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Subject: Some confusion with Development Tiles in the rules for setting up. rss

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John Bradshaw
United Kingdom
Newcastle Upon Tyne
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First of all, let me just say what a marvellous game this is!

It's taken me a little while to fully get to grips with the set up instructions. Rule 4.0 states that the Advanced Action Marker "Stock Exchange", should be removed, implying therefore that everything else in the box should be in the game. Not so.

Looking through the Water Frame rules, I was puzzled that 6 of the Development Tiles (Harbormaster, Investor, Loadmaster, Manager, Supervisory Board and Wealth of Nations) were neither mentioned nor explained, and the illustrated descriptions of them did not appear in the Player Book either. Similarly, the Event Tile, "Steam Power" is not explained.

It's only when I read the variants in the Player Book, that I see the problem. The variant 3.2 "Self-Actor" is supposed to include these tiles, and gives a description of how they operate. The Self-Actor setup states "shuffle the new development tiles together with the tiles from the regular game..."

"New" development tiles - what?! Perhaps this variant is new to this second edition, but the component list states that there are 51 development tiles, and none are defined as "new". I looked at my scan of the counter sheets and I see that all of these extras were on the same counter sheet - the small sheet. These are evidently the "new" tiles being described.

It's odd that a player needs to read the variant rules in order to find out how to set up the base game! Anyway, it seems to me that the intention is that Dev Tiles for vanilla Water frame should be selected from 40 tiles, not 51, and the Events should be selected from 16 tiles, not 17.

OK - it's resolved for me now. I'm surprised that this issue doesn't appear to have been mentioned in the forums so far. Anyone struggling to find a full description of the so-called "new" Dev Tiles will need to look at the rules for the Self Actor variant. I presume that a number of players must have started their first Water Frame game choosing from all 51 tiles, and struggled to find the rules for 6 of them. (Most of the "new" tiles are duplicated so there are 11 of them in total.)

Anyway, I've put this here in order to help anyone else who might be puzzled by the issue. It doesn't take anything away from my opening remark - this is an awesome game!
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Drake Storm
United States
Huntington Beach
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Thanks. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what some of the tiles did and there was no mention of them in the rules that I could see. Never dawned on me to look in the variant section.

Don't have the game with me now, but I remember there being some tiles with the same name, but did different things, and the rules only said what 1 version of the tile did, and not the other.

Great game, but the organization of the rules is sub-par in my opinion. And this is a game where playing a rule wrong can have a large impact.
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