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Up Front:: Up Front Counter Replacement cards By: rri1
UF Counter Repl Cards ALL.pdf (383 KB)
Revised 10/10/15. Now includes Group ID cards and each nationality's weapons/status cards.
Oct 10, 2015
UF Counter REpl Cards 1.pdf (51 KB)
A sample of UF "counter replacement" cards to replace counters discussed in this thread. Rotate card appropriately and cover most of card leaving information exposed.

Assembly: 9 double sided cards--print and roll or place back to back in Mini American (~41mm x ~63mm) clear card sleeves.

Yellow: Ranges
Brown: Terrain/Group modifiers: (Entrench, Flank, Encircle)
Blue: Individual Man modifiers: (Crew, Transfer, Unarmed, Guard, Wounded, Infiltrator)
Green: AFV modifiers: Immobilized, Bog, Stun 3/6, Malf MG/FT/ORD, Comm KIA
Black: Night Scenario: Note I added a 3rd turn for the Starshells, normally they last 2 turns, (consider that a variant)
Red: Nationality special efects: Banzai (J), Berserk (R),. Surrender (I)

Print 6 copies of this sheet which should be sufficient.
Jun 28, 2015


Up Front:: Up Front Player Aid By: bk_otj
Player Aid v2.1.pdf (91 KB)
Close Combat table fixed to reflect INF kept if won by 3 or more in CC.

Thanks Bonkee 3000.
Sep 29, 2015
Up Front Player Aid v2.pdf (124 KB)
Common rules condensed into single player aid for easy in game reference.
Feb 2, 2010


Up Front:: ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front By: Yukari Ja
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 10.pdf (6.19 MB)
Finally,,, Part 10
Aug 23, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 9.pdf (5.65 MB)
Part 9
Aug 20, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style+Cards+of+Up+Front+8.pdf (6.31 MB)
Part 8
Aug 19, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 7.pdf (5.36 MB)
Part 7
Aug 18, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 6.pdf (5.33 MB)
Part 6
Aug 11, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 5.pdf (5.87 MB)
Part 5
Aug 11, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 4.pdf (5.46 MB)
Part 4
Aug 11, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 3.pdf (5.68 MB)
Part 3
Aug 11, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front 2.pdf (5.33 MB)
Part 2
Aug 5, 2015
ModernWarfare-Style Cards of Up Front.pdf (5.52 MB)
Diy with all kinds of martial materials . Make the cards look more modern. Will upload the rest parts of the cards day by day.
Aug 3, 2015


Up Front:: Personality cards point calculation By: lourthan
Point Calculations Tables.xls (67 KB)
An excel spreadsheet showing how points are calculated for each soldier in UF.
Mar 10, 2015


Up Front:: UF - WBRP Variant Rules By: WBRP
UF - WBRP ASL Variant Rules 141116.docx (34 KB)
Expanded and added notes. I have removed non-ASL variant rules and hope to post them as a separate file this month or next.
Nov 16, 2014


Up Front:: Range board By: caric
Range_Card final.pdf (2.78 MB)
I took the uploaded range card and modified it to Smash62bill's version
Oct 25, 2014


Up Front:: Up Front Player Action List (Single Page) By: emessi4h
Up_Front_Player_Actions.pdf (1.01 MB)
This player aid presents all the actions available in Up Front to help new players understand what's possible. Additionally each action indicates the corresponding rulebook section to help veteran players remember where to look up rules and procedures.

This is based on the excellent original list by Bill K but has been redesigned to fit on a single page.
Aug 8, 2014


Up Front:: The GENERAL Vol.26,No.5 By: wmfs
Up Front.pdf (7.23 MB)
The GENERAL Vol.26,No.5
Up Front – “501 City-Fight-In-Four” (DYO for Up Front) Marcus Watney
Up Front – “The Long Campaign” (Campaign for Up Front) M. Hall & G. Frederick
Up Front – “Odd Man In” (Three Player Up Front) Jay Kaufman
Feb 25, 2014


Up Front:: Molotov Cocktail By: trojanscooterist
Molotov Cocktail.pdf (161 KB)
New secondary weapon Molotov cocktail for Up Front, best used with Finnish and Partisans troops. Print as a "Chit"
Jun 13, 2013


Up Front:: Ordnance To Hit Process Flowchart By: GaryJK
Ordnance_Flowchart.pdf (472 KB)
A flowchart to help determine the To Hit Factor when using Ordnance in Up Front. Suggestions, corrections, comments are all welcomed.
Jan 16, 2013


Up Front:: Player Actions By: Smash62bill
Up Front Player Actions 2.pdf (155 KB)
A list of all the possible actions an Up Front player can take, for new players who often wish to see all of their options. There's a one-page summary, and a two-page expanded list.
Jan 8, 2013


Up Front:: Scenario Reminder Plaques By: Smash62bill
Scenario Reminder Cards 3.pdf (33 KB)
Plaques to be used during scenarios to remind players of cower cards, victory conditions, card removals, breaking limits, terrain rules, and draw & discard piles.

