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Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition - Foam core Insert Plan By: Frankenduke
Twilight Struggle Insert Plan.skp (147 KB)
This is the SketchUp plans for a Twilight Struggle insert that I made. The foam core used was 1/8 inch(3.175mm). The plans were done in fractional inch sizes(sorry metric).
File was saved in SketchUp 2015 you may be able to get it convert to metric.
If you upgrade it, or use parts of it don't forget to give credit please.

Thanks Jon.
Jul 18, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Rulebook Index (for Deluxe Edition 2014) By: nsc68
Twilight Struggle Rulebook (Deluxe Edition 2014) - INDEX.pdf (26 KB)
As an exercise to aid in teaching myself the game and learning the rules interrelationships, I created an index for the TS Deluxe Edition (2014) rulebook. Card names are included in the index and found in italic font. Major sections are identified by boldface font. The index itself is page numbered starting at page 33 so that it marries up to the TS Deluxe Edition 2014 rulebook. Hope it proves helpful to others.
Jun 24, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Early War Tuckbox By: dte42
lateTuckbox.pdf (8.10 MB)
Late War tuckbox.
Apr 13, 2015
midTuckbox.pdf (8.07 MB)
Midwar box.
Apr 13, 2015
EarlyTuckbox.pdf (11.19 MB)
Print on some heavy card stock and use double sided tape to assemble. For unsleeved cards.
Apr 13, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Late War Scenario Labyrinth Board By: kingalces
labyrinth twilight struggle late war scenario (v0.1).pdf (45 KB)
This is a further evolution of a file I put together some time ago (

This time, I wanted to make an actual playable board. On a whim, I chose to use the start conditions of the Late War Scenario.

There are several other elements missing from this version of the board (like turn and space trackers). That is intentional, and those will come later.

What I would love is some help with auditing it--I'm really bad about missing small things and could use an extra set of eyes to check whether all my starting influence numbers are right.
Apr 13, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Visualized as a Labyrinth By: kingalces
labyrinth twilight struggle (v1.3).pdf (42 KB)
This version corrects one mistake, where I'd left out a wall between Yugoslavia and Turkey.
Apr 10, 2015
labyrinth twilight struggle (v1.2).pdf (41 KB)
This version incorporates a color scheme for the regions and subregions of the map.

I've also incorporated the stability number for each country and distinguished between battlegrounds using upper/lower case and bold/not-bold.

I think I'd still like to find a better way to mark battlegrounds than this, but I'd love to hear feedback.
Jan 20, 2015
labyrinth twilight struggle (v1.1).pdf (29 KB)
Twilight Struggle Visualized as a Labyrinth Version 1.1

Original version omitted Libya by accident. This version adds Libya back in. I thought Egypt ended up looking even longer than I expected...

Have not yet added markings for battlegrounds, continents, or stability numbers. Still thinking through the best way to do that without making the visualization too busy.
Jan 16, 2015
labyrinth twilight struggle.pdf (29 KB)
While this is certainly not the most playable map, I was curious what the map for Twilight Struggle would look like if adjacency was visualized within a circular labyrinth.

Thin lines signify adjacent countries, while thick lines are "walls" that do not provide adjacency.

Future iterations of this would give more space to central and south America, shoving over Asia a bit, but you should get the idea.
Jan 15, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: China Card Unavailable - Back for Sleeves By: kingalces
China Card Unavailable.pdf (256 KB)
I printed this out and stuck it in the sleeve behind my China Card. It also contains a quick summary of the rules for the Chinese Civil War Variant.
Mar 28, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Ściągawka gracza By: nightrunner
zimna sciagawka gracza - moj 1.4.pdf (834 KB)
Karta pomocy dla gracza.
Mar 20, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Skrót zasad PL By: nightrunner
zm45-89mojskrot_1.0.pdf (732 KB)
Streszczenie zasad na jednej kartce.
Mar 20, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Zimna Wojna - karta pomocy By: monkiusz
Zimna Wojna - karta pomocy ver2 - fixed.pdf (74 KB)
Poprawiona wersja (prawidłowe liczenie Kontroli). Błąd znalazł użytkownik forum, Koziołek.
Feb 21, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Twilight Struggle.pdf (1.14 MB)
Paper box for cards, 7x10 cm, pdf file, v. 1.0.

