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Hansa:: One Page Hansa - version 1.0 By: GS in KS
One Page Hansa - version 1.0.pdf (265 KB)
This file can be used to teach new players how to play Hansa.
Feb 27, 2016


Hansa:: Hansa Scoreboard By: elfsong
Scoreboard.png (5.22 MB)
Hansa scoreboard.
Use a market marker of each player.
Dec 5, 2015


Hansa:: Hansa feuille de score By: PatatoKen
Hansa_feuille_de_score_Fr.pdf (17 KB)
Hansa French score sheet with Changing Winds expansion bonus points
Aug 20, 2015


Hansa:: Hansa Reference Card By: Foxman
Hansa Reference_docx.pdf (56 KB)
My version of the Hansa quick-reference sheet for use during play. I have found this very helpful for new players.
May 15, 2015


Hansa:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
Hanze.pdf (521 KB)
Deze samenvattingskaart helpt je Hanze te doen opfrissen als het een hele tijd geleden is!!
Dec 7, 2010


Hansa:: Hansa one-page movement summary By: debwentworth
HansaCheatSheet.doc (31 KB)
This is based on weekee77's excellent review of the game. Please let me know if you find mistakes.
Nov 4, 2010


Hansa:: Hansa - Ayuda para el jugador By: lolcese
Hansa - Ayuda.pdf (105 KB)
Resumen en una hoja de la preparación del juego, de las acciones que se pueden realizar y de la puntuación.
Jul 28, 2010


Hansa:: Hansa Rus By: balrogest
Hansa.pdf (522 KB)
Hansa Russian rules
Dec 30, 2009


Hansa:: Hansa Scoring Sheet By: kalevi1999
hansa scoring sheet.pdf (91 KB)
Scoring sheet with 3 charts (just put the right goods marker on the corresponding number of sold markers on the chart and you'll now how many points u got for them) which greatly simplifies counting victory points awarded for sold goods markers. Along with that I managed to insert the scoring rules as found in the rulebook. I replaced words with actual graphics to avoid misunderstandings ( I always get confused about good markers and market booths). I tried it and it works.. counting points get a lot less daunting! Bye!
Jul 25, 2009


Hansa:: Teaching aid for Hansa - in Hebrew By: koby_shachar
HowToTeach_Hansa.doc (41 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
May 1, 2009


Hansa:: Polish rules By: klema
Hansa_Instrukcja_PL.pdf (962 KB)
Polish rules in PDF
Oct 14, 2008


Hansa:: Hansa Flowchart Comparison By: RicochetRita
Hansa-Map-Flowchart-2.jpg (62 KB)
Two "Flowcharts" comparing the routes of both Hansa Maps, including changes to the Warehouses at each city.

This is an updated version of the original Hansa Flowchart by "N/A."
Jan 28, 2008


Hansa:: Hansa Rules (English) By: ColtsFan76
hansaeng.pdf (498 KB)
The links to this appear to be drying up. I am posting this for posterity's sake.
Jan 20, 2008


Hansa:: hansa alt rules.pdf By: YellowLab
hansa alt rules.pdf (113 KB)
Alternat Hansa Map rules (translated to English), 5" by 7" layout. Print on full sheet label stock and mount to foam board. For use with regular or alternate Hansa Maps.
Mar 20, 2007


Hansa:: hansa alt map.xls By: YellowLab
hansa alt map.xls (7.53 MB)
Excel File for Alternate Hansa map to be printed over multiple pages. Print on full sheet label stock, mount to foam board, and over laquer.
Mar 20, 2007


Hansa:: Tabla resumen Hansa.doc By: malarrama
Tabla resumen Hansa.doc (691 KB)
Tabla resumen de secuencia de juego y puntuacion. En español
Mar 14, 2007


Hansa:: ConciseRefSheet02 - Hansa.ppt By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet02 - Hansa.ppt (42 KB)
Concise Reference Sheet
Mar 22, 2006


Hansa:: AudioRules_Hansa.m4a By: snoozefest
AudioRules_Hansa.m4a (5.44 MB)
Enhanced audio file (iTunes): rules summary, with pictures from BGG.
Mar 17, 2006


Hansa:: Hansa Quick Ref.pdf By: Eddy Bee
Hansa Quick Ref.pdf (2.37 MB)
Color quick reference sheet
Mar 4, 2006


Hansa:: Hansascoring.doc By: gunnaronthesaw
Hansascoring.doc (84 KB)
Scoring aid including Hansa Extrakarte v2
Dec 24, 2005


Hansa:: Hansa_SP.pdf By: terKo
Hansa_SP.pdf (884 KB)
Spanish rules
Sep 12, 2005


Hansa:: Hansa Scoring Sheet.pdf By: hibikir
Hansa Scoring Sheet.pdf (202 KB)
Scoring Sheet
May 16, 2005


Hansa:: Hansa-Map-Flowchart.JPG By: ValJor
Hansa-Map-Flowchart.JPG (24 KB)
"Flowchart" of the Hansa Map
Sep 3, 2004


Hansa:: Hansa Quick Reference 2004-08-13.pdf By: LetsGoRed
Hansa Quick Reference 2004-08-13.pdf (19 KB)
Quick Reference (ver. 2004-08-13) - useful as in-game reference
Sep 3, 2004


Hansa:: regle_hansa_decompte_supplementaire.doc By: guilbertph
regle_hansa_decompte_supplementaire.doc (124 KB)
Variante pour le décompte des points de victoire - Français
Jun 3, 2004

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