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Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Twilight Imperium 3 - Clean Tech Tree By: Zerfukt
TI3_clean_techtree_v2.pdf (337 KB)
Version 2.0
- many minor cosmetic changes
- added checkbox to mark acquired technology advances
- added printer friendly black and white version
Oct 21, 2016
TI3_clean_techtree_v1.pdf (254 KB)
Version 1.0
- strict top to bottom tier structure
- clean and simple pathing
- incorporates both expansions
Oct 15, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Revisions to 4 Great Races - for MHS2 group members By: SFRR
GreatRaceFixProject_S-Norr_Xxcha_Muaat_Yin_Letnev_14-OCT-2016.pdf (44 KB)
We added a new Racial Technology to the Yin Brotherhood, "Dhydra Chambers"
Oct 20, 2016
GreatRaceFixProject_S-Norr_Xxcha_Muaat_Yin_Letnev_04-14-2016.pdf (43 KB)
Added the Great Race fix to the Barony of Letnev
Apr 14, 2016
GreatRaceFixProject_S-Norr_Xxcha_Muaat_Yin_03-12-2016.pdf (40 KB)
This is primarily for members of the MHS2 game group in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Mar 11, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Galactic Senate - SC#3 Senator Emeritus - SC#2 Detente - SC#5 Trade IV - SC#8 Dominion By: SFRR
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v96_07-OCT-2016.pdf (106 KB)
Version 96: no changes I just edited and clarified the relationship between Prelim Objectives and S.O.'s. Our games were ending too quickly (GR 5). Players receive both their Prelim Obj & their SO at game start but may only score 1 or the other, not both, for the duration of the game.
Oct 8, 2016
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v95_20-May-2016.pdf (98 KB)
Added 1 new FAQ with answer. Modified the Transfer Action and the purchase of Facilities.
May 16, 2016
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v94_14-May-2016.pdf (95 KB)
Edited / corrected HR#2.
May 10, 2016
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v93_13-Apr-2016.pdf (95 KB)
Further clarifications in the FAQ to the Yin racial ability, and further clarification to how the Xxcha racial ability affects discarding an agenda during the execution of SC#3 Senator Emeritus
Apr 14, 2016
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v92_24-Mar-2016.pdf (93 KB)
Have added 2 answers to the FAQ, these answers are in regards to our Revised versions of 4 of the Great Races.
Mar 25, 2016
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v90_14-Oct-2015.pdf (88 KB)
Latest revision, no real changes other than Stage II PO's may not be claimed until GR5 vs GR4. (our games were ending too quickly, GR5; we prefer to play to GR6 or GR7).
Oct 15, 2015
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v85_21-MAR-2015.pdf (87 KB)
This is our latest revision
Mar 26, 2015
TI3-SE-SotT_HRs-and-Rules-in-Play_v71_02-28-2014.pdf (74 KB)
Our long used, thoroughly play-tested, and well-honed House Rules and Variant Strategy Cards. Yes, this is indeed version 71. Credit goes to the BGGB, Board Game Group Bonn (Germany) for their brilliant Valuation Bid system for Great Race choice.
Feb 18, 2014


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Rewritten rulebook with integrated Shattered Ascension house rules By: magicoctopus
Twilight Imperium Shattered Ascension rules rewrite v 30092016.pdf (5.91 MB)
Changes to the previous version:

-Slight editing of the retreat rules
-Assembly: Speaker may be left with the current holder with option b)
-Building a Facility does not exhaust the planet, but leaves it in its current state (instead of refreshing)
-Facilities may be built on planets acquired during the same round and on planets under blockade
-If a race gains control of a War Sun unit, but does not have the War Sun Technology Advance, the War Sun has a movement of 1 and only bombards with 1 die
-Explicit rules about the number of drawn Strategy Cards (and pointed out that this is subject to change during the game depending on current number of players)
-Space Dock maximum raised to 6
-Simultaneous Action System added
-Promissory notes removed - they are no longer part of SA
-Added Standing Grav-Wave tokens to Border Tokens

-Definitions added:
*Void Systems
*Adjoining Systems
*Stable/Stationary Wormholes