Full list of boxes.

Feb 20, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Русский перевод игровых карт By: Strelok
TScards-RU.xls (101 KB)
Russian translation of playing cards with some explanations
(except Scoring Cards).
Feb 4, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle AI by Jonathan Fanno By: StruggleinTwilight
Twilight Struggle AI 1.3.0 by Jonathan Fanno.pdf (117 KB)
Version 1.3
I have, for the time being, discontinued improving this AI. I am still very proud of the work I have done on it. It's been a long time since I've even looked at it. I probably will, during some crisis, stay up all night working on it as a way of coping with whatever is going on, in which case you may see another edition in the future. However as it currently stands my work has reached an end.
The improvements I have made in this last edition are for clarity.
[I accidentally uploaded 1.2 initially and called it 1.3. This is the real one.]
Oct 25, 2014
Twilight Struggle AI 1.2.0 by Jonathan Fanno.pdf (117 KB)
A comprehensive, yet concise, Artificial Intelligence, for the game Twilight Struggle, enabling it to be a single player game.
A box was moved to the main text. AI now places influence in controlled countries if event allows it to happen at no penalty.
More rephrasing and spelling fixes as well.
In the next version:
For simplicity the subtext in step 1 is going to be deleted. There have been multiple ways of putting either step 1 or 2 first(switching them) with special qualifications either way, to try to get the most skill in Europe for the AI(correct Europe play is important), but It's just not simple enough to justify the smalled added gains provided by the complex instructions. Im cutting it. In the future step 1 will only say, "Coup in Italy with a 3+ Ops Card". But I'm still committed to it remaining as "Step 1" instead of making it 2. I'm also looking to make more simplifications.
Ask questions about anything you don't understand below. Every couple months I will probably release an update until I can find no place for improvements.
May 16, 2014
Twilight Struggle AI 1.1.0 by Jonathan Fanno.pdf (117 KB)
Version 1.1.0.
A comprehensive, yet concise, Artificial Intelligence, for the game Twilight Struggle, enabling it to be a single player game.
Multiple typos and similar errors have been fixed. Some minor rephrasing was done for increased clarity. Instruction for scoring cards was added. Starting Influence in Europe was added.
Bugs that will be fixed in the next version:
On page 1 in Step Γ(gamma) The first small box which says "If no AI-associated cards..." needs to be deleted; the words "ignore space race", need to be put in parenthesis in the main text. This small box is a redundancy and is confusing.
The second box in this same step needs to say "and 9(Europe only/no D20)"
On page 4 the section which says, "Events Resulting in..." needs to make AI place influence in controlled countries when there is no penalty(due to event) first within sequence. The AI needs to capitalize on this edge.
Apr 21, 2014
Twilight Struggle AI 1.0.0 by Jonathan Fanno.pdf (117 KB)
Version 1.0.0.
A comprehensive, yet concise, Artificial Intelligence for the game, Twilight Struggle, enabling it to be a single player game.

