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Subject: Don't understand the sequence of play with movements- Help rss

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Jacob Rosenoir
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The turn sequence says
1) Gladiator in control move, move & attack, attack, do nothing
2) The defending gladiator may react by moving, defending or do nothing
3) resolve any combat of #1

Please answer the questions
A)is the combat resolved (attack and defending card selected and resolved) before the defending gladiator move? (If so, does he moves after the attack?)or is the defending gladiator moves before the combat is resolved. (If so, what happen if he moves away of the Attack card range?)

B)Then again, if the gladiator in control moves in with a card effect from two hex away (ex. a Bull rush) but miss his attack, do we consider that he moved or not.

C)I'm not sure if, when engaged (having a gladiator in control in adjacent hex) a Defending gladiator can move away normally or does he absolutely need the breaking Contact card to do so.

Thank you
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Victor J
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These are good questions, and would be nice to get clarity on.

I played a game where a retiarius (in control) threw a net from 4 hexes away. I was did not know whether the secutor could move away (say to 5 hexes), voiding the attack, or whether he became pinned and had to deal with the attack (and play a defence card).

Though I think with your question (C), if contacted, then the defender is pinned and would have to play the break contact card.
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Joseph Ng
United States
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Re: Don't understand the sequence of play with movements- Helps
In the example you cited, the secutor can either defend or do nothing. He cannot move. If the retiarius moved into a flanking position (not through 'gaining a flank' maneuver) and attacks as above, the secutor can do the free pivot.

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