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San Juan:: Cards to replace SAN JUAN cardboard bits By: Salt-Man Z
SanJuanCardsSMZv2.pdf (871 KB)
Does it boggle your mind that the *card game* version of Puerto Rico comes with *tiles* for the roles and trading house? Replace those bits with cards!

Version 2 adds an optional 3rd page of stickers indicating "used" status for each role. No need to physically "take" each role card as you choose it; now simply flip the role card over to indicate its unavailability.
Mar 30, 2015
SanJuanCardsSMZ.pdf (738 KB)
Does it boggle your mind that the *card game* version of Puerto Rico comes with *tiles* for the roles and trading house? Replace those bits with cards!
Sep 12, 2014


San Juan:: San Juan English paste ups By: AlPacino11
San Juan english paste ups.pdf (1.47 MB)
English paste ups (3 sheet)
Mar 9, 2015


San Juan:: San Juan - Solitario By: StefanoGiugliano
San Juan.docx (23 KB)
Traduzione delle regole per il solitario.
Dec 2, 2014


San Juan:: San Juan Tuckbox By: blakflag
SanJuanTuckbox.pdf (210 KB)
Tuckbox for San Juan redesign discussed here:
Aug 27, 2014


San Juan:: [Español] Reglas a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
San Juan - Reglas a la JcK.pdf (183 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas al estilo JcK

Este resumen sirve tanto si tienes el juego en español como en inglés pues considera ambas versiones.
Además incluye
* Un listado alfabético (para encontrar rápido las cartas) con la descripción de las cartas (una hoja para inglés y otra para español).
* Resumen de las reglas de las expansiones incluidas en Treasure Chest

Aug 11, 2014


San Juan:: Easy Score Calculator for San Juan and SoloPlay variant By: Median54
San_Juan_EasyScore_v1.xlsm (25 KB)
An easy-to-use score calculator for regular San Juan (2-4 players) and the SoloPlay variant V2.
Requires you enter just 15 pieces of information (as opposed to the 30 required in other san juan score calculators).

SoloPlay variant requires just 5 additional pieces of information be entered.
May 7, 2013


San Juan:: San Juan Game Mat By: igotdvds
San Juan Mat.pdf (1.04 MB)
To be used with meeples.
Mar 13, 2013


San Juan:: San Juan - Teaching Guide in Hebrew By: Leptoquark
San Juan teaching guide.pdf (33 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים.
Dec 7, 2012


San Juan:: San Juan Playmat By: jspan
San Juan playmat.pdf (582 KB)
Replaces the use of the role cards and trading wares. Use meeples and a d10 dice with this playmat.

Dec 2, 2012


San Juan:: San Juan Greek rulebook By: netrinogr
San Juan gr small.pdf (3.07 MB)
Greek translation on the pdf rulebook / Ελληνική μετάφραση του εγχειρίδιου κανόνων του San Juan
Sep 22, 2012


San Juan:: San Juan Buildings By: ScottHuddleston
San Juan Buildings.docx (24 KB)
A player's aid listing all buildings in San Juan, including the "New Buildings Expansion" from Treasure Chest. This document is intended to be printed on a single sheet, double sided.
The front side shows all buildings alphabetically, including costs, VP, and a description. The back side organizes the buildings by cost.
May 20, 2012


San Juan:: San Juan Score Sheets (HUN) By: Simulacrum
san-juan-pontozolap.pdf (58 KB)
Magyar pontozólap a játékhoz.
Apr 8, 2011


San Juan:: Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet By: bigloo33
San Juan.doc (25 KB)
Quick reference rules summary for teahing and remembering rules and game management.
Mar 10, 2011


San Juan:: Kartenübersicht der Gebäude By: Wolfram
Uebersicht_SJ.pdf (35 KB)
1-seitige Übersicht über alle Gebäudekarten.
Feb 17, 2011


San Juan:: SoloPlay_SanJuan_v1.doc By: GameRulesforOne
SoloPlay-SanJuanv2.pdf (3.73 MB)
The attached file is an updated version of the SoloPlay variant posted to include more challenging gameplay, better balanced strategies and the Alea treasure chest expansion. Also included is a player aid to keep most information readily available and a scoresheet to more easily tally your final result.

