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Subject: Overall review rss

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gary rembo
United Kingdom
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Hi all,
Recently bought this so thought I would leave my thoughts.
Boards are lovely thick and colourful and clearly marked.
Cards are oversized and a little thin.
Room templates are same as board nice and chunky.
Figures are standard GW being nicely cast plastics although the only uniques are the chaos boss an and the assassins.

Game play is quite simple compared to many other games with small unit combat.
If you have ever had the classic space crusade you will find this game to be slightly simpler than that.

If not here's a quick summary.
1 to 4 players are the assassins who must find and activate a teleport which will enable them to enter a chamber where in the chaos nasty is trying to complete an incantation that will spell doom for humanity.
You mission is simple stop him befor he finishes.
Each character has a simple stats card that tells you how many d6 dice you get to roll for melee and ranged combat simply roll over that stat to score a hit.
Movement allowance (all the same)6
Also these cards have specific skills each assassin can use a limited number of times and skill that are an integral part of that particular assasin.
The bad guys of which there are 4 different kinds in the game have similar stat cards.
There are random room cards which are placed when assassins first have line of sight to a room.
these can also spawn new baddies.so your basically exploring until you find the teleport room and the control room.
Once you have found control and activated the teleport you get access to the inner sanctum board to confront the final nasty to finish him befor he finishes he ritual.
Once all your assasins have moved the game plays solitaire style.
The turn track moves up one.
An event card is drawn which may spawn more bad guys,aid or hamper the assassins etc.this adds a little variaty.
The bad guy move via d6 roll and follow set patrol paths with a random roll for junctions. I found this quite cool.
If they clap eyes on an assassin during this move they stop and take actions from a simple flow chart.
They can also alert nearby allies so thing can turn south pretty quick as alert bad guys actively move to attack the assassins.

My thoughts
The game is quite fun,solitaire and moves at a good pace.
Rules are smooth and simple to learn I think youngsters could pick this up quite quickly.
Doesn't take forever to play either.

I don't think the game as a whole warrants the price tag.
It is quite simplistic as a rule set and I feel
More scenarios and a little more variaty would have improved this game no end (like their recent talisman game.)
Their is a certain amount of randomnes generated by the event cards and room placement and also the programmed movement of the chaos side but it still starts to feel stale afte only a few games.

Overall not a bad game 6.8-10
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Martin Larouche
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Melting souls with cuteness since 2007
Lovin' N-16
like their recent talisman game

The latest Talisman is not a Games Workshop game.
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gary rembo
United Kingdom
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Yes your quite right.
My bad i meant the latest warhammer quest game.
THXxfor the hedsup.
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