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Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Player Aid By: stoodster
Mage Knight Rules Summary (5.3.16).pdf (1.32 MB)
Fixed typos.
May 3, 2016
Mage Knight Rules Summary (ver.2).pdf (3.71 MB)
I've updated the player aid and included all of the changes suggested so far. Enjoy!
Jul 4, 2012
Mage Knight Rules Reference.pdf (3.71 MB)
I couldn't wait for Universal Head to put out another one of his amazing player aids, so I put this one together. The first two pages should be printed front and back and are a general reference for the rules. Pages 3 and 4 should also be printed front and back and cut out to be given to players as a personal aid. I welcome any comments or criticisms.
Dec 30, 2011


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Scenario Reference By: cshelton
scenarios.pdf (188 KB)
MK Scenario description, version 6
Mar 25, 2016
scenarios.pdf (173 KB)
MK Scenario description, version 5
Mar 15, 2016
scenarios.pdf (172 KB)
MK Scenario description, version 4
(fixes incorrect dummy tactic)
Mar 2, 2016
scenarios.pdf (171 KB)
MK Scenario description, version 3.0 (update to Walkthrough scenario)
Dec 8, 2015
MK-scenarios-v2.pdf (171 KB)
Updated version with three BGG-published fan scenarios.
Dec 7, 2015
MK-scenarios-v1.pdf (162 KB)
Summary of Scenarios in common format
Nov 6, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Player Guide for Newbish and Infrequent Players By: Sparkles
Mage Knight - Newish Player and Infrequent Player Guide v1.0.1.pdf (88 KB)
A guide for commonly forgotten rules for new and infrequent players. A 2 page guide that can fit on both sides of 1 sheet, that is chock full of rules reminders and tidbits for people that don't get to play often. Give a thumbs up if it helps.

This should be the most accurate and up to date version that continues the same framework. All recent comments from the thread below have been tweaked and/or incorporated into the document somehow.

As always, please add a comment below if you see something incorrect, or feel better phrasing could be used. I'll happily modify.
Feb 11, 2016
Mage Knight - Newish Player and Infrequent Player Guide v1.0.pdf (87 KB)
v1.0 Retweaked Player Guide based on recent feedback. All (or most all notes in the thread/comments have been incorporated for polishing/correcting)

If you find anything else that could be more clear or is incorrect, just add a comment in the thread and I'll attempt to fix or incorporate. This guide is for you!

Other note: This Guide does not include any integrated notes from the 'Tezla' expansion yet (only the previous releases). Whne I get to that expansion (in my game closet), I'll try and integrate some more goodies if it seems appropriate.
Jan 28, 2016
Mage Knight - Newish Player and Infrequent Player Guide v0.9.9.pdf (87 KB)
v0.9.9 Same as previous version with some slight tweaks from play experience from 2015. A few lines were removed and other streamlined to allow a slightly larger font size.
Jan 24, 2016
Mage Knight - Newish Player and Infrequent Player Guide v0.9.8.pdf (95 KB)
v0.9.8 Same as previous version with tweaks from feedback of personal play and help from the thread below.
Feb 25, 2015
Mage Knight - Infrequent and Newbish Player Guide v0.9.5.pdf (95 KB)
There are already some great player guides for Mage Knight out there in the files section. However, I felt that there seemed to be a niche that could be filled. So, I hope this helps. The goal of this player guide was to create something that was a blend of the others I had seen, additionally meeting 3 goals I had in mind.
1) It could be printed on both sides of 1 piece of paper
2) It covered all the various facts and answers to common questions that accumulated for myself and when teaching it to others
3) To be a good refresher after not playing it for 6 months *gasp, that covered tidbits beyond the basics
Please let me know if you find anything wrong, or have any ideas to tweak it, but still allow it to be 2 pages only, and I'll happily update the file.
May 2, 2014


Mage Knight Board Game:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Mage_knight_board_game_box.pdf (2.64 MB)
Paper box for cards, 2 variants, 7x9,5 cm, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛

Feb 6, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Book of Quests - PT-BR By: afonsobe
Livro de Missões.pdf (471 KB)
Expansão Missões - Tradução do "Book of Quests" do BGG. Consiste em um sistema que traz mais rejogabilidade e um pouco mais de imersão do universo do Mage Knight, inserindo missões no jogo. Basta imprimir e jogar. Sugestões são bem vindas.

Credits: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/97927/book-quests-how-mak...
Jan 27, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Hungarian reference sheet By: Thorfinn
Reference magyar.pdf (475 KB)
Ez egy segédlet amit magamnak csináltam, de gondoltam megosztom, tán másnak is segít.

Föleg harchoz való segítségnek kellett, így saját logikám követi, kissé minimalista.