Jan 8, 2013


Up Front:: Up Front rules preview By: caius
Rules_Base_V02.pdf (456 KB)
Thank you so much for being patient everyone.

Attached is a preview of how the rules will read in the Radiant Gaming edition of Up Front. This is section B. Game Concepts and section C. Basic Game Rules.

Please note, this is just to show you all how the rules will be written and what size paper they will be presented on. This is not the final graphics.

Will show some final action cards shortly...
Dec 8, 2012


Up Front:: Up Front- Experimental house and variant rules By: JMcL63
Up Front- Experimental house and variant rules.pdf (35 KB)
- my preferred interpretations of moving Flanking Fire, Individual Transfer and Malfunction.
Variant rules
- Random first player in encounter scenarios.
- Friendly groups on the same ID chit.
- Expanded entrenchment rules- Buildings, Gullies and Walls.
Oct 8, 2012


Up Front:: Up Front Errata By: rri1
Up Front Errata Pages.doc (114 KB)
Errata for Up Front
Sep 23, 2011


Up Front:: Card Size Relative Range / Fire Attack Factors By: OgreKing
RelRandFA.pdf (55 KB)
Card size summary of Relative Range / Fire Attack charts. Print out page one on stock, flip it over and print page two on back. Keeps info handy but portable enough for card sleeves.
Aug 25, 2011


Up Front:: Deer Valley Games - Up Front Historical Campaign By: OgreKing
UF Historical Campaign Games.pdf (71 KB)
This is a PDF of the Historical Campaign Zip files available for free from the Deer Valley Games website. I have re-formatted them from four .txt files into one PDF. I have not CREATED nor do I claim any rights to this, just trying to make DVG's excellent work more available to the UF community.
Aug 23, 2011


Up Front:: UF RuleBook updated By: lourthan
UF RuleBook (3.77 MB)
The old rule book added with the new images for PC and ACTION cards and rule changes where appropriate. Errata included (purple sentences). Desert war and Banzai included.
Jul 19, 2011


Up Front:: A 4-page Summary of the Rules By: TnT!
Up Front Rules Summary.pdf (37 KB)
This is written to help the beginning player understand the various sections of the rules. Now in pdf version
Jul 1, 2011
Up Front Rules Summary.doc (58 KB)
This is written to help the beginning player understand the various sections of the rules.
Jun 26, 2011


Up Front:: A Beginner's Guide to Up Front By: TnT!
What is UpFront.pdf (26 KB)
This is a one-page summary of the philosophy of Up Front - to help new players grok the essence of the game. Now in pdf version
Jul 1, 2011
What is UpFront.doc (293 KB)
This is a one-page summary of the philosophy of Up Front - to help new players grok the essence of the game.
Jun 26, 2011


Up Front:: Up Front Jagdpanther By: bk_otj
Jagdpanther.pdf (319 KB)
Card for Up Front scenario JHJ/N: Soldiers of Destruction
Apr 19, 2011


Up Front:: UF_card_rack_v2.pdf By: deemac
UF_Stand_02.pdf (239 KB)
A simple card-rack to fit inside the game-box, cut-out and folded from a single A3 sheet. Drawing revised 02/04/11 to show design at full-size and with explanatory view.
Feb 4, 2011


Up Front:: Kubelwagen for Up Front By: trojanscooterist
kubelwagen cards.pdf (43 KB)
German Un-armoured Kubelwagen for Up Front
Nov 28, 2010


Up Front:: Trench shotgun and Rifle Grenade By: trojanscooterist
U.S. Trench Shotgun.pdf (26 KB)
Here is my idea for a US Marines Trench Shotgun and a US Rifle Grenade. I welcome feedback on what firepower the Shotgun should have.I have made up Rifle Grenade troops for most nationalities. This is based on previous posts where a chit was used instead.
Nov 28, 2010


Up Front:: American Jeep card By: trojanscooterist
Jeep.pdf (31 KB)
Jeep for Upfront. Hope you like it.
Nov 24, 2010

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