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Amun-Re:: Summary Cards - ALL info By: McDug
Summary Card.jpg (2.33 MB)

Everything you need on a single page (to be folded). With all details required: phases, scoring, and power cards.

(these cards have been modified due to the discussion below. My original upload had a couple small errors I was not aware of)

Jul 31, 2014


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re - Rules PL By: melusina
Amun-Re instrukcja PL.pdf (2.04 MB)
Instrukcja gry
Jul 12, 2013


Amun-Re:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
Amon-Ra.pdf (493 KB)
Als het een lange tijd geleden is, kan deze samenvattingskaart je helpen bij het spelen van Amon-Ra. Zo moet je niet hele tijd grijpen naar de spelregels!
Nov 13, 2011


Amun-Re:: Complete Rules Reference 1 Page Fold in Half By: pregremlin
Amun_Re_Reference.pdf (362 KB)
A complete rules reference. Print and trim edges. Fold in half and glue together.
Mar 20, 2011


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re: Turn Order and Teaching Aid By: cichlidhead
AmunRe_TurnOrderPlayerAid_v1.0.xls (27 KB)
This is a phase-by-phase summary of Amun-Re, including setup and scoring details on a 2nd page. Designed for the "games explainer" as a quick rules refresher and teaching aid.
Apr 9, 2010


Amun-Re:: Tarjetas-resumen By: angel3233
img031.jpg (3.69 MB)
tarjetas resumen; se pueden cortar y pegar sobre las originales del juego (texto en castellano)
Dec 22, 2009


Amun-Re:: Teaching aid for Amun-Re - in Hebrew By: koby_shachar
HowToTeach_AmunRe.doc (42 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
Apr 29, 2009


Amun-Re:: NL spelregels Amon Re By: koen2602
Amun.doc (43 KB)
opgemaakte versie obv vertaling door Peter Vosters (Spelgroep Hof van Watervliet, Brugge, België)
Nov 18, 2008


Amun-Re:: Help cards for amun-re in slovenian language By: Sgathan_
Amun-re(slo).zip (737 KB)
My translation of help card to slovenian language
Jun 15, 2008


Amun-Re:: Teaching Amun-Re By: Osiris Ra
Amun-re.pdf (54 KB)
A comprehensive look at the rules, simplified for teaching.
Nov 12, 2007


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re.doc By: UvulaBob
Amun-Re.doc (7.70 MB)
Innovan's player aid was neat, but didn't print two-sided easily. I have fixed that.
Jul 10, 2007


Amun-Re:: AmunRe_Cartas.pdf By: luderia
AmunRe_Cartas.pdf (1.92 MB)
Descrição das cartas em português.
May 24, 2007


Amun-Re:: AmunRe_Resumo.pdf By: luderia
AmunRe_Resumo.pdf (440 KB)
Regras em 1 página - Português
May 22, 2007


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re Power Card Aid.pdf By: Dan Manfredini
Amun-Re Power Card Aid.pdf (130 KB)
Player aid summarizing the power card abilites. [Four aids printable on one page]
Mar 7, 2007


Amun-Re:: traduccion_español.pdf By: alatriste
traduccion_español.pdf (1.79 MB)
Traduccion al Español
Jan 8, 2007


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re-catala.pdf By: verntallat
Amun-Re-catala.pdf (198 KB)
Catalan Translation - Rules --- Reglament en català
Oct 5, 2006


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re - Punts de Victòria - Català.jpg By: ludopath
Amun-Re - Punts de Victòria - Català.jpg (53 KB)
Amun-Re - Overview Victory Points - Catalan Translation
Aug 23, 2006


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re - Fases d'una Ronda - Català.jpg By: ludopath
Amun-Re - Fases d'una Ronda - Català.jpg (91 KB)
Amun-Re - Overview Phases of a Round - Catalan Translation
Aug 23, 2006


Amun-Re:: Amun Re Tuckbox Set.pdf By: hholzgrafe
Amun Re Tuckbox Set.pdf (766 KB)
Tuckboxes with artwork for cards
Jan 31, 2006


Amun-Re:: Power cards.jpg By: barbate
Power cards.jpg (457 KB)
Hungarian translation - cards
Oct 28, 2005


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re_hun.rules.doc By: barbate
Amun-Re_hun.rules.doc (124 KB)
Hungarian translation - rules
Oct 28, 2005


Amun-Re:: Amun Re quick crib sheet.doc By: xtricksterx
Amun Re quick crib sheet.doc (27 KB)
Amun Re quick crib sheet
Aug 22, 2005


Amun-Re:: AmunReCardAid.jpg By: quozl
AmunReCardAid.jpg (566 KB)
Descriptions of all the cards
Jul 25, 2005


Amun-Re:: Amun-Re - Quick Reference.pdf By: delta1119
Amun-Re - Quick Reference.pdf (30 KB)
1-page rules summary
Jun 10, 2005


Amun-Re:: amun_back.gif By: Innovan
amun_back.gif (234 KB)
Amun-Re Player Aid V3 by Innovan (back)
May 14, 2005

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