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Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz - Variante in solitario By: ofxofx
Dungeon_Petz-Variante_solitario.pdf (354 KB)
Dungeon Petz - Variante in solitario
Sep 12, 2015


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz - Solo Variant - ENG By: ofxofx
Dungeon_Petz-Solo_Variant-ENG.pdf (357 KB)
Dungeon Petz - Solo Variant - ENG
Sep 12, 2015


Dungeon Petz:: Tuckbox for Unsleeved Needs Cards - uses board art By: breakfastcore
DungeonPetz_boardart_tuckbox.pdf (623 KB)
Simple tuckbox using board art for unsleeved needs cards.

Made using the fantastic http://tuckbox.gameupdates.com

All credit to tysondude for making tuckboxes easy.
May 9, 2015


Dungeon Petz:: New Petz By: Christianv
New Petz_A4.pdf (1.57 MB)
Some new petz I designed to add some variety to the game. Not sure about balance, but I think they are fun. Any feedback is welcome. A4 version.

Edit: Added 2 new pets and changed the llama.
Mar 9, 2015
New Petz_Letter.pdf (1.57 MB)
Some new petz I designed to add some variety to the game. Not sure about balance, but I think they are fun. Any feedback is welcome.

Edit: Added 2 new pets and changed the llama.
Mar 9, 2015


Dungeon Petz:: Overview sheet with Pets, Exhibitions, Customers and Artifacts By: smeedear
DungeonPetz_Overview.pdf (13.74 MB)
Overview sheet with Pets, Exhibitions, Customers and Artifacts for Dungeon Petz and the Dark Alleys expansion. We found the game more flavourful/thematic using the names/descriptions of the pets, customers and exhibitions.
Dec 26, 2014


Dungeon Petz:: Pets special powers variant By: MegaGuy
Dungeon Petz - Special Powers Variant.pdf (762 KB)
This variant adds special powers to pets from the base game, similar to those in the expansion and promos. Just print the page and refer to it when using pets from the base game.

1. When a special power mention adding an additional need to a pet, it means you need to satisfy it as though you assigned it with a need card. You don't need to draw any extra cards, or assign any cards with this need to the pet. All additional needs are considered to be with one separate color which is different then the standard ones, for purposes of customers and exhibitions.
2. When a special card modify the strength of the case, it can't drop below 0
3. Trollie's special power only activate when you have at least one meat token, but no vegetable tokens. One hunger is satisfied, and then Trollie must consume as much meat as he can and suffer sorrow. He still suffer sorrow for any remaining hunger needs
4. Snappy - The imp is placed on the space for relative imp of the current round, or on the previous round if the current round doesn't have that space. You can get it back in the next round. You will also get your relative imp if he's on the same space. You can't choose to lose your last imp
4. Stegobully - Dirt only cages are the cages printed on the burrow boards, and any other cage that only feature dirt and fence. Cages that are not dirt only are those with the pentagram, grass, playground, lake and those from the expansion.
Nov 28, 2014


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz - NL Spelregels By: sdetavern
Dungeon Petz - Spelregels_v.2.pdf (7.20 MB)
Verbeterde versie: er zat een foutje op pagina 12 - me vriendelijk kenbaar gemaakt door Els76.

Have fun !

Oct 28, 2014


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz round summary By: andvaranaut
Dungeon Petz round summary.pdf (54 KB)
Round summary for Dungeon Petz. Includes good detail on everything to keep track of in the Preparation phase, and on all the changes for 2 or 3 players.
Aug 8, 2014


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz, Dark Alleys + Bonus Petz Reference Sheets By: Action Andy
Dungeon Petz Ref Sheets ver3.pdf (8.91 MB)
Lists all special pet rules for expansion and promo petz, rules for the expansion modules, all exhibitions, facilities, artifacts and customers.

Ver 3. - fixed a couple more errors and added all artifacts from base game.
Aug 1, 2014
Dungeon Petz Ref Sheets ver2.pdf (7.90 MB)
Has the special pet rules for all petz, including all expansion petz. Rules for the expansion modules, all exhibitions and customers.

Ver 2. - corrected a duplication error and more clarification for Bob The Blob's special rules.
Jul 31, 2014
Dungeon Petz Ref Sheets.pdf (6.56 MB)
Print this out on either side of an A4 piece of card and keep it in your box.