-Plus other small fixes, edits and corrections...
Sep 30, 2016
Twilight Imperium Shattered Ascension rules rewrite v 11082016.pdf (6.24 MB)
Latest update, included the following:
-Added Saar exceptions to Multiculturalism and Cultural Crisis
-Creuss Gate may not be activated by other players in the first round
-Losing your HS is only a 2 point penalty
-Lots of updates to the 2-player rules, including Assembly, Jol-Nar, Objectives etc.
-Updated the Surrendering rules
-Generals may reroll same die twice
-Admiral may allow retreat
-Updated Trade SC image and rules: goods added to agreements at the start of the SC
-Updated Diplomacy SC image and rules: Opponents' CCs may be placed in different systems
-Two typos corrected in the Assembly rules
-Added definitions for Cargo and Neutral
Aug 11, 2016
Twilight Imperium Shattered Ascension rules rewrite with background updated version 17052016.pdf (4.53 MB)
Changes to the previous file:

*Space Mine hits must be assigned to non-fighter ships (this was an error in the previous file)
*Streamlined Leader rules
*Artifacts do not count for tech spec objectives
*Only 1 Preliminary Objective revealed at start
*Added definitions for Ground Units, Installations, Hostile Action
*"Artifacts may not normally be moved or Destroyed"
*Bureaucracy may only be used to claim Stage I Objectives
*CLARIFICATION: Retreating or getting stuck in a Gravity Rift does not trigger PDS fire
*Re-instituted the "Speaker token must move every Assembly" rule
*GF are promoted even if enemies are destroyed by bombardment
*Action Card effects that are normally restricted from being used in Home Systems can still be used if granted permission by the system's original owner
*Space Docks can now be built on blockaded planets
*Space Mines may be placed on wormholes
*Random votes in duels have been changed
*Tactical Retreat activation is paid from reinforcements if the retreating fleet is unactivated
*Twilight Council always has at least 5 agendas to choose from
*Winnu's tech spec is not subject to any special rules
*Trade goods are added to agreements after secondaries
*EDITING: Removed Tech lists from unit descriptions for the sake of space
*EDITING: Moved "Artifacts" under the Systems chapter (from under Planets)

Plus some small edits and corrections.
May 18, 2016
Twilight Imperium Shattered Ascension rules rewrite v 04032016.pdf (5.92 MB)
Some small updates this time.

*At the beginning of the Strategy Phase, Home System planets with no enemy ground units present will return exhausted to the hand of the original owner
*Home Systems planets can now be bombarded to neutrality (like any other planet)
*Transfer of captured leaders is done between the steps of the Status Phase and not just "during"
*Shock Troop clarifications
*Made the rule about STs surviving alone optional
*Bombardment must be assigned at the start of the planetary landings step
*Attacking units returned by the Diplomat ability may not be used in another invasion during the same activation
*Preliminary Objectives do not give an additional Secret Objective anymore!
*Updated the Flagship section and added the exception regarding their production capacity uptake
*Space Mine hits must be assigned to non-fighter ships
Mar 4, 2016
Twilight Imperium Shattered Ascension rules rewrite 01-2016.pdf (3.33 MB)
This is a big update, there were some errors and some of the rules have been changed. In addition to the list below, there have been some small revisions to the text to make it clearer. The work continues...

*Made a list of all optional rules in the optional rules section:
-Space Mines
-Mechanized Units
-Shock Troops
-Promissory Notes

*Updated Arborec rules
*Added rules for Promissory notes in the game concepts rules section
*Minor edits to Game Setup
*Fixed Buro: It does yield a CC, and the image was wrong; also added the card swapping ability to the secondary
*Diplomacy holder is immune to the secondary
*Fixed game setup summary about race selection: remove: (don’t choose races yet)
*Bombarding an empty planet does not make a HS planet neutral
*Space Mines don't detonate if the owner goes through
*Shock Troops cost 2
*MUs are not immune to Domain Counters
*Clarify that you cannot attack someone with the Diplomacy Strategy unless you can exhaust a planet
*Assembly gives 2 PCs and 2 ACs
*Add Voice of the Council rules to Assembly
*Diplomat overturn costs 6 influence
*Scientist planetary shield is not negated by Graviton Negator
*Add rules for executing Leaders
*Added notes that Racial Technologies do not count towards Objectives
*Political Card hand limit is 7
*Facilities are now built in the Status Phase
*Added Space-Time Anomalies

Shards of the Throne rules:
*Gravity Rifts: If there are already enemy ships present, the moving fleet is destroyed
*Preliminary Objectives: SOs drawn
*Add note about missing graphics for Yssaril and Saar flagships

