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Biblios:: Biblios 2page Rules Summary By: hossman
Biblios_rules_summary.pdf (47 KB)
Rules summary designed to fit on a single double sided letter (8.5x11 inch) page.

This summary sheet was created by starting with Benjamin Maggi's excellent previous summary, changing the formatting, adding some missing details where I felt his summary was vague, and correcting some mistakes in the rules (at least according to my 2015 iello English printing of the rule book)
Jan 2, 2016


Biblios:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Biblios.pdf (1.43 MB)
Paper box for cards, 7x10 cm, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛

Feb 19, 2015


Biblios:: Biblios player aid (printer-friendly) By: shichigatsu
Biblios-player_aid.pdf (88 KB)
visual player aid. shows card distribution and player number setup. printer-friendly: no images used, minimal colors. A4 size.
Feb 16, 2015


Biblios:: Rules Summary By: Benjamin Maggi
Biblios (Rules_Summary) v.2.docx (16 KB)
V.2: All of the rules of the game. Originally my rules summary was 2 full pages. I adjusted the spacing and such so that it is now 3 pages... but now it can be printed (with pages 2-3 back to back), trimmed, and laminated AND still fit in the box! No rules changes were made, so if you like the older format that is okay too.
Oct 21, 2014
Biblios (Rules Summary).docx (16 KB)
All of the rules of the game condensed onto two pages.
Sep 18, 2014


Biblios:: Biblios (Player Aid) By: Benjamin Maggi
Biblios (Player Aid).docx (14 KB)
Short player aid that lists the basic rules for the game.
Oct 3, 2014


Biblios:: Résumé des règles - Biblios By: vikingwarship
Biblios résumé des règles - Vikingwarship.docx (16 KB)
Un résumé des règles en français avec l'essentiel de ce qu'il faut savoir pour préparer le jeu et jouer.
Aug 11, 2014


Biblios:: Biblios Solo By: riddle13
Biblios Solo.pdf (264 KB)
rules for playing Biblios... by yourself!
Nov 23, 2013
Biblios Solo.pdf (263 KB)
rules for playing Biblios... by yourself!
Mar 23, 2013


Biblios:: Biblios rulebook Chinese version By: wimiu
Biblios_Rules_cht.pdf (3.65 MB)
The Biblios rulebook Chinese version consists of official rulebook and 5-player variant translation.

文獻室中文規則v1 包含了 規則書 和 5人遊戲變體規則 的中文翻譯。
Jul 20, 2013


Biblios:: Regras para o Biblio By: vpantarotto
Biblios_Rules_PT.pdf (427 KB)
Regras em português(BR) baseadas na versão em inglês.
Apr 24, 2013


Biblios:: Player aid x 4 - includes card distribution, total values and player count set-up By: domus_ludorum
Biblios_playaid_x_4.zip (6.63 MB)
Player aid that prints 4 to a sheet showing the suit distributions, total suit values and set up by player count. Intended to be printed on label paper and mounted. Includes decorative titled image for reverse of player aid.
Nov 9, 2012


Biblios:: Replacement case (fits for cards with standard sleeves) By: Zoids
Biblios_replacement_case.pdf (152 KB)
This is a simple case to replace the plastic case. 220g A4 size paper is recommended.
Oct 21, 2012


Biblios:: Biblios Regolamento in Italiano By: rotilio
Biblios.pdf (8.82 MB)
Biblios Regolamento in Italiano
Aug 9, 2012


Biblios:: Biblios Distribution Chart from Inside Box, 2nd edition By: drfinn
Biblios_distribution.pdf (804 KB)
The image included in the 2nd edition of Biblios showing card distribution. Much better organized than the chart in first edition.
Jul 24, 2012


Biblios:: Краткие правила / Short rules By: Pard
biblios_short_rules_ru_v_1_0.pdf (1.48 MB)
Краткие правила, A4 pdf / Short rules in russian, A4 pdf
Jan 2, 2012


Biblios:: Biblios - Rules Ukrainian language By: yorri
Biblios_Ukr.pdf (3.60 MB)
Biblios - Rules Ukrainian language
Dec 27, 2011


Biblios:: Biblios Tuck Boxes (accomodates card sleeves) By: shigadeyo
Biblios_Tuck_Boxes_Card_Sleeves_1.pdf (21 KB)
This is a pair of simple tuck boxes to hold the cards from Biblios. They were sized to accommodate the cards in standard sleeves. However, I sized them up so that they should also be able to accommodate premium sleeves. Two tuck boxes are needed to hold all the cards. Remove the original game insert and these tuck boxes will *just* fit inside the original Biblios box. Paper Size: US Letter; Color: Black and White Only; Font: Stonehenge.
Dec 6, 2011


Biblios:: Scripts & Scribes rules in Pocket Mod format By: jeroengeenen
Scripts&Scribes pocketmod rules.pdf (21 KB)
Scripts & Scribes rules in Pocket Mod format, for easy printing in a card-sized format. Rules are the same as the ones posted by the author in this file section.
Sep 16, 2011


Biblios:: Reglas en español By: Bicho
Biblios_Rules_es.pdf (872 KB)
Traducción al español de las reglas originales en inglés


Spanish translation of the original rules in English
Sep 9, 2011


Biblios:: Biblios Korean Rules By: skeil
Biblios Korean Rules v1_01.pdf (170 KB)
Biblios rules in Korean.
May 15, 2011


Biblios:: Biblios - Nederlandse Vertaling By: Lode
Biblios.pdf (35 KB)
Nederlandstalige spelregels Biblios
Apr 4, 2011


Biblios:: Biblios - polish rules By: atwar
biblios_pl.pdf (1.51 MB)
Polskie zasady do Biblios
Feb 18, 2011


Biblios:: Scripts & Scribes - skrót zasad By: lukaszkuch
Scripts & Scribes Pomoc Gracza.pdf (35 KB)
Skrót zasad w języku polskim przystosowany do wersji z grafikami z linku http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/40596/item/893502#item8935...
Jan 9, 2010


Biblios:: "Influence Peddlers" themed cards for Scripts and Scribes By: FezAZ
PDF of 36 cards.pdf (1016 KB)
The deck, rules, card back, and score card for the "Influence Peddlers" re-theme of Scripts and Scribes. Also available on artcow.com
Oct 8, 2009


Biblios:: Postage Stamp Re-theme v 1.0 By: UnknownParkerBrother
Postage Scripts and Scribes v1.0.pdf (4.57 MB)
Everything needed to create your own version of my re-theme of Scripts and Scribes using famous postage stamps.
Aug 5, 2009


Biblios:: Scripts and Scribes Quick Reference By: Ajax
scripts and scribes quick.doc (45 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas.

Fixed 3-player setup error and added "no bids" clarification.
Jun 7, 2008
scripts and scribes quick.doc (45 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas.
May 26, 2008

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