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Subject: New Major Independent rss

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Jim Hopkins
United States
Los Angeles
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These guys seemed to be glaringly absent from the game, so I came up with a little rules modification for them. The mechanics involved obviously complicate things tactically (as if the game needed it), but I like them a lot. The rules are numbered to match the point where they would be included in the rules for the Avalon Hill version. If you have any questions, post them and I'll do my best to answer them. The Hero is described last, for reasons which will become obvious. And so, without further ado, meet:

[16.18] The Aldryami (new Major Independent; counters are light green, printed in blue)

Advantage needed to ally: 25 DP
Territory: Stinking Forest
Capital: None

(Counter back names follow unit statistics)

1...Grandson (Hero: (4!)-10*-6-6/(2!)-5*-3-0) GRANDSON
1...Dryads (1-5*-3*-5/0-3*-2*-0) DRYAD
1...Dryads' Spirit (X-5-X-5/X-3-X-5) DRYAD S
1...Aldrya Healers (2-6*-3*-6/1-3*-2*-6) ALDRYA HLRS
1...Healers' Spirit (X-6-X-6/X-3-X-6) ALDRYA S
2...Elven Footmen (3-3-3*-X/2-2-2*-X) 1 ELVEN FOOT, 2 ELVEN FOOT
1...Elven Cavalry (4-3-5*-X/2-2-3*-X) 1 ELVEN CAV
2...Elven Bowmen (2**-3-3*-X/1*-2-2*-X) TREEWARDENS, TROLLSLAYERS
1...Elven Mounted Bow (3***-3-5*-X/2*-2-3*-X) TRUESHOTS

[16.18.1] Allying the Aldryami

The Aldryami are a major independent and as such are allied according to the diplomatic rules (see [14.1]). When
they are allied, they may be deployed in any distribution in forest or hill/forest hexes within the Stinking Forest.
(Note that the hill/forest hexes north and east of Cliffhome are not considered part of the Stinking Forest, nor are
hexes through which The River runs or which are south of The River.) If any Aldryami units are initially placed in
hexes containing inactive units, the inactive units are eliminated, and any herds and treasures among them are
captured. Inactive heroes and superheroes may attempt to escape as usual. The Aldryami have no capital in Dragon
Pass, so do not incur the effects of [14.1.6] (Control of Capitals).

The Aldryami will not ally with a player who is already allied with Cragspider, The Dwarf, or the Tusk Riders,
regardless of DP advantage, and will immediately become neutral should their allied player ally with any of these,
taking with them any treasures in hexes which are occupied by Aldryami units. (The allied player may have Gifts
from the Dwarf without incurring this rule.) Such units are removed from the board, though not necessarily from
the game; the Aldryami may be allied at a later time. The DP allocation which the allied player had with the
Aldryami is reset to zero in this case, possibly causing them to immediately change allegiance. If such a case
does occur, currently-surviving units are removed, then redeployed in their starting positions on the new allied
player's next turn, including captured treasures.

[16.18.2] Special Movement and Combat

All Aldryami move through forest and hill/forest hexes at a cost of 1 MP/hex in clear weather. They do not
suffer from the missile fire penalty for being in/firing into forest or hill/forest hexes, though other modifiers
will apply. The 1st Elven Cavalry and the Trueshots are considered cavalry units for the purpose of Ironhoof's
exotic ability.

[16.18.3] Dryads

Dryads can turn the trees against invaders. When this ability is invoked, any non-allied units in a single forest
or hill/forest hex within the Dryads' RF have their movement and combat factors halved (rounding up) for the
remainder of the allied player's turn. This halving is applied after all other modifiers, including for Leadership
(see []). The Dryads may take no other action while the ability is in effect, and it begins in their
allied player's Exotics Phase.

[16.18.4] Aldrya Healers

Aldrya Healers may either reduce the elimination of one major unit to disruption, or disruption to no effect
(including themselves). The unit must either be in the same or an adjacent hex. The Healers may take no other
action for the rest of the game-turn. This action may occur at any time during the game-turn, so long as no
other action has already been taken by the Healers in that turn. Note that Healers may be involved in combat
and still be able to heal, but they may not attack, retreat, counterattack, or advance after melee. The ability
will not affect the Puppeteers' Illusionary Armies, Dragons, Delecti or his Zombies, Hungry Jack, Hell Hound,
Chaos creatures, or casualties caused by Chaotic magic, nor will it regenerate units eliminated for using their
exotic abilities.

[16.18.5] Grandson

Grandson is a powerful healer. He may invoke the same ability that the Aldrya Healers have, except that he can
heal up to two 'steps' of damage (reducing one elimination to no effect, two eliminations to disruptions, two
disruptions to no effect, or one elimination to disruption and one disruption to no effect), and can heal any unit
within his RF. (Thus, even if disrupted, he can heal any major unit in the hex he occupies.) The healing is a one-
time action in any given turn; he cannot heal one 'step' at one point and then save the other 'step' for use later in
the turn. This ability is otherwise subject to the same conditions as for the Aldrya Healers, except that his
Leadership factor can always apply; including it when counting up CF's is not considered an action as far as using
healing is concerned.

Grandson can also summon the Dryads unit if he is in a forest or hill/forest hex. The Dryads must not have used
their exotic ability during the turn in which they are summoned, but may have moved and/or participated in combat.
Grandson may not have taken any other action during the turn in which the Dryads are summoned. This action takes
place during the allied player's Rally Phase. The Dryads may move and act normally in the following turn.

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Chris Hansen
United States
Sun Valley
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Very nice, thanks for posting this.
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Jim Hopkins
United States
Los Angeles
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Soitunly...and thank you.

I keep finding things that need to be modified slightly. Ah well...

The healing ability is a bit more powerful in my game, because I use a house rule that disruption isn't automatically cleared up; most disrupted units must roll less than or equal to their CF to undisrupt. There are still situations in the regular game where undisrupting beforehand is tactically useful, like for maximizing CF to break the back of that big stack.

For the purists, I realize that this isn't technically historical, at least according to Steve Perrin's stated opinion, but it is fun, and completely untreated in the standard game. (Not a clue what Greg would think of it.)
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Steve Hope
United States
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Likes: Mountains, Tundra Turn-offs: Serpents, Marsh
Fun! Thanks.
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