him.
His special ability is strong in my opinion.
Apr 20, 2016


Elder Sign:: labels for 48 miniatures By: locarno
Arkham Investigators 5.pdf (1.17 MB)
updated labels (on page 2) to include Omens of Ice. Corrected "Hidden Forces" to "Unseen Forces"
Mar 17, 2016
Arkham Investigators.pdf (1.12 MB)
updated to include Gates of Arkham
Mar 7, 2015
Arkham Investigators and labels 2.pdf (1.10 MB)
the PDF is for owners of the 48 Investigator miniatures who wish to label and easily identify each figure that can be used for Eldtritch Horror, Arkham Horror/expansions, Elder Sign and Mansions of Madness/expansions.

page 1 is simply a list of all Investigators colour coded by Fantasy Flight game. page 2 are half inch stickers for the bottom of each Investigator miniature. Yellow tipped stickers are for Eldritch Horror. Red tipped are for Mansions of Madness w/letters to identify expansion.
Dec 30, 2013


Elder Sign:: ES Enhancement: Raising challenge By: Hector_Xavier
Elder Sign enhancement.pdf (43 KB)
A few house rules raising the challenge of Elder Sign without requiring additional components or complex rules.
Mar 3, 2016


Elder Sign:: Ancient One Attack Variant (for ES and UF) By: LipaB
ES&UF - Ancient One Attack Variant v1.1.pdf (278 KB)
This variant introduces a new level of excitement (and challenge!) into Elder Sign / Unseen Forces, by enabling the Ancient Ones to actively attack the investigators throughout the course of the game!
Mar 3, 2016


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign Score Sheet By: NikToo
Elder Sign Score Sheet.xlsx (691 KB)
Updated with a bit clearer headers. Enter the end results under Results.
Nov 23, 2015
Elder Sign Score Sheet.xlsx (691 KB)
My attempt at a score sheet for Elder Signs. Very open to input about weightings for everything. Wanted it so that a win with no extras was a low score, and having trophies, etc., was somewhat beneficial. It doesn't take into account turns as keeping track of those just makes it complicated while playing. So suggestions very welcome. :)
Nov 22, 2015


Elder Sign:: Jude's Clockless Variant and Balance Chart for Elder Sign By: Jude
Elder Sign Clockless Variant and Balance Chart by Jude.pdf (34 KB)
Jude's Clockless Variant removes the Clock from the game, while still retaining the nightly Midnight and Mythos effects. This variant will work well with the base Elder Sign game and also with the Unseen Forces expansion added in. I have not tested it with Gates of Arkham expansion or any later expansions. Also included is a Balance Chart, which can be used alone or with the Clockless variant, for adjusting the difficulty with different numbers of investigators.
Oct 5, 2015


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign: All Cards, All Expansions By: GermanTodd
Elder Sign All Cards All Expansions for BGG.xlsx (61 KB)
Details of every card from every the base game and both expansions: text, effects, etc.
Jul 28, 2015


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh By: Captain Ginyu
EgyptBackAlt.pdf (2.84 MB)
Alternate backs for the cards in case printer works differently.
Jul 21, 2015
PharaohBack.pdf (5.65 MB)
Custom expansion based of the ES: Omens campaign. Contains a herald, new allies, and a new Adventure deck. Ver 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
Egyptbacks.pdf (12.78 MB)
Adventure card backs for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1
Apr 5, 2014
TombPrint5.pdf (6.86 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1
Apr 5, 2014
TombPrint4.pdf (11.68 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1
Apr 5, 2014
TombPrint3.pdf (11.29 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1
Apr 5, 2014
TombPrint2.pdf (11.19 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1
Apr 5, 2014
TombDesert1.pdf (11.00 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
DesertPrint4.pdf (10.97 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
DesertPrint3.pdf (11.24 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
DesertPrint2.pdf (10.99 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
DesertPrint1.pdf (10.72 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
CityPrint4.pdf (10.66 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
CityPrint3.pdf (11.31 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
CityPrint2.pdf (11.13 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
CityPrint1.pdf (11.28 MB)
Adventure cards for the Egyptian Expedition deck. Ver. 1.0
Apr 5, 2014
PharaohPrint.pdf (11.39 MB)
Custom expansion based of the ES: Omens campaign. Contains a herald, new allies, and a new Adventure deck. Ver 1.0
Apr 4, 2014


Elder Sign:: The Math of Elder Sign By: Scarlet Witch
The Math of Elder Sign - Chapter 1.pdf (119 KB)
What are the chances of success while attempting to pass a specific adventure in ES? What's the impact of spending items to add dice to the mix? What's the difficulty level of each installment in the ES series? What are the best strategies to win the game? All the math behind Elder Sign is finally disclosed and debated in-depth