Jan 27, 2016
Twilight Imperium Shattered Ascension rules rewrite 08-2015.pdf (2.90 MB)
Changes to this update:
-Stage II Objectives revealed at start
-Bureaucracy updated
-Naalu exception added to the pre-combat rules
-Added rules for triggering space mines to the Cruiser section
-added the "no red tech cumulation" rules for Cruiser and Destroyers
-Added Graviton Negator for the Cruiser tech list
-slightly edited the trade rules
-re-edited the retreating rules
-added the AC and PC glossaries
Aug 26, 2015
Twilight Imperium Shattered Ascension rules rewrite RELEASE.pdf (2.80 MB)
I have rewritten the rulebook, integrating Shattered Ascension house rules. I have done this mainly to give Shattered Ascension groups a single rulebook that they can give to new players instead of 4-5 different documents.

I have tried to incorporate all rules from these sources:
• Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition rulebook
• Shattered Empire rulebook
• Shards of the Throne rulebook
• Shattered Ascension rulebook 4.2beta

The rulebook has been written with the assumption of “increased plastic” from SA rules. I sincerely think that it enchances the game. Our group played with increased plastic way before we got a second copy of the game and expansions. You can just use figures of a different color when you run out.

“Twilight Council” is the default political system for SA games.

The alternate and additional game components can be found on the Shattered Ascension website.
Jul 13, 2014


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Two Fighter Vs Dreadnought - Combat Probabilties and Casualities By: nerotelchar
TI3_CacciaControCorazzata_CCC.pdf (607 KB)
This document is written in Italian.
I caolculated varius final exitus of one combat between 2 fighter and one DN. Same schema is applicable to others cases too. There is a bit of matematics involved.

Sep 6, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Objectifs raciaux By: derynnaythas
Objectifs raciaux.pdf (69 KB)
En remplacement des objectifs secrets, un peu trop génériques et souvent mal adaptés au style de jeu des différents peuples.
Aug 31, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: 9-10 Player Twilight Imperium By: Magesmiley
9-10 Player Twilight Imperium.ppt (800 KB)
Rules for playing Twilight Imperium 3 with 9 or 10 players, including two new Strategy Cards.
Jun 7, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Purple Majesty — A new race card By: Jape77
federation_of_soul.jpg (1.16 MB)
A few weeks ago, as we were trying to line up the players for a big game of Twilight Imperium, the news of Prince's death broke. This folded into a long running joke our group has about the Humans propensity for, uh, procreating, and within a short time we declared that hence forth the Federation of Sol will always be purple on the board. In honor of this, I made up a new card for my friend and am sharing it here.
May 13, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Complete List of TI3 Tiles with attributes By: raptor666
Twilight Imperium 3 Tiles - Complete List.xlsx (33 KB)
This is an Excel File with the complete List of tiles of TI3. It includes Name, Number of Planets, Influence, Ressources and other attributes.
I use it, to build up a fair galaxy, i.e. then I want to play an low eco game. (You can easily sort the attributes under Excel or Openoffice).

I used the List of Stefan Nemeth and fit it to my own needs. So most of the credits to him. You can download his list here:

I hope you could need this kind of list. :)
May 8, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Total Race Info By: Wetaas
Total Race Info.xlsx (1.77 MB)
This is an editable xls file with all races except for the Lazax. It may be used to new players of the game to get familiar with races that are playable. It also have section of strenght and weakness of the race. I may admit since I am new in this game I dont yet now this completly yet so I have copied info from the internett. But be freely to add your own experience of each race since I see that many rate and have their own meanings.
There are also one blank sheet in the end for you players who like to design own races to the game.
May 1, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: helper card for build setp By: zerg
ti3_production_helper_cards.pdf (21 KB)
The goal of these cards it to help player with the build setp
1 put in front of you as many card as the total build capacity in row (space docks+planet+tech+misc). All with the spacehip side up

2 count how many capital ships the system can sustain (fleet supply minus current number of cap ship). Flip card (starting on right of the row) in excess of this number.
For example if you have production capacity 10 and fleet supply 5, and one capital ship in the system: you will be able to build 10 units but only 4 capital ship. so you will have 10 card, 4 with a capital ship and ship with the crossed-out capital ship.

3 count your fighter capacity (carrier, war sun, space dock)minus number of fighters already in the system and put as many card on a 2nd row.

4 purchase ship, pay resource and place them on the cards
capital ship can only be placed on a card with a not crossed-out ship
Fighters can on be placed on card of the second row.

