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Subject: Looking for official answers to these remaining 15 questions rss

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Henrik Steensland
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I have now had the pleasure of playing several rounds of Posthuman. They have all been fun and different experiences. Quite a few rules questions popped up. Some were answered by the FAQ or by kind replies from Gordon here on BGG. The following questions remain unanswered, and I would very much appreciate official responses to them.

Rounds of combat vs multiple enemies
Q1: Can I re-roll against the first enemy in the first round and then again against the second enemy in the first round?
G1: I assume no, since I interpret "combat round" as fighting all enemies once.

Q2: Can I discard a fanboy to cancel all wounds from enemy one and enemy two in the first combat round?
G1: I assume no, since it would create timing questions, should I then discard him A) before any rolls are made, B) after any roll is made, but still applying to past/future rolls of the same round or C) after all rolls are made in the round?

Combat effects (knockdown/leader)
Q3: Is it true that ALL effects, such as knockdown, triggered in round X come into play at the start of round X+1 and last until the end of round X+1, with exception for the Outnumbering rule, which can remove the extra die in the middle of a round?
G3: I guess so.
Q4: Is an effect such Leader cancelled after the entire round where the enemy was killed?
G4: I guess so.

Mind 5
Q5: Can I make the two rerolls granted per encounter in different combat rounds (or against different enemeis)?
G5: I guess so.

Q6: Does activating Stealth mean that I reroll both the die for me and the die for the enemy?
G6: I guess so, since my die is only considered "failed" in relation to the enemy die.

Re-rolling twice
Q7: The rules forbid a die to be re-rolled twice. Does that apply even if that is positive to the player? (I.e. first failing a mind test, then re-rolling it successfully using a skill, should I then disregard the Watched event?)
G7: I assume so, but it is a bit counter-intuitive.

Hand managment
Max three cards
Q8: If I have three cards in my hand and am about to draw more, can I then draw all the cards entitled to and after that immediately discard/play down to 3?
G8: I assume so, but it's not written as such. The alternative of discarding before drawing makes it quite slow if I draw several and is supposed to discard in between.

Mutant actions
Mind control
Q9: Does a mind stat of 5 grant five re-rolls (as opposed to two)?
G9: I assume so, since the card is otherwise useless with mind less than 4.
Q10: If the mutant encounter has human minions, are re-rolls allowed for the minions?
G10: I assume so, since the mutant action card states "for the whole encounter".

Drawing skills
Drawing an identical skill
Q11: If I discard 3 XP to draw two skills and either draw two of the same or one skill that I already have, can I discard one and re-draw? If not, can I discard if both are skills that I already have?
G11: I guess not. During setup I can do it, but the rules doesn't say that applies when turning in XP.

Combat effects
Q12: Does each hit with a Bolas reduce the number of dice by one?
G12: I guess so, since it doesn't state anything like "for any number of hits".

Specific encounters
Q13: If deciding to fight it by drawing a mutant minion, can I attempt to evade it?
G13: I guess not, since the main encounter was the story card.

Spin the mutant
Q14: Can I turn in any mutants that I have already beat on this tile before drawing the Spin the mutant?
G14: I have no idea. The card says "mutant encounter cards you beat". Beat can be both future and past tense.
Q15: Does a mutant minion count as a mutant encounter card for the purpose of Spin the mutant?
G15: I guess so.
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Stuart Hemmings
United States
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I'm disappointed you didn't get answers to these questions
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Henrik Steensland
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Thank you. The designer Gordon has replied to my PM that he is really busy with another game and Essen, but that he will take a look at the thread when he has a chance. I agree that I would have expected some answers by now, but at least there is hope for answers soon.
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