And please, thumb up this entry so that it remains visible for the community as long as possible :) it's more than 150 hours of our life on this project :) thank you!
Jun 22, 2015


Elder Sign:: Solo Elder Sign Win/Loss Percentage Tracker By: PaulAtredis
Elder Sign Solo Win Percentage Tracker.xlsx (35 KB)
Excel file used to track your Solo Games and calculate your total Win Percentage, The Ancient Ones you played against, and the Character used.
Jun 12, 2015


Elder Sign:: Elder Sign Scoresheet By: daclown
Elder_Sign_Scoresheet_v1.pdf (117 KB)
Elder Sign Scoresheet version 1.0.
A simple scoresheet to record which investigators were used and how close the end result of the game was (or not). Accomodate up to eight players.
May 13, 2015


Elder Sign:: Clock Tower By: Nargoth
ClockTower_v2.pdf (481 KB)
Clock tower for Elder Sign. Brown ver.
Apr 4, 2015
ClockTower_v1.pdf (481 KB) Apr 4, 2015


Elder Sign:: Skill Dice By: kungfro
SkillDice_v3b.pdf (10.26 MB)
Each investigator now has a personal pool of seven dice, assembled from a combination of any of seven new and unique customized die types. These dice make each investigator more or less likely to roll certain results, and also cause the investigators to randomly suffer harm.

This file also includes two unofficially modified investigators, four official and one modded Arkham Nights Ancient Ones, and a set of stickers to make unofficial corrections to certain monster tokens.

Version 3b: Added skill sheets for Gates of Arkham investigators, The Dark God ancient one, and an unofficial modded version of Daoloth with 1 fewer Elder Sign and Doom space, and unofficial sheets for six GoA investigators that restore their Sanity/Stamina balance to their Arkham Horror counterparts.
Mar 29, 2015


Elder Sign:: Fanmade Cardboard Standees By: super_bruno
Cardboard standees.pdf (377 KB)
Cardboard standees I made for Elder Sign to replace the mini tokens included in the game, with gracious permission from Fantasy Flight Games
Feb 5, 2015


Elder Sign:: Wooden Token Stickers By: zombiegod
Elder Sign - Wooden Token Stickers.pdf (120 KB)
Print onto sticker paper and apply to wooden discs.

The B&W side on three of the discs is to show whether that particular characters 'once per day' skill has been used. Flip when used.

Jan 25, 2015


Elder Sign:: Labels for Storage Jars & Turn Marker By: zombiegod
Labels for Storage Jars & Turn Marker..pdf (372 KB)
For anyone wishing to replicate my storage jars, or to create a turn marker.

Jan 25, 2015


Elder Sign:: Skrót zasad do ZSB (PL) By: nightrunner
zsb_m_2.0.pdf (664 KB)
Skrót i przypomnienie najważniejszych zasad Znaku Starszych bogów na dwóch stronach. Przydatne, gdy nie ma się czasu na wertowanie instrukcji, w której różne informacje są porozrzucane w wielu miejscach.
Jan 23, 2015


Elder Sign:: Le Signe des Anciens: La Malédiction du Pharaon By: baron mundus
TombPrint5.pdf (1.99 MB)
Traduction de "Elder Sign: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh" avec l'aimable autorisation de Captain Ginyu.
Nov 28, 2014
TombPrint4.pdf (4.26 MB)
Tomb Print 4
Nov 28, 2014
TombPrint3.pdf (3.35 MB)
Tomb Print 3
Nov 28, 2014
TombPrint2.pdf (3.25 MB)
Tomb Print 2
Nov 28, 2014
TombDesert1.pdf (3.14 MB)
Tomb Desert 1
Nov 28, 2014
PharaohPrint.pdf (2.86 MB)
Pharaoh Print
Nov 28, 2014
PharaohBack2.pdf (2.54 MB)
Pharaoh Back 2
Nov 28, 2014
Egyptbacks2.pdf (5.09 MB)
Egypt Backs 2
Nov 28, 2014
DesertPrint3.pdf (3.32 MB)
Desert Print 3
Nov 28, 2014
DesertPrint2.pdf (3.17 MB)
Desert Print 2
Nov 28, 2014
DesertPrint1.pdf (3.06 MB)
Desert Print 1
Nov 28, 2014
CityPrint4.pdf (2.98 MB)
City Print 4
Nov 28, 2014
CityPrint3.pdf (3.38 MB)
City Print 3
Nov 28, 2014
CityPrint2.pdf (3.23 MB)
City Print 2
Nov 28, 2014
CityPrint1.pdf (3.36 MB)
City Print 1
Nov 28, 2014

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