This helper cards will manage for you
Build capacity
Reaming Fleet capacity
Reaming Fighter capacity

leaving to the "simple" task of choosing unit and totaling needed resources :)

note: if you scuttle ship or build ships with capacty (like war sun or carriers) you need to adjust the cards (flip them and capital ship, or change the row (figher)

Apr 25, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Race Summary Cards By: jamesmayfieldau
TIRaceCards.pdf (261 KB)
So I wanted some cards that I can use to randomise race selection that also give people the key stats for the race on them. This is to speed up race selection, as people aren't sifting through the playmats, and bags of race goodies.

This is what I put together.

I used the race summary created by Steve Fowler for the base info, so thanks Steve for the head start.

Link to Steve's work here:

With my cards, you print them on card stock (or paper is fine too), in Duplex mode flipping along the long edge (although it doesn't really matter.

I have printed on paper, and then laminated for strength and shuffle-ability.

They're not small cards, but they have everything you need to know without pulling all the race stuff out.

Please note that the images and content in this file are the intellectual property of Fantasy Flight Games. It is intended that this fan-created play aid is used only by people who own a legitimate copy of Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition and it's expansions.
Apr 14, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Changes To Improve The Player Experience By: enickson
TI3 Changes To Improve The Player Experience - (4.95 MB)
The player experience in Twilight Imperium, especially for new players, could be improved. With that goal in mind, I created a set house rules, optional rules and player handouts which attempts to: streamline the rules, balance the game, ensure intuitiveness, and empower new players with the lightest touch possible. When everything is used together it will also speed up play.

Huge thank you to all who playtested and provided me with your feedback. This version is the best yet :)

Changes from v3.1:

House Rules:
-Simplification: Production: (as written) You may build a space dock in a system using production if there is already a Space Dock present in the system.
-Game Length: Tech Specialties are usable even when the planet is exhausted. Still only one discount per round. Reduces econ analysis/paralysis.

New Player Info:
-Added more info

-Added breaking ties
-Added note about controlling systems with no planets

Races modified:
-Added Lazax (alpha version)
-Sardakk N'orr - changed extra units to a carrier, added free use of secondary of Warfare
-J.N.S. Hylarim - improved wording
-Winnu - completely immune to local unrest (simplification)
-Y'sia Y'ssrila - changed ability to match race
-Mindnet - no extra CC due to Assault Cannon change

Modified Tech Tree & Shallow Tech Tree:
-Transfab - completely changed as previous was over powered
-Micro Tech - improved to improve balance with Sarween Tools and Neural Computing
-Magen Defense Grid - improved as too weak
-Assault Cannon - improved as too weak and addresses Dreadnought discussion
-Graviton Negator - improved as too weak
-Transit Diodes - improved as too weak
-X-89 - counters GenSynth

Modified Tech Tree:
-Fleet Logistics - drastically improved as top of tech tree

Shallow Tech Tree:
-Fleet Logistics - returned to RAW
-Structure changes to all colors for reasons too numerous to count

-Added another 6 player map
-Upgraded all maps from photos to digitally created images using
Mar 22, 2016
TI3 Changes To Improve The Player Experience - (5.40 MB)
The player experience in Twilight Imperium, especially for new players, could be improved. With that goal in mind, I created a set house rules, optional rules and player handouts which attempts to: streamlines the rules, balance the game, ensure intuitiveness, and empower new players with the lightest touch possible.

Version 3.1:
-Incorrect flat tech tree in v3 (re Duranium Armor requirement)
-Other minor corrections and added shading

Version 3.0:
-Added: a 6 player map
-Added: Compensated players for not being able to sell political cards (gain 1 TG/card)
-Flat Tech Tree:
-Modified: Major revisions to red and green structure
-Modified: Minor revision to yellow structure
-Modified: Maneuvering Jets for this tree only
-Added Muaat ability clarification for use with this tech tree
-Modified restriction to Mindnet Inheritance Systems
-Modified: minor improvement to Integrated Economy
-Modified: swapped back to RAW ‘system control’ instead of ‘planet control’ for racial techs
-Added player admin roles as suggested by SFRR
-Improved New Player handout
-Other minor changes/corrections
Nov 23, 2015
TI3 Changes To Improve The Player Experience - (3.92 MB)
The player experience in Twilight Imperium, especially for new players, could be improved. With that goal in mind, I created a set house rules, optional rules and player handouts which attempts to: streamlines the rules, balance the game, ensure intuitiveness, and empower new players with the lightest touch possible.