Csak az alapjáték és a Lost Legion alapján készült.
Dec 30, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Trochę Epicki Podbój - przygodowy scenariusz dla 1 lub 2 graczy By: Vaader
Trochę Epicki Podbój.pdf (327 KB)
Scenariusz ma 9 stron A4, trwa około 8 rund solo lub znacznie krócej w 2 osoby. Wprowadziłem silniejszy deck-building i nieco zmienione zasady poruszania się. W lokacjach czekają przygody inicjowane rzutem kostką k6, wreszcie jest czas na zwiedzanie lochów, a MK może zginąć :)
Testy to zaledwie 4 gry solo ,więc być może, coś trzeba będzie jeszcze poprawić.
Dec 7, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage of the Rings - Scenario By: garykressner
Mage of the Rings v3 w Map.pdf (1.16 MB)
[MAP & RULES] Seriously designed, seriously fun. Lots of play-testing and redesigns to bring you a quality experience with our favorite game. This one only requires the base set, yet plays even better with the Lost Legion expansion. Full color map layout included for easy setup, and special rules kept to an absolute minimum. Feedback welcome!
Dec 1, 2015
Mage of the Rings v2 w Map.pdf (76 KB)
Nov 30, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Game Flow Reference Cards PDF By: mambo4
Mage_Knight_Game_Flow_Cards.2.4.pdf (1015 KB)
Reference cards for flow of rounds, turns, and combat, plus
v2.4 Fixed typo on Level up card
v2.3 Added reference card for Interaction with Locals
v2.2 Fixes to New Round, Combat2 and End of Turn
v2.1 Added More Dummy Player Details
V2.0 Added 'commonly missed' rules
Nov 11, 2015
Mage_Knight_PVP_Flow_Cards.1.0.pdf (330 KB)
Summary cards for PVP combat, noting what differs from normal combat vs enemies.
Jun 30, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Guía traducción Cartas y Habilidades hasta Shades of Tezla By: unfenomeno
MK_Referencia de cartas_LG.K.ST_v2.docx (40 KB)
Añado algunos artefactos y acciones avanzadas de Lost Legion que no aparecían en la versión anterior.

Corrección de algunos errores gracias a la revisión del usuario syzygia, al que le envío agradecimientos.
Nov 5, 2015
MK_Referencia de cartas_LG.K.ST_v1.docx (38 KB)
Para los que no quieren tradumaquetar el juego.
Esta guía contiene la traducción de todas las acciones básicas, acciones avanzadas, hechizos, artefactos y habilidades de todos los personajes (incluido Lost Legion, Krang y Shades of Tezla)
Oct 27, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Tłumaczenie scenariusza "Quest for the Golden Grail", autorstwa "ugawreck". By: Vaader
W Poszukiwaniu Złotego Graala - wersja cz-b.pdf (169 KB)
Translation of scenario "Quest for the Golden Grail", by Jim Norris „ugawreck”, into Polish, printer-friendly (wersja czarno-biała).
Oct 28, 2015
W Poszukiwaniu Złotego Graala - kolor.pdf (633 KB)
Translation of scenario "Quest for the Golden Grail", by Jim Norris „ugawreck”, into Polish (wersja kolorowa).
Oct 27, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage_Knight_Item_Shop_Expansion_Coins By: tmocker
Coins.pdf (763 KB) Oct 6, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight: Board Game -- Item Shop Mini-Expansion [German] By: tmocker
Mage_Knight_Item_Shop_Erweiterung_RegelnDE.pdf (735 KB)
Original Post:
This is the german translation of the rulebook for the Item-Shop Fan Expansion. Link to German cards see post below.

Coins can be found here:
Oct 6, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Insert - Dimensioned Drawings By: andyo76
Mage Knight Insert v1.pdf (1.37 MB)
Dimensioned drawings and construction details for the Mage Knight Insert shown here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1439073/yet-another-insert
Sep 29, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight: Supplemental Playmat - Dummy Player (9" x 11" 300dpi) By: xBino
Mage Knight Dummy Player Mat VARIANT 2 (Gaming MP).jpg (4.53 MB)
An optional, supplemental playmat to organize components for the Dummy Player in Solo games. Formatted for print at inkedplaymats.com (9" x 11" gaming mousepad, 300dpi)
Low-Res preview:
Sep 29, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Reference Cards for Solo By: N0mE
mkbg ref cards solo v2.pdf (5.76 MB)
Reference Cards for solo play.
Version 2
Many improvements to appearance, typos fixed, minor wording changes, and some new cards added.

Let me know if anyone has any further suggestions or corrections.
Aug 23, 2015
MK Ref Cards for solo.pdf (3.13 MB)
(This is the older file)
As part of learning to play this game solo, I made these reference cards for myself using the rulebook and all the helpful reference material available in the file section.