It has the special pet rules for all petz, including all expansion petz. Rules for the expansion modules, all exhibitions and customers.
Jul 31, 2014


Dungeon Petz:: combining Dungeon Petz and Dungeon Lords By: CaptainBigleux
of lords and petz.zip (10.45 MB)
this big variant allows you to play Dungeon Lords and Dungeon Pets in one game. You will be able to buy pets for your dungeon, to exchange items between your dungeon and your pet shop, to show off in your pet shop adventurers you captured, and many other things...
Dec 9, 2013


Dungeon Petz:: bob the blob Essen 2013 rules pdf to print By: biffta
bob the blob_0001.pdf (770 KB)
print out and add to this great game.
Nov 7, 2013


Dungeon Petz:: Game Aid By: vardamir
Dungeon Petz - Game Aid medium V1_3.pdf (3.48 MB)
Version 1.3 of the player aid. Corrected and added some typos.
Hope this finalize the version.
Apr 23, 2013
Dungeon Petz - Game Aid medium V1_2.pdf (3.49 MB)
Updated version 1.2
Edited copy paste error.
Jan 15, 2013
Dungeon Petz - Game Aid medium.pdf (3.45 MB)
Custom complete rules overview (game phases, action details and artifacts). Comment and suggestion are welcome.
Jun 14, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz Hungarian Rules By: csibu
Dungeon Petz HU.pdf (2.81 MB)
A Dungeon Petz teljes szabálykönyvének magyar nyelvű fordítása. Igény esetén az eredeti szabálykönyvbe szerkesztett változatot is el tudom küldeni, de nagy mérete miatt ide nem tölthettem fel.
Jan 14, 2013


Dungeon Petz:: Resumen de ronda [español] / Round summary [spanish] By: andvaranaut
Resumen ronda Dungeon Petz.pdf (45 KB)
Un resumen con todos los pasos a dar en cada ronda de Dungeon Petz, con especial detalle a todos los elementos que añadir en la preparación y las diferencias en partidas de 2 o 3 jugadores.
Dec 12, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Tuckbox for unsleeved cards - German and English By: DukeOfEarl
TBDungeonPetz.pdf (110 KB)
Created using TuckBox tool from http://www.boardgamegeek.com/file/info/24635
Nov 3, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Reglas oficiales en español By: eugeniojuan
DP_rulebook_ESP.pdf (16.01 MB)
Reglas oficiales en español de Dungeon Petz
Oct 23, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Tuckbox for all exhibitions By: the_ka
pupile_pokaz.PDF (300 KB)
good size (previous tuckbox is too large)
Sep 16, 2012
pupile_pokaz.PDF (300 KB)
wrong size
Sep 11, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Tuckbox for Customers By: the_ka
pupile_klient.PDF (289 KB)
good size (previous tuckbox is too large)
Sep 16, 2012
pupile_klient.PDF (289 KB)
wrong size
Sep 11, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Tuckbox for Cages By: the_ka
pupile_klatka.PDF (476 KB)
Tuckbox for all cages tile (http://tuckbox.gameupdates.com/)
Sep 11, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz Player Aid for Icons By: russe1g
Dungeon Petz Player Aid.pdf (343 KB)
This player aid is specifically to explain all of the icons at the top of the Player Board.

It is formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
Jun 15, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Custom Quick Reference Card By: vardamir
Dungeon Petz - Quick Ref Card.pdf (448 KB)
Custom Quick Reference Card with Setup preparation, Game Phases, Lose Pet and Final Scoring.
Euro Size format.
Jun 14, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz reference cards By: Purple Paladin
DP4.png (524 KB)
Cards players can use before they learn what all the icons mean, or even after.
Feb 28, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Aide-mémoire Dungeon Petz By: Volt26
dungeon petz aide-memoire.doc (244 KB)
Résumé des phases du jeu en français. Je crois que ce guide est incontournable pour mes parties. Il faut néanmoins savoir comment initialiser la partie car mon guide ne couvre pas cet aspect. Amusez-vous bien!
Feb 20, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Dundeon Petz - Памятка игрока By: yushin
DP_player_aid_rus.jpg (107 KB)
Памятка игрока. Русский язык.
Feb 13, 2012


Dungeon Petz:: Dungeon Petz Monster Blank By: Haggis
dungeonpetz_blank_v2.zip (6.91 MB)
Build your own monsters! Two Photoshop .PSD files with blanks for the monster template. All of the food types and card requirements are on separate layers so any combination can be created.

Some basic knowledge of working with image layers will be needed.

Gimp is a free alternative to Photoshop and should open the files.
Feb 13, 2012

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