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Jonathan Takagi
United States
San Marcos
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Date Qty. Players Location Comments
2012-03-09 1 Pizula's A late night round, Tim called it his favorite ever game of Why Did the Chicken. I did much better than usual, never garnering a vote, but at least contributing to around half of the rounds. It was hilarious watching the scene. Me staring off into space, DaveO deep in thought, pulling off a single hilarious one, Terry cracking up at his own jokes, Tim and Steve writing at a frenzied pace, churning out one after another. Details
2011-04-13 1 Home Ryan killed it, even winning both cards in some rounds. My favorites were:

What's the difference between a monkey and a clown? A monkey doesn't threaten to kill your parents.

What did the cricket say to the telemarketer? After I finish rubbing my legs together, will you just drop dead? Another response: What does it feel like to have hands?

What do you get when you cross a car salesman with a brain surgeon? Dr. C. I. Worthington.

There were some other hilarious ones I've forgotten. The cricket one produced the best responses - I was crying from laughter.

I came in last with zero points, as I expected, but just listening to everyone's answers is enough for me. Will have to revise my rating - even Ryan was converted after this one.
2008-01-18 1 Details
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