Any help, advice, suggestions, or corrections on this content would be greatly appreciated.
Aug 19, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Brief rules summary: Rounds/Turns; Mana; Combat; Fighting Multiple Enemies; Wounds and Healing By: DoctorBox
Brief rules summary: Rounds/Turns; Mana; Combat; Fighting Multiple Enemies; Wounds and Healing

Several summary pages I wrote up after reviewing the rules several times and playing through solo. Used this as a basis for teaching the game. Not sure how helpful this is for everyone. It is just presented in a way that I am better able to understand AND uses a clear large font that is easier on the eyes (compared to the rule books).

Let me know if I made any errors.
Aug 18, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight: Supplemental Playmat - SOLO Play (14" x 24" 300dpi) By: xBino
As requested, a .JPG version of the same file!
Aug 7, 2015
An optional, supplemental playmat to organize card piles for the game. Formatted for print at inkedplaymats.com (14" x 24" playmat size, 300dpi)

Layout is designed primarily for solo play.
Low-Res preview:
Aug 7, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight - Solo Scenario Book By: Kin Hassar
MK-SOLO SCENARIO BOOK_low ink.pdf (317 KB)
Scenario Book dedicated to the solo MK players.
For the moment it includes Solo adaptations for the scenarios of the base game rulebook.

In the future it will include fan made solo scenarios as well as adaptation of official scenarios for expansions.
Aug 4, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: MK solo campaign episodes By: philmcd
MK solo campaign Episode 4. Rogue Hunt.txt (5 KB)
Episode 4
Jul 10, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 3. Twice a Knight is enough.txt (5 KB)
Episode 3
Check comments below for extra notes relating to some episodes
Jul 8, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 2. The longest day.txt (8 KB)
MK solo campaign. Episode 2
Jul 5, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 1 Why Don't He Write.txt (5 KB)
version 1.2
Clarifies map tile selection and initial placement
Jul 4, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 1 Why Don't He Write.txt (5 KB)
version 1.1
Jul 3, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 1 Why Don't He Write.txt (5 KB)
I have long wanted to play MK as a solo story-driven campaign game. I messaged the designer on BGG with my ideas for such a campaign as being a possible expansion, to include 10 linked scenarios with a bespoke map tile for each scenario and sealed packets of advanced action cards to gradually evolve the base decks of cards for each character. Sadly I received no response, so I am creating a campaign for my own satisfaction. At least for the first few scenarios, only the base game will be required, though later on, expansions may make an appearance. To me the story is a major factor in enjoying games, and the scenarios will have objectives, not point totals to aim for, though of course fame points will be required to gain sufficient strength to complete objectives. However, it is only the successful completion of objectives (quests) themselves that will write your name in the annals of hazily semi-remembered what's-his-names.

Sadly I can provide no bespoke map tiles or advanced character cards to pimp the game, but I think we'll be fine.

The idea is that you have to successfully complete each episode objective before moving on to the next one. There will be a small level up bonus for the completion of each scenario so that character decks would gradually evolve over the course of the campaign. Apart from level up rewards earned, character decks will be reset at the start of each scenario so that the game didn't get too easy. The size of the starting deck will not be increased. It will just require that rewards earned and base cards removed are recorded so that normal games of MK could still be played in between. Each episode will have a different flavour.

All base characters will be involved, though not all at the same time, and Krang & Wolfhawk may appear later in the campaign.

It is my aim to release the episodes one at a time as I finalise them, in the files section.

Here we go and good luck !!

Phil McDonald 2015
Jul 3, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Resistances By: markusdee
Mage Knight Resistances 2.0 - printer friendly.pdf (198 KB)
Printer friendly version.
Jun 24, 2015
Mage Knight Resistances 2.0.pdf (367 KB)
Jun 24, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: A flow chart of the rules in French By: Flubuh
mage knight 2.pdf (906 KB)
JULKRYS pointed out that I forgot a rule for the neutral player. This is the updated version.
Jun 13, 2015
mage knight.pdf (906 KB)
The rules, summarised in a flow chart (in French).

Les règles résumées dans un schéma fléché. Merci aux relecteurs !
Jun 11, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: MKBG Tracking Sheet By: DaviddesJ
MKBG Tracking Sheet.pdf (54 KB)
PDF file for tracking cards played during each round.
Jun 9, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: New revers for Quest cards By: p_dobromir
New Quest revers by Planszowkowy_Dobromir.zip (5.01 MB)
If someone like it - feel free to download an print it :)
May 23, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Cards for Map Tiles By: Kin Hassar
Mage Knight - Map Cards.pdf (2.05 MB)
Because I'm having a hard time each time I shuffle map tiles, I created a deck of card to shuffle instead (like in Gears of War).
Both Base game and Lost Legions included.
Cards are Mini American Board Game Size (FFG yellow sleeves)

Printed on 250 g/m2 (A4) and sleeved did it for me.
May 4, 2015

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