Ask me if you need help understanding it.
Remember, just descend through the numbers until you can play one of the steps. For example if you are on step number 2 but all the European Battleground countries in Europe are controlled, continue on to step 3, and so on. Read the whole of the instructions if something doesn't make sense yet. Remember the AI follows all normal rules that a player has to follow unless otherwise stated. Please also read my notes at the end.
I thought I already got rid of the typos, but I found more. I will correct them in the next version:
Step 1 should say "unless AI controls it"
Step 3 should only mention (Poland) in the asterisked section.
Step 4, instead of saying "only countries you do not control", should say, "only countries AI does not control"; this phrase should also be included in step 6.
The second box of page 3 should reference Step 8 instead of step 7.
The second box on page 4 should read "during any of the 9 steps"
Page 4 should mention that scoring cards are played by AI as soon as they turned over.
Last box on page 4 should read 'countries adjacent to AI influence'" instead "'within reach'".
The next version will include starting influence in Europe also.
Apr 18, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: The latest Deluxe Rules By: USP45
TSRules-2009.pdf (1.60 MB)
The latest (2009) rules from the GMT website. Posted with permission. The physical book from my 2014-Oct purchase says on the cover "February, 2014" and that's not reflected in this file, although this file DOES have (c)2009 in the page footers.
Oct 8, 2014
ts_rules_deluxe.pdf (1.58 MB)
Downloaded from GMT Games Living Rules
Oct 7, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: CARTAS DE JOGO (PT-BR) By: marujomao
Cartas de jogo de Twilight Struggle traduzidas e diagramadas, incluindo cartas opcionais das edições espanhola, italiana e polonesa.
Oct 5, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: MANUAL DE REGRAS (PT-BR) By: marujomao
Manual de Twilight Struggle traduzido e diagramado, incluindo regras, fundo histórico e texto das cartas, cenário extra e tabela de referência dos jogadores, entre outras coisas.
Oct 5, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Card Counter By: jim90808
TWPlayerAid.jpg (567 KB)
Scan of the back side of the reference sheet from Twilight Struggle. Nice option of printing out on second side of card counter sheet.
Sep 5, 2014
Twilight_Struggle_Card_Counter.pdf (205 KB)
Sheet that can be laminated and used for card counting during Twilight Struggle. Page prints out on one half of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Print twice, cut in half, goto Kinkos and laminate both (use a 8.5x14 laminate, costs same as 8.5x11 and allows for nice 1/4" laminate border).
Aug 14, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: Card "hider" for not quite revealing held card(s) By: jim90808
Card Hider.pdf (102 KB)
I wanted to be able to reveal my hold card without showing any information on it (including "Remove from play if used as event." text). Cut out these card "hiders" including the "slots/windows". I laminated mine as well, and cut to fix my sleeved cards (which meant I had to trim these by about 3/16" all around). Refer to pics in comment section for results.
Sep 5, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: Realignment tally sheet By: marrae
Realignment form.pdf (32 KB)
A handy tally sheet for your Realignments.
See Coup tally sheet info.
Aug 5, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: Coup tally sheet By: marrae
Coup form.pdf (25 KB)
A handy tally sheet for calculating your coup attempts :)
Reduce the .pdf in size to print across letter size paper.
Cut into smaller pieces. Stack, staple. Enjoy!
Aug 5, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: TS Custom Deck box design(early-mid-late war) By: grayfox777
tuckbox(midwar).pdf (3.15 MB)
It's midwar file.
Jul 23, 2014
tuckbox(earlywar).pdf (2.96 MB)
It's Early war.
Jul 23, 2014
tuckbox (latewar).pdf (2.69 MB)
TS Tuck box -Late war by Rani Song.
It's re-upload, cause old file was broken.
Jul 23, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Quick Reference By: benni_jolink
twilight_struggle_quickref_ussr.png (205 KB)
Twilight Struggle Visual Quick Reference for USSR
Jun 30, 2014
twilight_struggle_quickref_usa.png (206 KB)
Twilight Struggle Visual Quick Reference for USA
Jun 30, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: Guía Rápida en una sola cara de A4 By: thorhispano
Twilight_Struggle_(guía_rápida)_por_ThoR_v.1.4.pdf (149 KB)
Corregidas erratas de las anteriores versiones e incluidas algunas normas que son interesantes tener presente.
Jun 4, 2014
Twilight Struggle (guía rápida) por ThoR v.1.2.pdf (425 KB)
Guía Rápida en una sola cara de A4 (v.1.2)

Se ha puesto correctamente el orden de preparación y las puntuaciones están mas claras.
Jan 7, 2013
Twilight Struggle (guía rápida) por ThoR v.1.1.pdf (424 KB)
Guía Rápida en una sola cara de A4 (v.1.1)
Jan 3, 2013


Twilight Struggle:: Densely Packed Map (A2 paper) By: rzymek
twilight-struggle-A2.pdf (5.57 MB)
Game board laid out to fit on an A2 paper (420 × 594 mmm).
Taiwan & Laos/Cambodia fix.
May 12, 2014
twilight-struggle-A2.pdf (5.57 MB)
Game board laid out to fit on an A2 paper (420 × 594 mmm).
Feb 6, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: 3D filesfor in box storage By: tawnos76 (342 KB)
These files will build 3 storage boxes. 2 for players and one for the basic game pieces.
Apr 27, 2014


Twilight Struggle:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
Twillight Struggle.pdf (531 KB)
Als het een lange tijd geleden is, kan deze samenvattingskaart je helpen bij het spelen van Twilight Struggle. Zo moet je niet hele tijd grijpen naar de spelregels!
Apr 1, 2014

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