Version 2: An updated version of the package after more play testing.

Primary Changes:
-Dropped: promissory notes
-Dropped House Rule: Dreadnaught rolling 2 dice
-Dropped House Rule: Warfare 1 instead of Warfare II.
-Added: Original unmodified tech tree and racial sheets
-Added: a 4 player map
-Modified: Deep Modified Tech Tree
-Completed: first version of Shallow Tech Tree
-Modified: major change to the Tribes taken from the Shattered Ascension to emphasize theme and maintain balance
-Modified: broke up tech and racial sheets into separate sheets.
Oct 22, 2015
TI3 Changes To Improve The Player (1.78 MB)
The player experience in Twilight Imperium, especially for new players, could be improved. With that goal in mind, I created a set house rules, optional rules and player handouts which attempts to: streamlines the rules, balance the game, ensure intuitiveness, and empower new players with the lightest touch possible. I am uploading them here to help others who are interested. Not to debate the merits of each change.

The forum post for this download is located here:

Sep 16, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Modified Rule Set Compiled by cpf86 By: cpf86
Twilight Imperium Modified Rule Set Compiled by cpf86.docx (214 KB)
This is the current set of variants that my group use.

It is meant to have a fast play time with minimum changes to the component. Only main changes are to the SC #3 & #8.

The primary fixes are the political system, trimmed Public Objectives, Action cards & political cards deck and simple quality of life changes (eg the mix and match rule)

Enjoy! And please comment if you have thoughts!
Mar 10, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Tech Tree for Newbies Update By: thomasrobb
TI3 Technology Tree 3.xlsx (14 KB)
Update (correct words, spellings, etc.) from previous post.
Feb 22, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Twilight Imperium Vector Races Icons By: ZaRaZa (336 KB)
v2: added The Lazax icon.
Jan 26, 2016 (320 KB)
These are vector race icons I made myself.
They are "more flat", than originals, it's just my point of view.
The Lazax icon is missing for now.
Jul 17, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Honeycomb 3D Layout corner piece By: Leifr
TI3 3D Honeycomb Corner.stl (425 KB)
You should print two of these for each of your tiles. Attach a label to the internal triangle with the name or image of the tile. One tile leads up a level, one down.
Jan 19, 2016


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Twilight Imperium (3rd ed) tech tree By: eiterorm (108 KB)
=== Twilight Imperium (Third Edition) Technology Tree ===

Organized in tiers

Can be printed on both sides of an A4 paper sheet (scale to fit) or a paper sheet of similar size

- Shattered Empire technologies
- Shards of the Throne technologies

- Race-specific technologies


Very minor adjustments for improved results when printing

I have recently discovered that all the text is perfectly legible when printed on an A4 paper sheet (my description previously said A3 instead of A4)

Don't expect further updates or answers, seeing as I barely ever log onto this site. However, please do leave a comment if something needs to be fixed -- I might notice the comment eventually.
Jan 16, 2016 (57 KB)
Edit, 16 jan 2016:
Original file before minor adjustments. See description above.
If the green color in the updated file is too bright, use this original file instead.
Dec 28, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Nox Ultimate Setup + 2 House Rules (Galactic Court/Political Campaigns) By: NoxMortem
UltimateSetup.pdf (189 KB)
An easy setup variant which completly eliminates all complete complete horrible statistical outliers possible by the usual setups and still allows for quick randomized setup. It allows to prebuild the map for 2-6 players with or without both expansion and once understood should be easily be adaptable for 7-8 players which I do not play and therefore was not able to play test.

With this variant no player will every have less than 8 resources in his "close" neighbourhood which avoids players being completly shut off because they can't even get enough resources to turtle. It also makes influence more interesting because there is likely - not necessarily - less available which makes it more important.

It also handles special system and empty tile distribution in a very elegant way.

A very classic bidding for race and start position completly balances all other differences as extra trade goods allow to cut off all other sharp edges.

2 small house rules are appended at the end: The Galactic Court and the poltiical campaign.
Dec 29, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: DieStar's TI3rd Houserules By: DieStar
DieStar's TI3rd Houserules.pdf (233 KB)
a work-in-progress of our group's alterations to Twilight Imperium 3rd edition and its expansions - making the game slightly more competitive.
These changes are mostly minimal, and do not alter any existing components or require new ones.

