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Subject: Champion Spotlight: Arien the Spellsword rss

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Abel Kim
United States
Flower Mound
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Arien is one of the most versatile heroes in Guards of Atlantis. Depending on what cards you choose, you can be the tanky duelist at the frontlines or the utility hero that can engage and disengage the enemy.

When leveling up, Arien has to choose between giving more stats for his range, attack, and defense) or his radius, speed, and initiative.


Arien's basic card, Noble Blade, is an effectless melee attack that is his highest initiative card. This card is his best chance at striking the enemy (or just moving out of range) before the enemy can.


The two branches in his Red ability tree both are melee ranged. His two choices are a multi-target attack or a knockback.

His multi-target attack is great if you are building Arien to be a fighter, and it can help your team push the minions. However, you need to make sure you are positioned well as it can also hit friendly units. (So make sure you don't anger your Arien...)

His knockback's effectiveness increases with its level, and it is Arien's primary way to start or stop fights. This attack is key to his utility build, so get this if you want to help your team. (especially if they are being killed by melee heroes or a certain Stabby McStabface...)

When using your red cards, make sure that you have a blue card in hand as those two colors are your strongest defense cards. Without either of those, you can easily be sniped down or be backstabbed by a ballista.


The two branches in his Blue ability tree is a defense card that becomes stronger if you are only adjacent to exactly one enemy and an ongoing skill that slows the movements of nearby enemies in a radius.

His defense card is really good in ensuring your hero's survivability. but it is really only needed if the enemy has high attack values. Nevertheless, the attack you get from leveling these abilities will make your attacks hit hard. Plus, it discourages melee assassins from ambushing you alone.

His skill is a slowing area that does not let enemies in the area to move more than 1 space. This can be used to stop people from escaping their imminent demise, or it can be used to stop melee attackers from getting close enough to hurt.


Arien's Green cards are skills all about mobility.

One of them swaps himself with any unit in range, while the other places Arien in an unoccupied space.

They may seem similar enough, but there are some key differences:
1. the one that swaps cannot be used for fast travel while the other can
2. the one that swaps has a lower range than the other.
3. the one that swaps can be used to save a badly positioned ally (or put them in danger... #don'tangerArien) or catch out an enemy while the other is just used to setup for plays.


Arien's Ultimate is a simple, yet a potentially psychological attack. It is: At the end of this round, you may place Arien in an unoccupied space anywhere in the map. This can be used to setup play of course, but it can also be used for deeper strategery.

For example: At the end of the round, I take Arien and place him in an unoccupied spot. In. The Middle. Of the enemy team. While the enemy team starts focusing their attention on me, my team will (hopefully) be close enough to start hitting the enemy. From there, I could knockback the an enemy into the team, start going ham on them then teleporting out, use the slow area to prevent any retreating, or even to swap places with an ally to:
A. Get to a safe place when low on defense cards
B. Get your melee ranged ally close enough to go ham
C. Get that annoying player in the middle of the fray, so that they may die in a lynch mob
Spoiler (click to reveal)
#Don't. Anger. Arien

Team Synergy

Arien can fit into any team pretty well. If the team needs a pusher, he can do it. If the team needs to neuter some foxes, he can do that. (RIP Stabby McStabberface 2016-2016) If the team needs the enemy to be in a spot where the enemy would be either 'sploded on a mine or trapped in a wall of molten lava, he can do that.


Arien is a versatile hero that relies on good positioning to be very effective. He is a good first hero. However, beware the trolls...
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Abel Kim
United States
Flower Mound
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Finally done with this. Decided to follow Tyler's structure for the spotlight. Not sure when I will start the next one. Maybe next week?
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