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Vinci:: Vinci Rules in Greek By: xgmo67
Vinci.pdf (632 KB)
Οι κανόνες του παιχνιδιού στα Ελληνικά.
Jan 15, 2015


Vinci:: Rules Summary Vinci FR By: Dams2000
Vinci_Rules_Short_FR.pdf (426 KB)
Resumé des règles pour Vinci
Oct 3, 2011


Vinci:: Rules Vinci FR By: Dams2000
Vinci_Rules_FR.pdf (1.06 MB)
Rules for Vinci FR
Oct 3, 2011


Vinci:: Vinci Overview chart for Players - in german By: EinBrettspieler
Vinci Übersicht.png.pdf (1.11 MB)
Vinci Overview chart for Players - in german. Explaining the main game flow, the tiles and some rules
Jul 23, 2011


Vinci:: vinci.jar By: wmshub
vinci.jar (139 KB)
Newest version (2010-05-10). Fixed slavery scoring.
May 11, 2010
vinci.jar (139 KB)
Java app to play vinci vs. AI. Graphics are crude, user interface is limited, but it can play a decent game.
Aug 8, 2009


Vinci:: d20 Random Civilization Entry mini-map By: Budrou784
Vinci Random Starting Locations.pdf (411 KB)
A mini-map with locations marked for random 1d20 entry points, for those that don't want to mark up their game map.
Nov 2, 2009


Vinci:: Vinci Homemade Edition 1.1.0 By: larienna
Vinci_Homemade_1-1-0.zip (7.15 MB)
This is my home made edition of Vinci. Some civilization abilities has been changed and added to the game. There are minor changes to the rules and there is now a modular map board. But in general, the look and feel is the same.

The following file contains the rule changes, print outs in color and in black & white. You still need the original rules of the game which can be found here on BGG.

Jun 8, 2009


Vinci:: English Translation of French Civilisation Tiles By: cj1582
English Translation3.pdf (4.97 MB)
This is an English translation of the reference sheet of all the civilisation tiles in Vinci.
Apr 18, 2009


Vinci:: Pocket Vinci By: pirtrom
Pocket Vinci.pdf (4.65 MB)
A PDF to make Pocket Vinci
Sep 29, 2008


Vinci:: Concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet05 - Vinci.ppt (48 KB)
Concise reference sheet for looking up easy-to-forget rules quickly. Useful if you haven't played the game for some time and need a refresher. Provides a summarised and structured outline to help in teaching a game.
Jul 22, 2008


Vinci:: Vinci - Spielhilfe und Regelerläuterung.pdf By: Flix
Vinci - Spielhilfe revisited.pdf (48 KB)
*UPDATED* Deutsche Spielhilfe, Regelergänzungen und -erläuterungen aus div. Foren
Sep 26, 2007


Vinci:: resumenilustrado.doc By: jarinu
resumenilustrado.doc (128 KB)
resumen ilustrado fichas civilización en español
Mar 30, 2007


Vinci:: Vinci Spiekhulp.pdf By: cymric
Vinci Spiekhulp.pdf (545 KB)
Version 1.0b of a dutch rule summary annex playing aid. Please update to this version as v1.0 contains a crucial rule error!
Jan 5, 2007


Vinci:: Vinci.pdf By: cymric
Vinci.pdf (581 KB)
Version 1.0b of the dutch rule translation. Please update to this version as there's a crucial rule error in v1.0!
Jan 5, 2007


Vinci:: Old World gameboard variant By: sdiberar
vinci.jpg (176 KB)
Alternate gameboard for Vinci covering all of Europe, Asia, and North Africa.
Dec 18, 2006


Vinci:: Vinci2reglas.doc By: makross
Vinci2reglas.doc (95 KB)
Spanish rules, second edition
Oct 26, 2006


Vinci:: Vinci Nederlands overzicht 1.0.doc By: warpozio
Vinci Nederlands overzicht 1.0.doc (31 KB)
Vinci - kort overzicht in het Nederlands v1.0
Feb 24, 2006


Vinci:: Vinci - Reference Sheet Front.pdf By: sundram
Vinci - Reference Sheet Front.pdf (476 KB)
shawn_low's Ref Sheet with the missing Field General text added.
Dec 3, 2005


Vinci:: Vinci - Reference Sheet Back.pdf By: sundram
Vinci - Reference Sheet Back.pdf (454 KB)
shawn_low's Ref Sheet with the missing Specialisation text added.
Dec 3, 2005


Vinci:: Vinci_Status.doc By: REGGY
Vinci_Status.doc (659 KB)
Mid game status sheet. If you can't finish in one session then try this.
Oct 6, 2005


Vinci:: Ref Sheet Back.pdf By: shawn_low
Ref Sheet Back.pdf (490 KB)
English Translation of German player aid card. Back.
Jun 28, 2005


Vinci:: Ref Sheet Front.pdf By: shawn_low
Ref Sheet Front.pdf (526 KB)
English Translation of German player aid card. Front.
Jun 28, 2005


Vinci:: Vinci - Quick Reference.pdf By: delta1119
Vinci - Quick Reference.pdf (29 KB)
1-page rules summary
Jun 10, 2005


Vinci:: Vinci_PlayerAid_IT.pdf By: Dr.Octopus
Vinci_PlayerAid_IT.pdf (565 KB)
Player Aids in italian
Apr 1, 2005


Vinci:: Vinci Lathund.doc By: Bergbau
Vinci Lathund.doc (20 KB)
Lathund på svenska
Feb 23, 2005

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