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Tigris & Euphrates:: Carta resumen Tigris & Éufrates By: Zubera
Cartas ayuda Tigris Eufrates.pdf (879 KB)
Las 4 cartas en un mismo documento A4
Aug 6, 2016
Carta ayuda Tigris&Eufrates.pdf (794 KB)
Carta resumen 64x85 mm. con la secuencia de turno y principales componentes del juego. Información básica en un formato sencillo para introducción al juego
Aug 3, 2016


Tigris & Euphrates:: Rules in Greek By: xgmo67
Τ&Ε.pdf (710 KB)
Οι κανόνες στα Ελληνικά.
Feb 12, 2015


Tigris & Euphrates:: Játékszabály (Civilizációs épületek, Zikkurat) By: Nargoth
Tigris and Euphrates_zikkurat.pdf (5.67 MB)
Thaur és Superpityu fordítása, kiegészítve a Zikkurat kiegészítővel. (Pegasus Spiele design)
Feb 9, 2015


Tigris & Euphrates:: Teaching Aid for Tigris and Euphrates - in Hebrew By: Leptoquark
Tigris & Euphrates - Heb teaching guide.pdf (110 KB)
גרסה מעודכנת של המערך המכילה כעת רק 2 עמודים
Jan 22, 2015
Euphrat and Tigris teaching guide.doc (74 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
Nov 12, 2009


Tigris & Euphrates:: Памятка (Shinner) By: Shinner
Тигр и Ефрат (памятка Shinner).doc (54 KB)
Sep 21, 2013


Tigris & Euphrates:: Summary in Chinese By: klin1982
Tigris & Euphrates.rar (4 KB)
Aug 26, 2013


Tigris & Euphrates:: Tigris & Euphrates 2-Player Nile Board By: DigitalMan
Tigris 2P Nile Board.pdf (1.49 MB)
My take on the graphics for the Nile board. This file will be a challenge to print, but it can be split across 4 letter-sized pages.
Jun 15, 2013


Tigris & Euphrates:: Player Screen in Portuguese. By: LaFey
ShieldTigris.pdf (418 KB)
Player Screen in Portuguese with turn order, internal and external conflicts, as per Pegasus Spiele edition. For 4 players.
Mar 26, 2013


Tigris & Euphrates:: Eufrat i Tygrys - 10 reguł, o których musisz pamiętać By: Skeeza
Eufrat i Tygrys_10 reguł_v1.docx (14 KB)
Dziesięć najważniejszych reguł (metodą "4-3-2-1"), o których trzeba pamiętać, żeby grać w EiT - zanotowane na zaledwie jednej stronie w klarowny, działający na wyobraźnię sposób, dzięki czemu świeży gracz będzie doskonale pamiętał, jakie akcje może wykonać, w jaki sposób może punktować, czy co determinuje zwycięzcę.

--Zainspirowane tutorialem autorstwa Ryana Sturma z podcastu How to Play.
Feb 24, 2013


Tigris & Euphrates:: Resumen de reglas en español By: jgonzal
Tigris & Eufrates - Resumen.pdf (137 KB)
Completo resumen de reglas en español. Muy cómodo si se imprimen ambas hojas en una cara y se dobla por la mitad. Formato similiar al que usa Ketty para sus estupendos resúmenes de reglas.
Jan 28, 2013


Tigris & Euphrates:: alternativ leather & stone redesigned T&E KIT By: ImplicitA
completeKit_T&E_leather&stoneredesigned.rar (17.48 MB)
alternativ leather & stone redesigned T&E KIT

based on original map and 2 players NIL map.

Print on photopaper glue on old calendar, cut, PLAY
( you should use or do youself with fimo monuments )

Hope you"ll like it.
Dec 23, 2012


Tigris & Euphrates:: Nice board for original Tiles. 2 players only By: ImplicitA
nil2playerboardrelooked.rar (12.16 MB)
this is the board "nil" for two players, relooked in original mesopotamian look.

hope you'll like it. use old calendar en glue 4 A3 photopaper on it. have a good game !
Dec 15, 2012


Tigris & Euphrates:: Kit rethemed homemade pacific new caledonia themed By: ImplicitA
KitbuilderMoindouTeremba.pdf (3.44 MB)

A kit to make your own T&E on a new theme i made (thanks to Gimp) for my sister.
hope you will like it.
Nov 30, 2012


Tigris & Euphrates:: BGG T&E tile counting By: civil
TE_Counting-Tiles_ver6.11.xls (1.96 MB)
new version...
Mar 15, 2012
TE_Counting-Tiles_ver5.xls (1.84 MB)
A file that uses the Game Log of BGG Tigris & Euphrates online game to count the remaining tiles in the bag (total and per colour).
Jan 18, 2012


Tigris & Euphrates:: Regras rápidas v1.1 By: Patesi
Regras rápidas.pdf (161 KB)
Regras rápidas v1.1. Sugiro imprimir frente e verso.
Sep 23, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Short Rules of EuT in german By: EinBrettspieler
EuT-german.pdf (31 KB)
Short Rules of EuT in german on just 2 pages + variant rules
Aug 14, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: regras resumidas (PT-BR) By: Patesi
Regras rápidas.pdf (150 KB)
Sugiro imprimir frente e verso.
Aug 13, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Regras (PT-BR) c/ regras avancadas By: Patesi
Tigre & Eufrates-Regras 2.pdf (1.22 MB)
Regras de Tigris & Euphrates diagramadas e inclusas as regras avançadas.
Aug 9, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: T&E Score Sheet By: shred121569
Tigris Score Sheet.pdf (152 KB)
Score sheet to eliminate those fiddly cubes. makes the game go much smoother not having to mess with the cubes.
Jun 30, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Regras traduzidas para português (BR) By: Romir
Euphrat & Tigris.pdf (4.97 MB)
Rules translation to portuguese (based on the german version) - Regras traduzidas para português BR (baseado na versão em alemão) - Version 1.0
Jun 22, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Teaching Guide for T&E from The How to Play Podcast By: RyanSturm
HTP Teaching Guide 05 Tigris BW.pdf (250 KB)
Black and White version of the original teaching guide.
Jun 4, 2011
HTP Teaching Guide 05 Tigris.pdf (246 KB)
Here is a short outline to keep with your game and assist you when you need to teach the game. The outline includes an opening hook, a step by step outline on a suggested order in which to teach the meat of the rules and some beginning strategy. To hear an example explanation using this outline or to learn the game yourself listen to "The How to Play Podcast Episode #5 Tigris and Euphrates" available at www.howtoplaypodcast.com
Feb 23, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Shorthand Rules Summary for each player By: bigloo33
T n E cheat sheet.doc (31 KB)
Very shorthand rules summary/refresher for all players. Print and cut.
Mar 10, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Tigris and Euphrates Knockout competition rules By: gewsh
Summer KO.pdf (119 KB)
Rules for Tigris and Euphrates Knockout competitions run on Board Game Geek
Mar 10, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Resumen Tigris & Euphrates By: brunofg
tigris&euphratesresumen.pdf (64 KB)
Es una traducción/adpatación del resumen (overview) de cuatro páginas que viene en el juego. Puede servir de referencia una vez que conoces las reglas o para hacerte una idea sobre como funciona el juego.
Jan 6, 2011


Tigris & Euphrates:: Nice cards to sum and register final scores in Tigris By: PauloSantoro
tigris_score_register.pdf (116 KB)
Pdf file with 8 score sheets. I designed to keep scores and also the players order, so we can alternate starting player, second to play, etc.
Oct 2, 2010

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