Primary changes are:
* Victory conditions - more objectives, and making the endgame less abrupt
* Assembly and Political Cards - changing how political cards work in and out of their Strategic action
* Leaders - making their rules more accessible, and changing the Leaders' abilities to make them more viable
* small changes to Dreadnought and WarSun, to narrow the power gap between them
Also includes a consolidated game setup guide, with some tweaks (mostly how we prefer to play), for these houserules.

Any feedback will be appreciated. Have fun!
Dec 23, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Expandable frame for printing at 3d-printer By: speckdrum
TI3frame.rar (9 KB)
In this rar are 3 stl-files for 3 components of a frame for TI-tiles.

If you print them 6 times, you can combine them to a frame suitable for a 7/8-player galaxy. If you leave out the ext-part, it fits for a normal-size galaxy.

One printed set looks like this:
Nov 17, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Unit Summary for Plano 2-3500 Lid Insert By: Steelcrystal
Unit Summary for Plano 3500 Insert Print File with Cut Line.pdf (11.68 MB)
If you don't use Plano 2-3500 storage trays to organize your fleets for easy handling and access, consider trying it out - you'll love it. If you do use them, and would like to jazz up your storage solution and make it a little more integral to the game experience, I humbly submit this insert for the lid. It provides all the unit statistics normally provided on those tiny fleet summary cards, but with larger text. Also provided are summaries of the rules for Shock Troops, Space Mines, Anti-Fighter Barrage, Bombardment, PDS fire, and the basics for purchasing Facilities. This insert is provided as a useful learning tool for new players, as well as an easily accessible reference for more experienced players. There are 3 inserts per 11x17 page, so printing 3 pages will allow you to outfit all 8 of your storage boxes with one left over for practice cutting, gluing, etc. For the cost of getting a color copy, I'd honestly recommend printing 4 so you have plenty to practice with. Have these printed on the heaviest paper stock your printer can manage - they'll hold up better and be easier to apply. Once printed, cut along the red outline. A sharp X-Acto and a ruler should be all you need to cut these shapes out, just be patient and careful. For application, I suggest using either double-sided carpet tape, covering the entire back of the insert (done before cutting the sheets out), or spray adhesive (applied after the inserts are cut). Just make sure to line up the insert along the bottom edge of the lid before pressing down, thus ensuring a square, properly aligned application (take an insert with no adhesive on the back and hold it in place to get an idea of how and where you want to align them before messing with the adhesives at all). Apply by working your way up from the bottom, sweeping pressure back and forth across the insert until you reach the top. Feel free to comment here or contact me if you have any questions.
Nov 13, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Twilight Imperium Living Rulebook By: Oigelb
TI3 LRB 1.4.5.epub (2.04 MB)
Fan made 1.4.5 Living Rulebook of Twilight Imperium 3. Edition.
Contains Base Game, Shattered Empire, Shards of the Throne, Online FAQ (2.5), Preset Maps and Variants from FFG.
The FAQ has been sorted and the Errata has been integrated in the belonging chapters.

Thanks to kiminoboku, ZaRaZa, Kelanen and Arael for their corrections and houserules.

With the Permission of Fantasy Flight Games
All rights belong to Fantasy Flight Games. (
Oct 17, 2015
TI3 LRB 1.4.5.pdf (4.79 MB)
PDF Format
Fan made 1.4.5 Living Rulebook of Twilight Imperium 3. Edition.
Contains Base Game, Shattered Empire, Shards of the Throne, Online FAQ (2.5), Preset Maps and Variants from FFG.
The FAQ has been sorted and the Errata has been integrated in the belonging chapters.

Thanks to kiminoboku, ZaRaZa, Kelanen and Arael for their corrections and houserules.

With the Permission of Fantasy Flight Games
All rights belong to Fantasy Flight Games. (
Oct 17, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Cards with all important info for all races (SE & ST) in croatian language By: sadistiko
Karte za biranje rasa.pdf (1.84 MB)
Karte sa svim važnim informacijama o svim rasama (obje ekspanzije).
Mi ih koristimo kada biramo koju ćemo rasu igrati. Npr, izvučemo 3 karte i od te tri biramo jednu rasu.
Oct 1, 2015


Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Score sheet in croatian language By: sadistiko
BodovanjeTI3-8.pdf (190 KB)
A4 papir za bodovanje do 8 igrača
Oct 1, 2015

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