Jim Cote
United States
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Games Played for ekted (All time)

Game Qty
Pandemic: On the Brink 128
Age of Industry Expansion: Great Lakes & South Africa 9
Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm 9
Carcassonne: Expansion 2 – Traders & Builders 5
Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus Expansion 4
Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe 4
Age of Industry Expansion: Belgium & USSR 3
Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror Expansion 3
Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror Expansion 3
A Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords Expansion 3
Hive: The Mosquito 3
Lord of the Rings: Friends & Foes 3
Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium 3
Age of Industry Expansion #1: Japan and Minnesota 2
ASL Classic 2
Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1 2
Dominion: Seaside 2
Hive: The Ladybug 2
Keythedral Expansion 2
Lord of the Rings: Battlefields 2
Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition 2
Steam: Map Expansion #1 2
Agricola Z-Deck 1
Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – More Buildings Big and Small 1
Agricola: Farmers of the Moor 1
Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Expansion 1
BANG! Dodge City 1
Carcassonne: Expansion 1 – Inns & Cathedrals 1
Carcassonne: The River 1
Container: The Second Shipment 1
Eclipse: Supernova 1
Eminent Domain: Bonus Planets 1
A Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings Expansion 1
Ghost Stories: White Moon 1
Hansa Teutonica: East Expansion 1
Le Havre: Le Grand Hameau 1
High Bohn 1
Jambo Expansion 1
Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot RED Booster 1
Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot VIOLET Booster 1
Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm 1
Lord of the Rings: Sauron 1
Pandemic: In the Lab 1
Power Grid: Benelux/Central Europe 1
Puerto Rico: Expansion I – New Buildings 1
Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts 1
Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War 1
Star Fleet Battles: Advanced Missions 1
Steam Expansion: Sardinia 1
Steam Expansion: Sicily & Malta 1
Time on Target: German Rare Vehicles 1
Treasure Chest 1
WO Bonus Pack #2: ASL Scenario Pack for Winter Offensive 2011 1

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