More game files available here on the Geek can be accessed from the following Geeklist:
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek
Feb 8, 2011
SoloPlay - San Juan.doc (46 KB)
File contains game rules allowing San Juan to be played solo. The variable ways of playing mentioned in the rules is intended to increase the replay factor of the game. It was designed to challenge the experienced San Juan player.

With the posting of the updated variant this will now be considered the easy level file.

For more solo game variants and a discussion about this game's design click the following link: (SanJuan SoloPlay Design)
Feb 20, 2009


San Juan:: Score sheets in French / Feuilles de score en français By: Flubuh
San Juan.pdf (78 KB)
Some additional score sheets in French.

Des feuilles de score supplémentaires en français.
Nov 7, 2010


San Juan:: Deutsche Übersetzung der SoloPlay-Regeln By: JanMS
San Juan SoloPlayRegeln _ deutsch_v1.0.pdf (85 KB)
This is the German translation of the SoloPlay rules for San Juan.

May 5, 2010


San Juan:: Gamermike's Solitaire San Juan By: GamerMike
San Juan (336 KB)
Play against a "computer" whose actions are determined by the roll of a die. Only additional material needed is a print out of the computer's actions board (included) and 2 dice (not included).

Contains 2 pdf files. One file is the rules and the other is the game board needed to play.

Extensively play tested and complete.
Jan 20, 2010


San Juan:: Russian player aid with card translation By: siberianhusky
san_juan_ru.pdf (38 KB)
Raspechatat' na standartnom A4 liste, perevernut', raspechatat' na obratnoi storone, razrezat' list popolam, zalaminirovat' poluchivshiesja A5-podskazki, kotorye svobodno pomeschajutsja v kororobku s igroi.
Ja ne lublu pasteups po mnogim prichinam, i eti podskazki udobny dlja novyh igrokov v techenie pervyh pary igr. Potom, dazhe uchivshij jazyk po videoigrushkam zapomnit te neskolko slov chto on ne znal i legko budet obhoditsja bez nih.

[hm, ajax-interface BGG ne rabotaet s kirillicej chtoli]
Jan 10, 2010


San Juan:: San Juan Japanese Summary By: tambourine_dc
SanJuan.pdf (199 KB)
San Juan Japanese Summary
(Acrobat PDF)
Jan 2, 2010


San Juan:: San Juan Card Strengths By: bboppr
SanJuanCardStrengths.doc (58 KB)
Knowing which cards are most powerful is the key to winning play. Learn also which card combinations will maximize your hand.
Oct 27, 2009


San Juan:: San Juan New Player's Guide By: bboppr
SanJuanNewPlayerGuide.doc (55 KB)
A detailed overview which will assist you as you learn the game.
Oct 27, 2009


San Juan:: Extended set of goods prices tiles By: gamesbook
sanjuan-prices.pdf (835 KB)
This set of 10 tiles is based off the home made ones created by Fernando Abad (see: Usage results in a slightly higher card income (1.3, 1.7, 2.1. 2.5, 2.9 vs 1.0, 1.4, 1.8, 2.2, 2.6). You can ignore the "?" tiles. You could play by, say, using 8 out of the 10 tiles, then reshuffling and using then all again, to prevent exact knowledge of prices.
Sep 19, 2009


San Juan:: Russian extension rules - Правила дополнений на русском языке By: Alver
SanJuan_ext_ru.doc (67 KB)
В этом документе правила только для 3-х дополнений:
1. 1-е дополнение из 10 Jahre alea - Schatzkiste
2. 2-е дополнение из 10 Jahre alea - Schatzkiste
3. Вариант игры на 5-8 человек.
Sep 18, 2009


San Juan:: Kaartide lühitekstid Eesti keeles By: siiludus
san_juan_eesti_kaardid_v1.1.pdf (51 KB)
Card aid in Estonian for San Juan. Print using A5 paper.
Jul 14, 2009

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